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Vegetarian taxidermist is branded a 'disgusting murderer' by animal rights activists - but she says she's bringing new meaning to 'lifeless, forgotten animals'

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, USA: This stunning young vegetarian artist has been labelled a MURDERER online for transforming ‘lifeless forgotten’ animal corpses into art but insists that they are never killed to fulfil her unusual TAXIDERMY hobby and that her work symbolises a ‘new beginning’ for the dead. Student, taxidermist and artist, Kady Rose (25) from Southern California, USA, first got into taxidermy when she started her biology degree at university. Kady, who has always been an animal lover, started to see deceased creatures in a new light and decided that they should still be taken care of and appreciated even after death.  Ever since Kady says she has worked on anywhere between 70 to 100 animals which range from coyotes, foxes and rats to domestic cats and dogs, goats, llamas, raccoons and lynx and even an alligator. An average piece can take anywhere between three days and two weeks to bring back to life. Beautiful pictures show Kady’s incredible art in all its glory which includes a coyote she transformed into the Egyptian god of embalming and the dead, Anubis, and her crystal fox, styled on Vulptex from Star Wars the Last Jedi. Kady is a vegetarian and keen animal rights activist and all the animals she works on are naturally sourced, having either died from old age or as roadkill. As well as this, farms, petting zoos and vets donate animals to her to work on. She spoke about the process she goes through with each animal.


Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall

The Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall is an urban planning museum located at 20 Qianmen E St, beside Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China. The exhibition hall opened to the public on the 9 September 2004, and features a scale model of the entire Beijing metropolitan area, as well as multimedia exhibits on the history, current situation, and future of urban planning in Beijing. This urban planning museum has four stories, covering an area of 16,000 square meters (19,136 square yards) with half of it serving as the exhibition area. There are many different exhibition zones showing different contents, including the transition through history of this ancient city, the planning of the Olympic stadiums, and the future blueprint of a 'green' Beijing, transportation and infrastructures modernization. With not only large amount of pictures and documentations, the exhibition hall also uses multimedia methods to demonstrate the history and future planning of the city.

Quebec woman and Italian friend missing in Burkina Faso

A 34-year-old Quebec woman and her 30-year-old Italian friend have gone missing while they were travelling together in West Africa, according to her family. In a Facebook group, the family of Edith Blais, said she and her friend Luca Tacchetto were driving through Burkina Faso when they disappeared. They were last heard from on Dec. 15 when Blais posted photos from their trip to Facebook. The travellers were on their way to the capital Ouagadougou from Bobo-Dioulasso, the country’s second largest city, when communications between them and their families “stopped abruptly.” They were on their way to neighbouring Togo to work on a humanitarian project.

6ft 4in Taekwondo star tells how hurtful whispers made her teenage years hell... and how she battles to find a man due to her height

***EXCLUSIVE*** COUNTY DURHAM, UNITED KINGDOM: This former Team GB athlete now stands proud at SIX-FOOT-FOUR after successfully representing her country in taekwondo and previously spending years hating her height and wishing she was like other girls but admits that dating can sometimes be a struggle as not many men are taller than her. Retired Team GB athlete, lettings negotiator and taekwondo coach, Jade Slavin (26) from County Durham, United Kingdom, has embraced her amazing 6ft 4 height after hating how she looked throughout her school years and being shy thanks to bullies who would poke fun out of her, calling her ‘ugly’ and ‘a freak’. Jade would often go home in tears to her mum, Catherine, thanks to cruel bullies and strangers who would whisper about her in the street and try to take photos without her knowing. This left Jade longing to be shorter like other girls her age but at 16 she decided to try modelling to boost her body confidence but her mindset soon changed for good when she was offered a place to represent Team GB in taekwondo at the age of 21. She went on to win the commonwealth championships in Glasgow in 2014, making two world championships and European championships. It soon became clear to Jade that her height contributed to her success in the sport as she had the leg length that other athletes longed for. Now Jade is proud of who she is and no longer slouches in photos with her friends nor looks down when she is walking down the street and she focusses on the positive reactions she receives for her height instead of the negatives. However, she admits that she sometimes struggles to find clothes to fit her gorgeous 49.9-inch long outside legs and men to date who are a similar height to her as there aren’t many tall guys in her area.

