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Mother-of-three reveals she saved $12,000 in a year AND enjoyed lavish family vacations by re-using and re-selling items found in the GARBAGE

***EXCLUSIVE*** UTAH, USA: Meet the frugal mum who has taken her family on a dream holiday to DISNEYLAND and saved OVER 9K during the past year by re-using and RE-SELLING BINNED ITEMS despite being labelled a “GROSS CRIMINAL”. Youtuber, social media influencer and mum-of-three, Julie Rodriguez (37), who is living in Utah, USA, and her family have always had a desire to preserve everyday items and to discourage binning things that could hurt the environment. Over the last 10 years, the Rodriguez family have used everyday objects from bins and skips either for their own personal use or to re-sell valuable objects that have helped them save money instead of spending their hard-earned cash. In 2018, they have been on various holidays to Disneyland California, a volcanic hotspot in Wyoming and Seattle, while also recycling binned items like clothes, shoes, bed sheets, blankets, food, cleaning products, bin bags, furniture, decorations etc. They have spent only £160 ($200) for her Christmas holidays in 2018, which means that they have managed to save money for their holidays. Overall, she has saved roughly over £9.5K ($12K) in 2018 through the method of dumpster-diving.

A man has to wear factor 50 sun cream in winter and a protective 'hazmat' mask to leave the house due to his one-in-a-million allergy -- to the SUN

***EXCLUSIVE*** Josh Barnfather, 31, was diagnosed with xeroderma pigmentosum - which means his body is unable to repair DNA damage caused by UV light - aged just 18 months. It means the self-employed engineering consultant, has to be covered head-to-toe every time he leaves his home and he has been forced to spend almost entire life indoors. Josh even has to wear factor 50 sun cream and sunglasses on the coldest of winter days, as well as a 'hazmat-style' face visor and thick black gloves. Despite his extreme measures, Josh has battled skin cancer several times and was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer of the inner blood vessel linings last February.  The cancer has since spread from his face to his lymph nodes, bones and lungs. Specialists in London believe immunotherapy treatment currently not available on the NHS could extend his life and he's trying to raise £100,000 to pay for it. Josh from Hull, East Yorks., said: "I have had many different forms of the suit as I grew older but it is all I can remember.

Volunteers clean up beach after cargo ship lost 270 containers

Volunteers clean up the stuff that washed up on the beach after the cargo ship MSC Zoe lost 270 containers. Several dozens of fishermen are back at sea today to fish for things that come from the ship's MSC Zoe vessels that have been thrown overboard. In Terschelling, The Netherlands on January 5, 2019.

Bare-faced cheek! Glasgow University women's rowing club STRIP for 2019 charity calendar in a bid to 'celebrate all shapes and sizes'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the Scottish lasses stripping naked as part of a calendar that celebrates ‘all shapes and sizes’ and their mutual love of rowing to raise money for a cancer charity as well as an upcoming Scottish Boat Race. Black and white pictures reveal 13 women in a row posing naked with boat oars at a harbour, while another shows three women wearing life jackets. Three women show off their impressive strength holding a boat above their heads, and a group of women stand naked in a room with flags covering their chests. Two women unveil their derrieres in a room with oars. The pictures are part of a calendar that aims to raise money for a Scottish Boat Race hosted by Glasgow University Boat Club (GUBC) and Beatson Cancer Charity. GUBC sponsorship and fundraising convenor, Angus Robson (21), from Dorset, UK, was inspired to create the calendar and raise money after he felt this was a good team building exercise.

A theatre usher has been watching the same black-and-white globe-shaped TV for nearly 50 years after she won it in a competition aged 12

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cara Sandys, now 58, still watches shows on her 1972 JVC Videosphere TV which was inspired by the moon landings and shaped like a space helmet. Ms Sandys loves watching the retro set even after 46 years as it saves her Ł96.50 every year on her licence and says she 'sees no reason to switch to a colour TV'.  Despite a plethora of top-of-the-range TVs available, Ms Sandys has never replaced her retro Videosphere - which sell for Ł200 today.

These astonishing images show a teenager who had his ENTIRE leg removed to get rid of a massive 4st tumour

***EXCLUSIVE*** The 19-year-old's family said the lump first appeared two years ago but grew quickly and they weren't able to afford treatment. It ballooned to swamp his entire right thigh and the connective tissue cancer - known as a spindle cell sarcoma - had left him bed-bound for months. Surgeons amputated his leg - saving his life and HALVING his body weight - but believe he will make a full recovery.