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Incredible boy uses ankle as his knee

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, NAPLES, FLORIDA: A boy who has had constructive surgery to turn his ankle for a knee is dreaming of becoming a professional basketball player. Aiden Godoy, from Naples, Florida, was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency, or PFFD, which left him with a malformed right leg. The eight year old's parents were advised to amputate the leg but they refused and decided to explore a rotationplasty. Aiden had his lower leg and foot rotated 180 degrees, his tibia was fused to the proximal femur. His foot is positioned where the knee used to be, with the heel portion in front and the toes pointing back, the ankle now functions in place of the knee joint. Now Aiden is using his new leg to master basketball, swimming and riding in his families ATV’s.

From a £3.9million 15th-century tower with 30 bathrooms to a £500,000 castle used for Game of Thrones: The most stunning properties that hit the UK market in 2018

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images have revealed some of the most stunning properties that went on the market in the UK during 2018. The striking pictures show an amazing six-bed superhome with huge windows, a spectacular coastal view and an infinity pool for ultimate relaxation. Possibly the best home to go on sale this year, it was listed by HSOwen with offers in the region of £3m welcomed. Another contender for the best home in the UK was an amazing five-bed detached house in Restronguet Point, Feock, Nr. Truro, South Cornwall which was listed by www.lillicrapchilcott.com for £3.75m. Castles were also in high demand with the beautiful Ackergill Tower in Ackergill, Wick, Scotland listed by Knight Frank for £3.9m. This 32-bed, 15th century castle is believed to be where Oliver Cromwell garrisoned his troops. It also contains the largest treehouse in Europe on its 30-acre grounds.

Cork lads strip off for Local Bulls Calendar 2019 to raise money for Pieta House and Mercy Hospital Cancer Appeal

***EXCLUSIVE*** These Irish hunks bare all in a special shoot taken for a calendar with hopes to raise awareness of mental health and cancer. Cheeky photos reveal naked men posing in tasteful shots that represent a club or association they are part of, including one sitting in a row boat. For the March shoot, an aspiring actor is shown standing on a stage bare-skinned with a clapperboard covering his lower half. For July, a man is shown standing in the nude on a tennis court behind the net with a tennis ball in his hand while talking to a referee. The co-ordinator of the shoot, Jim Reaney (57), from Cork, Ireland, was inspired to round up 13 local men with different passions and hobbies for the Local Bulls Calendar 2019. Jim lost a family member to suicide in 2017, which motivated him to raise funds for two nominated charities; Pieta House, which provides a specialised treatment for people who have suicidal ideation or who self-harm and Mercy Hospital Cancer Appeal. Three professional photographers; Rory O’Toole, Stephen O’Shea and Kevin Day, offered their services voluntarily as part of the projects.

Retired sales director, 64, pays terrible price as a victim of Britain's diabetes epidemic after a blister on his foot leaves him without a leg

***EXCLUSIVE*** Four years ago, Chris Witt went for a stroll on a late summer holiday in Tenerife. He was wearing a new pair of sandals and after the walk he noticed they had given him a small blister on the big toe of his left foot. 'I didn't think anything about it,' said the retired export sales director from St Austell, Cornwall. Tragically, today, Mr Witt has a constant reminder of that moment. That tiny blister turned into an infection which spread into the bones in his foot. When antibiotics failed to treat it, surgeons operated to amputate what is known as the forefoot — the front section including all toes.