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Drag queen reveals how his son, 10, gave him the strength to truly embrace his alter ego Lily Devine

***EXCLUSIVE*** ONTARIO, CANADA: This single dad has been spurred on to pursue his passion for drag by his TEN-YEAR-OLD SON who encourages him not to give up and has even said that he will take over his show as a mini-me when he passes away. Co-owner of Showgirls Entertainment and Canadian National Showgirl Pageant, John Bryant (34) from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, first got into drag seven-years ago after seeing some drag queens perform and thinking he could do the same. Having never experimented with makeup before, John’s first experiences of doing his own makeup weren’t always a success but he persevered after gaining influence by drag performer, Harris Glenn Milstead who performed as Divine and RuPaul, and his comedic alter-ego, Lily Devine was born. Despite receiving positive feedback when he is on stage, John, who is also a single parent to his 10-year-old son, Nicholas, from a previous relationship with a woman, has been subjected to criticism from those, including his son’s school, who don’t consider his drag queen lifestyle appropriate for being a parent and have even questioned him about his gender identity. However, Nicholas, absolutely loves Lily Devine and sometimes mimics her in John’s wigs and heels as a joke. When John is testing out his makeup and outfits he always asks for his son’s opinion and whenever John feels like giving up on his dreams, Nicholas is there to spur him on and has even said he will take over the show when John passes away.

'I walked into hospital but never walked out again': Student, 19, was left paralysed after doctors severed her spine during a routine biopsy for a lump on her back

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was just THREE YEARS OLD when she walked into a hospital never to walk out again after a routine biopsy on a lump on her back SEVERED her spinal cord, leaving her permanently paralysed. Student and blogger Nicole Biddulph (19) from Devon, UK, was just three years old when her parents found a golf ball-sized lump on her back, which biopsies later revealed was cancerous. Nicole was just three years old in May 2003 when her parents noticed the lump and went to get it checked. An ultrasound and X-ray both came back inconclusive, but an MRI revealed a large mass surrounding her spine. It was decided that a biopsy should be carried out in September 2003 to test the tumour for cancerous cells. During the biopsy, when Nicole was just four years old, the doctors severed Nicole’s spinal cord because the tumour was wrapped around it, leaving her paralysed from the waist down. The damage caused Nicole’s spine to collapse and it needed to be pinned back together with spinal rods, which she still has in her spine to this day. As a young child, Nicole had to undergo intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy to get rid of the tumour which was found to be fibrosarcoma, as well as coming to terms with her new life with a disability. Through the years, Nicole has undergone numerous spinal surgeries to correct the scoliosis she developed which caused shooting pains in her back.

Boy, 2, is diagnosed with rare form of epilepsy after he cried for 15 hours straight and suffered painful bouts of hiccups and hysterical LAUGHTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave two-and-a-half-year-old boy who cried for FIFTEEN HOURS STRAIGHT because of a rare form of epilepsy which saw him endure SIX SEIZURES in SIX MONTHS. Special needs advocate and mum-of-two, Leah Trotter (30), from Georgia, USA, was over the moon when she gave birth to her son, Jack, in July 2016. Despite undergoing a normal labour, a day after he was taken home, Jack began crying consistently and his cries intensified, and he became inconsolable. Initially Leah was calm and wasn’t worried; she rocked him and tried to soothe him, thinking he would feel better soon. The next day, Leah and her husband took Jack to his routine follow-up with his paediatrician, but Jack had still not stopped crying – Jack had been crying for 15 hours consistently. Leah expressed her growing concern at the paediatrician’s office, who informed her that it may be gas or reflux related, so they were sent home. Jack had finally stopped crying at 8pm that evening, but he stopped nursing and gradually stopped eating. He began exhibiting strange behaviour like random movements of his arms, legs and head. The paediatrician referred him to the local hospital who then recommended they see a neurologist. Three months later, Jack was stabilised and admitted to hospital again, where he began having gelastic (laughing) and dacrystic (crying) seizures, then rushed for an MRI scan. Following the scan, a neurologist diagnosed Jack with Mitochondrial disease and that he was likely to die due to brain damage. This turned out to be a misdiagnosis, as in December 2016, Jack was correctly diagnosed with Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy (PDE), a rare cause of stubborn, difficult to control, (intractable) seizures appearing in newborns, infants and occasionally older children. Over 200 cases have been reported in medical literature. Jack has had numerous types of seizures in the first six months of his life such as; tonic-clonic, partial, focal, absence, gelatic, dacrystic and even some where he just has constant hiccups.

Natural World Highlights 2018

***EXCLUSIVE*** These incredible images show the highlights of the natural world from Media Drum World in 2018. The remarkable photographs captured some of the more unusual encounters in wildlife this year from a Black Drongo bird hitching a ride on a Crested Serpent Eagle’s back to a herd of buffalo turning the tables on a lion and chasing the predator away. Other stunning pictures revealed some of nature’s more lighthearted moments as a ‘Curious George’ gorilla reached out to the photographer and a juvenile baboon got scolded by his mother while his sibling pulled his tail. Fearsome predators were also captured in action with a huge Great White shark pictured breaching the water, cheetahs taking down an unlucky springbok and two huge brown bears brawling and snarling as they faced off against each other. Other highlights include a pregnant leopard having herself a lovely feast after taking down a warthog, a Polar bear and her baby looking directly at the camera as the sun sets and a huge colony of King Penguins re-enacting Happy Feet by swarming on a beach. A trio of dolphins were also caught putting on a ballet display for onlookers as they flipped in and out of the water. Some photographers even got a little too close for comfort as this extreme close-up of an American Saltwater crocodile proves with the photographer actually swimming alongside the huge predator.