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Transgender „power couple” plan a family

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A husband and wife dubbed the UK’s transgender „power couple” plan to start a family together. Despite getting married towards the beginning of 2018, Jake and Hannah Graf are only now moving into their first home together. The couple met three years ago, splitting their time between Jake’s west London flat and Hannah’s army barracks at Sandhurst. But now that Hannah has left the army, she can finally live permanently with her husband. The couple first connected over social media through mutual friends in the transgender community. Jake, an actor and director, transitioned 10 years ago, while Hannah, who joined the army as a man, serving in Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, began transitioning five years ago.

2 years old child smoker

SUKABUMI, INDONESIA: Rafi Ananda Pamungkas 2.5 years, smoking cigarettes in front of his house, in Tenjojaya village, Cibadak, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. Rafi is addicted to cigarettes since 1.5 months ago. The two-and-half-year-old boy is trying to kick his 40-a-day habit after doctors warned he could end up brain damaged – but he still picks up butts off the floor, his mother said. Chain smoking toddler hit the headlines last year after it emerged he went through two packs of cigarettes a day. New video suggests Rapi is still up to his old tricks, with him seen smoking while sat in front of his smiling mother who said he still hunts down cigarette butts off the street when she’s at work.

These astonishing psychedelic landscapes were painted by the great-grandson of STALIN - who studied at the Glasgow School of Art in its Britpop heyday

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jacob Dzhugashvili, 45, who shares a surname with murderous ancestor Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili Stalin - better known as Joseph Stalin - studied at Glasgow School of Art in the 90s. Just like many young art students in the 1990s, Jacob loved to listen to trip-hop pioneers Massive Attack and Portishead, and once got so drunk he threw up on Sauchiehall Street - the shame of which still haunts him to this day. Jacob recalled: “I went couple of times to nightclubs but didn't like it at all - too noisy and everybody was drinking and getting sick.

Ice castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible ice structures which stand more than 40ft-tall and look like natural glaciers are actually made by hand from thousands of individual icicles. These huge frozen castles, which were completed this week, take as many 30 'ice artisans' around 10,000 man-hours to create and even have slides and thrones built into them. Builders tirelessly make them icicle by icicle with some of the mammoth castles in William Hawrelak Park in Edmonton, Canada, being formed from up to 10,000 of the ice spikes. The icicles are grown on racks which are sprayed throughout the night and left to freeze. This process begins in October and lasts until late November.

Woman feared she had leprosy or the PLAGUE after giant sores appeared all over her face – leaving docs baffled

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: DOCTORS feared this woman had LEPROSY or the PLAGUE when she was placed in isolation after a year of suffering symptoms including sores which bled and fell off due to a baffling infection, but she admits that she sometimes worries she can still feel it inside her. In autumn 2017, video content producer, Rachel Star Withers (33) from South Carolina, USA, first noticed her chest going bright red for up to 10 minutes before returning to normal. Rachel developed lumps on her face which opened up like sores, but doctors insisted the symptoms were just cystic acne. Having had acne for many years, Rachel knew this wasn’t true, but doctors only prescribed her acne medication for months. Rachel continued to take the medication despite the lumps on her face becoming incredibly painful. By Spring 2018, she had an allergic skin reaction all over her body, although never having any allergies before. The allergic reactions kept happening, although the reaction didn’t cause itching, in fact causing intense pain.  Rachel had to pursue many doctors before tests were finally run in September 2018 after the sores on her face would bleed profusely and chunks of her face seemed to fall off. In October 2018 Rachel received a call from the Infectious Diseases department of the hospital telling her to get to the hospital immediately. For the next eight nights, Rachel was placed in isolation and placed on IV drips to rid her body of the infection which was spreading throughout her body. Although doctors can’t be certain what infection Rachel had, it was suggested that while travelling to Asia she picked up a bacterium which isn’t found in America. Other suggestions included leprosy and the plague because of Rachel’s bizarre symptoms.

Babies swimming underwater in Istanbul

ISTANBUL, TURKEY: A baby girl in colorful costume diving underwater in Istanbul, Turkey. The parents who believe that swimming contribute to children's abilities of intelligence, perceptual and balance skills, and coordination send their babies at two-months old to the swimming courses which are specially prepared for infants. In addition to certain days and weeks, swimming lessons with costumes designed to emphasize social issues are becoming more interesting for children.

Grebe karate kick

***EXCLUSIVE*** A feisty coot lashes out at a grebe and lands a flying karate kick to its face. The black bird launched itself from water and flew towards its rival with its leg out in a scene similar to classic martial arts movie 'The Karate Kid'. But the surprise attack quickly backfired as the great crested grebe retaliated by lunging towards the coot - causing it to retreat. Amateur photographer Bett Atherton captured the grebe and coot fighting at South Norwood Lake in Croydon, London.