Teenager's family only discovers her secret boyfriend after she is left paralyzed in hospital following a devastating crash - and her devoted beau REFUSED to leave her bedside

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: This student’s life was changed forever when her car skidded across the road and landed on TOP OF HER, leaving her paralysed in hospital and causing her family to find out about her secret relationship as her boyfriend didn’t leave her bedside. Student, Ellie Skromme (18) from California, USA, was on her way home when she noticed her steering wheel’s alignment seemed off as she was having to steer the wheel towards the left just so she could go straight. Ellie managed as best she could to get home before having to leave for work, as she worked part-time at Kohls, the retail chain. Driving to work down the winding road she took each day, Ellie’s life changed forever as she was left paralysed from the waist down. The rear right tyre blew out and caused the car to roll across the road six times, with Ellie being ejected from the car through the passenger window and having the vehicle land on top of her. A man at a nearby car park overheard the crash and ran to the site, seeing Ellie face down in the dirt under the car. Firefighters dug Ellie out from the dirt and she was transported to a hospital via helicopter. Ellie had kept her boyfriend, Brady, a secret from her family because he was a couple of years older than she was, but once he found out she was in the hospital he didn’t leave her bedside, leaving Ellie’s family to find out very soon about their ongoing romance. Ellie suffered a collapsed lung, fractured collarbone, fractured spine and a brain injury, with bits of glass still to this day coming out of her body. It was clear that Ellie would never walk again as she lost all mobility and independence.  Despite this, Ellie has spent the last year in physical therapy as she is gradually regaining some feeling and motion, starting with wiggling her toes and now she can lift her ankle while standing.

Man, 44, who spent decades being 'controlled by his genitals' vows to stay celibate for TEN YEARS to try and heal himself

***EXCLUSIVE*** MAINE, USA: Meet the man who admits to being controlled by his genitals and embarked on a ten-year journey of celibacy after years of partying, drinking and having one-night-stands that came to a screeching halt when he paid a prostitute for sex. Self-employed entrepreneur and landscaper, Kevin Sullivan (44), from Maine, USA, grew up with no role models to look up to and this resulted in him developing unhealthy sexual behaviours from his early teenage years. He began drinking excessive amounts of alcohol that lowered his inhibitions that resulted in him having numerous one-night-stands with random women. It wasn’t until 2005, when he had his last one-night-stand while living in Maui. Upon waking up the morning after, the woman he slept with informed him that she had cancer and was dying. At that moment, he decided to live a life of celibacy as a means of addressing the issues. It wasn’t until 2013 that this abruptly changed. Kevin had broken deep internal vows that kept him together. Once the vows were broken, his sanity came into question and he was taken to a state psychiatric ward where he would enter and exit the system a number of times over the next two years. During his time in the hospital, he held it together enough to attend a liberal arts college in Vermont. While studying abroad on a programme in central America, he ended up paying a woman for sex. Over time, he met a man in Belize who would repeat a phrase to him that stuck with him until now, ‘what’s a life without a wife?’ This phrase inspired him to find a woman to settle down with. In the meantime, he has reclaimed his celibacy vow and has honoured it since 2015, although he is dating.

Historic Brough Superior with poignant history

***EXCLUSIVE*** History under the hammer - Bike sale reveals the little known 'other' tragedy behind the iconic Brough Superior marque. Motorcycle pioneer George Brough's close friend F.P. 'Gentleman' Dickson crashed this SS100 during the Swiss Alpine challenge of 1930, and later died of complications in hospital in Geneva the following year. Four years later Lawrence of Arabia, another friend of Brough's, famously died on his SS100 near his home in Dorset. Despite being only partly restored, the highly original machine is now expected to sell for over Ł200,000 at H&H auctions in March next year.

It's A Peach - Humble £60 ink pot sells for 37,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rare Chinese calligraphy tool has sold for a whopping Ł37,000 - more than 600 times its Ł60 estimate. The piece of pottery, used to make ink by pouring drops of water onto an inkstone and mixing, is shaped like a peach - a symbol of longevity in China - and believed to date back about more than 300 years. The item was sold by the widow of a British antique collector at auction house Rogers Jones of Cardiff.

