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Meet the family of NINE who packed up their old lives to travel across the U.S in a school bus they spent $17k converting into a mobile home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the family of NINE who packed up their lives to travel the country in a self-converted school bus. Michelle and Steve Lawson, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA loved travelling with their seven children – Caleb (16), Jacob (13), Joshua (10), Matthew (6), Liam (5), Charlotte (2) and nine-month-old Owen – so much that they purchased a 2005 International DT466E for £11k. They then spent £14k converting the bus into their own cosy home over the course of six months before hitting the road on their first trip. The couple had been thinking of converting a school bus for a while but were finally convinced to take the plunge after Steve’s mother passed away.

Beauty of the Earth as it is shaped by the water

***EXCLUSIVE*** These abstract aerial images depict the beauty of the earth as it is shaped by the water around it. Stunning pictures show a red mud storage pond with incredible colour, a bright green radioactive water and outlines across the water’s surface that bear a striking resemblance to trees. Other incredible photographs show a heart-shaped island and geothermal hot spring, a water colour painting effect of the estuarine deposits and floating icebergs that look like diamonds against a drab background. The remarkable snaps are part of the Water.Shapes.Earth project by photographer Milan Radisics which turns meandering waterways all over the world into amazing abstract images.

The small child from India who had a successful operation to remove and undeveloped foetus was removed from inside her

***EXCLUSIVE*** A baby girl born with her own twin inside her stomach has had the dead sibling successfully removed. The newborn was born with her 1lb 1oz sibling inside her after foetus in the foetu developed during mum Pooja Kumar’s pregnancy. Despite her swollen stomach at birth, the 6lb 9oz unnamed girl was discharged from hospital and returned home to Bhakrodh Sherwan, north India with her parents. But after several weeks of colds, stomach ache and stiffness the baby girl was readmitted to Sir Sundarlal Hospital.

Epileptic, 27, reveals she 'died for six minutes' and was left bed-ridden for a year after a deadly dose of prescription drugs caused her to have a cardiac arrest

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deadly dosage of medication caused this 25-year-old fitness enthusiast to have a HEART ATTACK which left her dead for six minutes and bed-ridden for almost a year. Sweetshop worker Tabitha Johnson (27) from Ohio, USA, was standing in a queue at her local pharmacy when she suddenly collapsed in October 2016. Tabitha deals with a condition called dysautonomia which she was prescribed two types of medication to treat. However, what Tabitha nor her doctors realised was that the combination of medication she was given can be fatal. Dysautonomia is a condition affecting the autonomic nervous system, causing chest pain, low blood pressure, breathing difficulties and can even result in diabetes. Tabitha was taking Zonegran, Keppra and Trileptal for her epilepsy, as well as Metoprolol and Midrodine for dysautonomia before being hospitalised, having been technically dead for six minutes.  Tabitha was in an induced coma for two days while doctors told her friends and family that she probably wouldn’t come out of the coma. As a result of her cardiac arrest at the age of 25, Tabitha was bed-ridden for almost a year but now, two years on, she is back in the gym because the desire to get back into CrossFit was part of what helped her recover.

Cisco (Utah) is a ghost town with a heartbreaking history

The little town of Cisco, Utah was once a thriving community. Today, it’s a ghost town with a tragic, heartbreaking history. This little town was once thriving - now it sits abandoned in the desert. In the 1880s, Cisco was founded as a watering stop for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. Ranches and farms were established, and the town became a place to get supplies and ship out products. In its heyday, as many as 100,000 sheep were sheared in Cisco - the wool was sent to market via the train. Residents and farmers met here to swap stories and get the latest gossip. For a brief time in the 1920s, Cisco enjoyed a boom with the oil and gas industry. Oil was discovered here in 1924, and Cisco grew to be the largest producer of oil in the state. In the 1940s, people began taking road trips in their cars and Cisco was a popular place to stop for a meal. In the 1970s, Interstate 70 was built, and it bypassed Cisco. Without drivers stopping to spend money, and with the gas and oil gone, Cisco quickly became a ghost town. People moved out, and the post office closed. Today, Cisco is left rotting in the vast, empty desert. Cisco has appeared in several movies over the years. Scenes from "Thelma and Louise" were filmed here, as well as parts of the 2005 movie "Don't Come Knocking." Today, the only people you'll find in Cisco are here to take pictures of a ghost town. The town is eerie, but also quite picturesque, standing alone in this vast, empty landscape.

Recycled Instruments Orchestra of Cateura

The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, also known as the Recycled Orchestra, is an orchestra composed of children from Asunción, Paraguay who play musical instruments made from scrap materials collected from Asunción's Cateura landfill. Formed in 2012, the orchestra has performed internationally with Stevie Wonder and the American heavy-metal bands Metallica and Megadeth.

Squirrel trapped down a toilet among 20 wackiest animal rescues RSPCA called out to in 2018

***EXCLUSIVE*** Top RSPCA rescues of the year 2018. Hilarious pictures show hapless pets and wild animals trapped in bizarre places before being freed by baffled rescuers. The animal charity has revealed it gets more than 1m calls each year to report animals in need of help. The charity has compiled the 20 oddest rescues of the year, with the weirdest being a fox cub which trapped its head in a car wheel. Other strange call-outs include a squirrel which fell down the loo, a snake in a dishwasher and a chubby dog stuck between a wall and fence.