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Woman earns roughly $40,000-a-year as a professional cuddler

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robin Marie is a professional cuddler. The Kansas City native earns around $40,000-a-year ($80 per hour) from her job and spends around 45 hours a week spooning, hugging and snuggling. „I spend up to 25 hours a week cuddling clients for work, then around ten hours a week cuddling my boyfriend and about seven hours a week cuddling my cat” said Robin, 48, who has been making a full-time living from cuddles for a year and a half. „I never get bored of cuddling, it’s very rewarding, it causes the body to release oxytocin, the „bonding hormone”, which makes us feel happier and less stressed.” Robin’s clients come through a website called Cuddlist, which offers a training program to assist cuddling pros. Hugs can be standing, lying, or seated, in many different positions.

Convicted killer wins beauty pageant in women's prison

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL: A prison beauty pageant has been won by a woman convicted of murdering her lover - and now she wants to be a model. In its thirteenth year, the annual Miss Talavera Bruce beauty pageant is held in unlikely surroundings: a women’s prison in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Instituto Penal Talavera is the only maximum-security women’s prison in the city with inmates serving life sentences for murder, fraud and drug trafficking. But for one day each year, a handful of the inmates are judged on something other than their crimes: „their beauty and attitude” as they vie for the first place sash and title of Miss Talavera Bruce - or „TB Girl” as it is referred to. Out of the estimated hundreds of inmates at the prison, only 10 make it the pageant, the selection based on behaviour records. As well as dressing up and getting their hair and makeup done, the pageant provides a rare opportunity to see beloved family members somewhere other than the visitation room - and in some cases it’s the only time inmates get to see their children.

A car which can climb walls and step over holes thanks to its robotic LEGS could transform the way rescue teams operate in disaster zones

***EXCLUSIVE*** More than 10,000 people died in natural catastrophes in 2017, with an estimated 201 million needing international humanitarian assistance.  One of the problems is reaching those affected - and Hyundai has now unveiled Elevate, a concept vehicle which blends technology found in electric cars and robots to cover terrain beyond the limitations of even the most capable off-road vehicle.  Elevate can be driven by first responders to a location like a traditional electric car.  But when the terrain gets tough, it can use its "highly dexterous" robotic legs to move in any direction.  It can climb a 5ft wall, step over a 5ft gap, walk at 3mph over tricky terrain, and achieve a 15ft wide wheelbase, all while keeping its body and passengers completely level.  The legs, which can 'walk' like a mammal or reptile, also fold up into a stowed drive-mode, where power to the joints is cut, and the use of an integrated passive suspension system maximizes battery efficiency.

Lottery winner Peter Congdon, who won £13.5 million 3 years ago, has been talking aboput how his life has cahnged and what he hads one with the cash

***EXCLUSIVE*** A millionaire lottery winner from Cornwall has revealed what he's done with his £13.5million winnings - and the dark side of becoming super-rich overnight. Peter Congdon scooped the cash on May 27, 2015, in a Wednesday Lotto draw. He found out he'd won by checking his ticket on Teletext. His head in a whirl he walked to his daughter’s house ten doors down from him on the Trelander estate in Truro. She double-checked the ticket and it was certainly a lot more than £25.

Yoga with cats class

HOUSTON: Yoga participants play with cats before a yoga class at the El Gato Coffeehouse, a cat cafe in Houston, Texas, the United States, on Jan. 6, 2019. During the Yoga with Cats class, cats walk freely among people's mats. Yoga participants said that it was a calm and fun experience with the cats.

Five stages of drunk

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have revealed what most of us quite possibly experienced over the new year as a man gets progressively drunker as he goes through the ‘five stages of inebriation’. This set of five prints was produced by the Sydney studio of Charles Percy Pickering (1825-1908), and date from the period of Pickering's location at 612 George Street, circa 1865. The printed studio mark on reverse reads "Photographic Artist. C. Pickering, 612 George Street, near Wilshire's Buildings, Sydney" It is possible that the photographs were commissioned by a local temperance group for educative purposes, and may also have been used by an engraver for illustrations.

Wounded veteran finds new calling as fitness teacher

California, USA: Former Marine Corps Sergeant Calvin Smith served two combat tours in Iraq, and had his left leg below the knee amputated in 2007, the result of a traffic collision in San Diego County, is about to finish the requirements to become a Pilates instructor in the next month, and teach at Club Pilates in San Marcos where he has been working out.

A university equestrian club have become unlikely pin-ups after posing for a saucy calendar – mucking out the stables

***EXCLUSIVE*** The steamy snaps show the students stripping off while carrying out the less glamorous jobs involved in looking after horses. The March shot shows three of them donning skimpy underwear to muck out the stables. In April’s picture, a male student gives two beauties a lift around the paddock in a wheelbarrow. June’s saucy offering features two topless members of the club taking a horse out for a gallop while they wear just knickers and black leather boots. Meanwhile in July, seven scantily-clad female students drape themselves over a muddy tractor. The students, from De Montfort University equestrian society, did the snaps for the 2019 charity calendar. Incredibly, just days after going on sale they have almost completely sold out and another print run is being rolled out. Organiser Henry Johnson, 20, was only man who posed for the calendar.

A British pensioner captured these stunning pictures of tiny Long Tongue bats licking nectar from a flower while he was on holiday in Costa Rica

***EXCLUSIVE*** John Hudson, 72, a semi-retired hypnotherapist, was touring a nature reserve late at night when he came across the bats by chance.  He spent three hours crouched in a makeshift hide to capture the pictures of the animals using their tongues to lap up the nectar.  The extraordinary snaps are almost never seen with the naked eye because bats feed at night and are notoriously difficult to spot.  Incredibly, John, from Bristol, came across the bats by accident after searching for a spot to photograph humming birds last month.