Victorian pencil collection worth £130,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable collection of vintage pencils has emerged for sale for Ł130,000. The collection, which boasts 454 lots, features elaborate gold and silver examples dating from the 19th and early 20th century. They depict famous landmarks, sporting equipment, animals, bottles of champagne and love tokens, with one even doubling as a fan. In a bygone age, women would take pencils with them on nights out so they could jot down the names of potential suitors on their dancing cards.

Five-bedroom home that looks like fairy-tale gingerbread house goes up for sale for £1.25million

***EXCLUSIVE*** The quaint and quirky Firbank House was once the coachhouse and stables for a country mansion before it was turned into a home in the 1950s. The Grade II listed period property has a Victorian Gothic style, with lots of ornate decorative touches, including a cupola and a decorative slate roof with fleur-de-lys ridge cresting that look like something you'd see on a gingerbread house. The five-bedroom house in Tilford, Surrey, is now on the market with estate agents Strutt & Parker.

Super cool holiday home - Even the chefs are supplied

***EXCLUSIVE*** Anyone looking to see in the new year in style can celebrate in this unique floating home - but it will cost them Ł3,500 a night. The stylish Glasshouse takes living by the water to a whole new level as it sits on the lake at Lechlade in the Cotswolds and has a basement level under the water, which has a cinema, games room and spa. It can sleep up to eight adults in four double bedrooms but a week-long stay over New Year will set you back Ł25,000 - over Ł3,500 a night - and 'due to the high-end finish' guests have to pay a Ł5,000 security deposit to stay in the luxurious property. The house was built by Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo as a holiday home for a private client, but the owners have now started renting it out as a high-end holiday let through The Lakes By Yoo.

Perfect for short naps - Queen Victoria's tiny bed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sturdy travelling bed that belonged to Queen Victoria has emerged for sale. The redoubtable monarch took the mahogany bed with her during her Royal duties away from home when she was a princess. She liked it so much that she even once made reference to it in her diaries of 1832. She wrote: "I was asleep in minutes in my own little bed which travels always with me." While the 6ft 3ins by 3ft 6ins bed left the Royal household in 1906 and is now being sold for Ł1,500 by Henry Aldridge and Son of Devizes, Wilts.

The return of the humble Nissen hut

***EXCLUSIVE*** A relative of the First World War engineer who invented the famous Nissen Hut has redesigned it for 21st century use as a trendy garden office. George Nissen's great, great grandfather Peter Nissen designed the prefabricated semi-circular structures that were widely used in both world wars. Made from corrugated iron, the huts could be thrown up in quick time without the need for foundations and put to military use, mainly as barracks. Now over 100 years since they were invented, the great-grandson of Major Nissen has taken out a new patent for the Nissen Hut.

Jaguar racing car piloted by Stirling Moss

***EXCLUSIVE*** A classic racing car that was piloted by Sir Stirling Moss has emerged for sale for over Ł2m. The Lister-Jaguar two-seater was built in 1959 and piloted by the legendary British driver during an endurance race that year. Competing for the Cunningham race team, Moss started the event well but was eventually disqualified after running out of petrol.

Historic collection of Zulu artefacts for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A remarkable collection of Zulu artefacts has emerged for sale for Ł50,000. It includes shields and weapons used at Rorke's Drift, where an 140-strong British garrison defied all odds to successfully defend the mission station from 4,000 marauding Zulu warriors in 1879. Former council worker Michael Woodfield was inspired to start collecting after being taken to watch the film Zulu as a young boy and being struck by the bravery of both sides.

Lucky photographer captured an extremely rare albino squirrel scurrying up a tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dad-of-two has captured the stunning image of a rare albino squirrel scurrying up a tree. Richard Waugh and his wife Lesley, both 49, were planning to head into Edinburgh's city centre last week in a bid to catch the January sales. But as the couple got to the bus stop on Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh, Richard got the shock of his life when he spotted the white squirrel on a tree. Richard, from Gorgie, Edinburgh, quickly took out his camera and captured the "pure luck" moment.