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Miraculous moment 11-month-old baby is pulled from collapsed apartment block 35 hours after it was destroyed in a gas explosion in Russia

A baby boy has been miraculously found alive in the rubble of a Russian apartment block destroyed in a gas explosion in Magnitogorsk. The 11-month old-child was found swaddled in his cot, having survived more than 24 hours in temperatures of minus 23C. Sniffer dogs alerted rescuers, after which they heard the child crying and were able to dig him out.  The boy has since been named as Ivan 'Vanya' Fokin whose mother Olga, 31, had save herself and his three-year-old brother in the carnage but was unable to pull her youngest son from the collapsed apartment block. Health officials said the baby had suffered frostbite, two broken legs and a head injury, describing his condition as 'severe'.

NASA makes history during close encounter with mysterious mini-planet at the edge of our solar system

NASA made history during a close encounter with a tiny and enigmatic ‘minor planet’ lurking at the frozen far reaches of our solar system. Its New Horizons probe sped past a strange object called Ultima Thule at about 5.30am, snapping pictures as it zoomed by at high speed. The first of these images have now been published and are expected to solve a key question about the far-off object, which is floating in a cloud of comets, asteroids and dwarf planets called the Kuiper Belt. The flyby comes three-and-a-half years after New Horizons swung past Pluto and beamed back the first-ever close-up images of the dwarf planet.

Mother makes medical history after her twin babies were born 12 days apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM: As Vicky Green cuddles her newborn twins - she can’t believe that she has made medical history. Amazingly Vicky’s twins were born nearly TWO weeks APART. Vicky gave birth first to twin Presley, who weighed a tiny 1Ib8 when she was just 26 weeks pregnant. She was still pregnant and her labour stopped, keeping his twin sister Paisley inside her womb. Finally she gave birth to Paisley 12 DAYS later.

Woman meets mum she spent 50 YEARS tracking down after being separated at birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman who was separated from her mum at birth has spoken of being able to hug her for the first time after the pair was reunited - 61 YEARS later. Norah Gibson, 63, never knew her birth mother as she was given up for adoption as a newborn, in 1955. But the question of who she was bothered her relentlessly, and she spent 50 years trying to track down her biological mother, with no luck.

Father makes his disabled son nine bionic arms with his own 3D printer

***EXCLSUIVE*** MIDDLESBROUGH, UNITED KINGDOM: When Jamie Miller needed a prosthetic arm - help was very close to hand. His father Callum invested in a 3D printer and spent hours on the internet learning how to make a 3D printed limb for his son. But he hasn’t just stopped at one. Mr Miller has now made a staggering NINE printed arms for Jamie, ten.

Girl can now become her favourite super hero after being fitted with a state of the art hearing aid

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seven-year-old girl who was born with hearing problems can finally be the superhero she's dreamed of - after getting an advanced hearing aid. From five-months-old Lola McKnight has had to wear a device held in place by a headband - something she felt held her back from looking like her favourite superhero, Hulk.

A mum who had her leg amputated to fight off cancer just months after giving birth was inspired to get back on her feet by watching her twins take their first steps

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dionne Brown, 26, was diagnosed with a cancer in her left knee bone shortly after the birth of her twins Emmett and Cohen. The tumour was only spotted after her knee gave way while she was carrying Cohen down the stairs - and docs looked into the reason while they were checking him over.

British holidaymaker, 54, dies from a rare blood infection on her birthday during dream Christmas Caribbean holiday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deadly infection claimed the life of a "beautiful and caring" woman on her birthday. On Christmas Eve Lynne Crouch was taken ill at her Dominican Republic hotel where she was enjoying a Christmas getaway with her husband Peter. After almost a week of battling the infection Mrs Crouch died in quarantine at around 5pm on December 30 - her birthday.

World’s happiest deer - stag pulls funny face at photographer

***EXCLUSIVE*** This fallow deer could be the happiest in the world as he looks like he is laughing hysterically. Amateur photographer Miriam Kent was amazed when she spotted the deer about to perform a mating call - only for it to look like he was laughing at a joke. The male deer call out when they smell a female in the hope of wooing them. But Ms Kent, 62, said the supposed-romantic moment turned out to be incredibly funny because of the face the deer pulled as he reared his antlered-head.

Rice drying

***EXCLUSIVE*** Rice farmers work hard under the blazing sun and create fascinating patterns as they tend to their crop. The bright orange grains of rice are separated into long lines by the workers and then swept using large leaves to tidy them up. Aerial shots taken using a drone capture the mesmerising patterns the process creates. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, shot the rice farmers working in the hot sun in Kahaloo Upazila, Bogra, Bangladesh.

Fishing net aerial

***EXCLUSIVE*** A flock of ducks takes advantage of these riverside fishermen as they haul in a catch along the Jamuna River near Bogra in Bangladesh, India. Around 30 ducks sit in the algae covered water above the catch feeding on the fish. Photographer Azim Khan Ronnie, 30, from Dhaka in Bangladesh said: “These fishermen are catching fish to sell at a local market. They can catch around 100 kilograms of small fish a day using this method. It will take more than one hour to reel the net in!"