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Woman, 41, gives up promising law career to help others with their sex lives as a tantra practitioner

***EXCLUSIVE*** PERTH, AUSTRALIA: Meet the woman who transforms relationships and sex lives through ancient tantric healing that focuses on bringing clients’ attention to their hearts rather than their ORGASMS. Tantra practitioner, Chantelle Raven (41) from Perth, Australia, trained as a lawyer but gave this up when she discovered the healing Buddhist and Hindu art of tantra after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2001. Realising this was her true calling, she decided to specialise in sacred-sexuality tantra healing and has since been transforming people’s relationships by allowing them to reconnect with their heart and how to feel. Through Chantelle’s work, she enables couples to connect with their conscious sexuality during sex which focusses on the meeting of minds, merging of hearts, and body dance whereas unconscious sexuality purely focusses on the physical desire for an orgasm. Chantelle explained that sexual healing is just one part of tantra which teaches people to love every part of themselves that doesn’t just focus on the sexual element. 

The goth with the monster mohawk

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A London-based goth has styled their signature mohawk so tall that they struggle to use public transport. Parma Ham, who is agender and does not like to be known by their birth name, is from London, UK and is known for their striking mohawk hairstyle and gothic attire. The 20-something officially changed their name to Parma Ham in 2015 after being blocked by Facebook for using the fake name. Parma?s impressive mohawk is made up of 70% hair extensions and can take two hours - and two cans of hairspray - to prepare. It can reach heights of up to three foot, making it almost impossible to travel on public transport.

Couple, 29, who quit their jobs and sold all of their possessions for a year-long adventure in their converted VW van have now clocked up 78,000 miles after their trip became a way of life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the British couple who have been travelling the world in their converted van for the past four years, visiting more than 23 countries in the process and covering enough miles to circumvent the Earth THREE TIMES. YouTubers Bee Roper and Theo Gove-Humphries (both 29), from Birmingham, UK, quit their jobs and sold all their possessions before embarking on a year-long trip through Europe. The couple have clocked up around 78,000 miles in their £14k VWT4 as their initial year-long trip spiralled into a way of life. Having visited France, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia along the way, the adventurous pair explained why they made the initial leap.

A brave girl who overcame childhood leukemia four years ago is now helping her best friend through the same devastating illness

***EXCLUSIVE*** Childhood leukemia is classified as a rare disease by The American Cancer Society, so the likelihood of two friends sharing the experience is exceptionally slim. Emma Bergeron, eleven, was frightened when her pal Johnny Sorial, eleven, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the same cancer she battled from age four. Although Emma has been cancer-free since her last treatment in 2014, the fifth grader said she was „nervous” when her friend received the same diagnosis in September 2016. Johnny, of Chicago, Illinois, said his neighbor Emma has inspired him through his grueling chemotherapy regime, during which he developed severe anxiety. Johnny, who is in the sixth grade, says Emma is a constant reminder that he will get better and helps him remain positive even through the hardest points of his illness.