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Couple who met on a bus shunned by family for their 22 year age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** SELM, GERMANY: This couple have a TWENTY-TWO-YEAR age gap and met after she took the bus he drives before tracking him down on Facebook and falling in love despite her family refusing to accept him and cutting her off for OVER A YEAR. Bus driver, Kai Semmelmann (43) from Selm, Germany, first met his girlfriend, trainee professional driver, Laura Kreuzter (20) three-years ago after she took his bus every day. Laura was immediately drawn to Kai for his looks and friendly personality and one day decided to message him on Facebook, a couple of days later the pair met for coffee and instantly fell in love. The 22-year age gap didn’t worry Laura at all, but Kai was slightly apprehensive at first as he was worried about what people would think of them but his love for Laura conquered his concerns. Laura’s parents were not impressed by her relationship and didn’t talk to her for a year when they first got together and still do not speak to Kai today. Despite this, the couple live together and have been through more than most after Kai sadly suffered a heart attack in April last year, but Laura stood by him throughout.

British mother who ballooned to 294lbs after moving to America because of the HUGE portion sizes has now halved her body weight by taking up bodybuilding

***EXCLUSIVE*** BRISTOL, UK: This mother blames enormous American food portions and her tiresome corporate job for her weight gain which led to her sleeping with a machine so that she wouldn’t STOP BREATHING during the night. Account executive, Emma Passé (35) originally from Bristol, UK, blames her busy corporate lifestyle and huge American portions for her weight gain, before doctors warned that she would need medication for the rest of her life if she didn’t lose weight. Mother of two, Emma moved to Portland, Oregon when she was just 18 and ended up getting a job over there before starting her family. Emma’s job required a lot of travel by plane and car which also meant eating at many restaurants on the go or at numerous corporate dinners. In addition to the on-the-go lifestyle, the sizeable American portions saw her weight rise to 21st 4lb, with Emma wearing a UK size 26. In 2015 doctors warned Emma that she had poor cholesterol, she was pre-diabetic, her body acne was out of hand and she also had to sleep with a CPAP machine to keep her breathing at night. By this point, Emma would get out of breath just tying her shoelaces, as her declining health left her deeply concerned about what other people thought of her. The fear of having to be on medication for the rest of her life made Emma realise that she could still change her health. So, she began working out at a gym which promised no judgement to gym-goers, and in her first month she lost 15lbs, which spurred her on to keep going. Since then, Emma has discovered a love for fitness, particularly weight lifting which makes her feel strong. Emma has now halved her weight as she is now down to 10st 5lb and wears a UK size 10.

I just can't wait to be king! Mischievous lion cub swipes at his father - and doesn't even flinch when he bares his giant teeth

***EXCLUSIVE*** NAMIBIA, AFRICA: This mischivious lion cub can’t wait to be king as he wrestles with his tired mum and dad and isn’t in the slightest bit phased when his dad gives him an earful. The fascinating images show a young lion cub roaming the vast stretches of Namibia alongside his mum and dad who look like they have been kept awake by the mischievous youngster for days. Another image shows the mischievous young cub climbing over its much larger father before being told off whilst another picture appears to show the female lion telling the dad to discipline his son. The pictures were captured in Etosha National Park in Namibia. Etosha is one of the top wildlife destinations worldwide, attracting many wildlife photographers and it’s one of the most popular parks for wildlife photographers and tourists keen to get an authentic safari experience. The stunning images were taken by Jason Kandume, a photographer from northern Namibia who highlights the importance of not disturbing the animals when trying to photograph them.

Bear Parade in Romania

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hundreds of people dress up in real bear skins and parade through the street in a bizarre ritual meant to ward off evil spirits. The traditional Roma ceremony, which dates back centuries, sees Romani gypsies take to the streets in the bear suits between Christmas and New Year. The festival even sees young children dressing up in the skin of cubs to join in the parade in Comanesti, Romania. The festival, called Ursul, is replicated across the entire country and originated from an ancient Indo-European tribe known as the Geto-Dacians, who believed bears were sacred.

World's highest power pylon-cable construction

Staff members work on the cables at the site of the giant power supply pylons in Zhoushan, east China's Zhejiang Province. The two 380-meter-tall pylons carry power cables between Zhoushan's Jintang and Cezi islands, a distance of 2,656 meters. The new pylon project is a part of a new ultra-high voltage power line project between cities of Zhoushan and Ningbo.

Farmer is followed by sheep in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shepherds lead dozens of sheep through crisp white snow in a long, orderly line. The two shepherds wrap up warm with several layers of clothes to combat freezing conditions as they guide the animals. Sheep can be seen forming a straight line as they follow the shepherd, trudging through deep white snow. The shepherds led the sheep on the arduous journey from the hills to their village of Catak in the Van region of Turkey.

Bridge in the clouds

***EXCLUSIVE*** A bridge looks like it is floating in the clouds as heavy fog forms around it. The bridge even looks futuristic as it glows in in the darkness and disappears into the fog. The 1,000 metres long Črni Kal Viaduct is the longest and highest viaduct in Slovenia, standing at 95 metres tall. These stunning photographs were taken by amateur photographer Aleš Komovec in the village of Črni Kal, near the port city of Koper in Southwest Slovenia.