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Plus-size yoga instructor was inspired to start practising the Hindu philosophy after slim yoga instructors’ ignored her during classes due to her weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A plus-size woman was inspired to become a yoga instructor after teachers IGNORED her in class because of her weight. Jessica Rihal was left struggling when slim instructors refused to offer guidance and sometimes didn’t even look at her as she attempted poses on her mat. Now the account manager, 35, who is of African American and Indian heritage, teaches yoga classes weekly and is on a mission to prove that it is not just for thin, white women. Jessica, of Irvine, California, USA, said: „According to the media and the society we live in, fitness and wellness are reserved for thin, white and able-bodied people - but that’s just not true.”

My girlfriend is my 24/7 slave

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, ROME, ITALY: A young woman says that being completely submissive to her boyfriend has allowed her to break free from the chains of an eating disorder. Nancy, 23, and her boyfriend Jack, 24, live a BDSM lifestyle, 24 hours a day. After one year of being „vanilla”, the couple from Rome insist that their relationship has improved by taking on constant dominant and submissive roles. Nancy, who is an aspiring fashion designer, wears a collar around her neck, signifying a commitment of submission she has promised to her other half. After years of being controlled by bulimia, she says that she has broken free from the chains of an eating disorder through practising BDSM. Now, she prefers to relinquish control to 24-year-old Jack, who is a self-proclaimed sadist.

Is this the world's COOLEST teacher? Brilliant viral video shows educator, 37, dancing and RAPPING with students

***EXCLUSIVE*** Is this the world’s coolest teacher? Incredible video footage shows the sassy secondary school teacher who has been causing a stir online after recording her ninth and tenth graders rapping about what they would do for their grade. Footage shows forensic science teacher Kendrah Underwood, 37, getting her students to sing and dance about their ambitions for the year after one of her classes at Butler College Prep School in Chicago, Illinois. The kids throw out answers such as “I’mma miss practice for that grade,” and “I’mma slap my momma for that grade,” as Kendrah makes her way around the class.

Prince doppelganger who claims he is stopped at least TEN TIMES A WEEK by excitable fans of the late singer

***EXCLUSIVE*** A sprightly granddad says he stops traffic because he bears such a striking resemblance to the late superstar Prince. Quantrez Valance Smiley, 46 (Detroit, Michigan, USA) claims he is approached by Prince fans at least ten times a week who tell him he is the Purple Rain singer’s exact doppelganger. The granddad-of-three, from Detroit, Michigan, said he coincidentally shares the icon’s extravagant sense of fashion as well has his extensive vocal range. Quantrez, a cosmetologist, spends three hours each night working on his repertoire of over 200 Prince songs and has performed wedding and birthday party sets for $300 a pop.

One student one teacher at Chinese village school

TIELING: Hu Zhisheng tutors his student Sun Xiaofeng at Yantai primary school in Yantai Village of Lianhua Township in Tieling City, northeast China's Liaoning Province. Located in a remoted mountain village, most students of Yantai school had transferred to other places outside the mountain. Sun Xiaofeng, a third grade student, became the only students of the school in September last year taught by Hu Zhisheng, the only one faculty of Yantai primary school.

Flying solo has been the dream of a North Devon schoolgirl since she could talk and this week she did it, becoming the UK’s youngest female glider pilot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ellie Carter, 14, of Torrington has been obsessed with flying for years and hit the headlines a few years ago after writing to the Royal International Air Tattoo, a special aerospace event held every year, to ask if her favourite plane, the U2 spy plane, would be there. Ellie’s first solo flight was on Monday, November 28, from North Hill Airfield near Honiton. The youngster, who attends South Molton Community College, is even more determined to achieve her dream job as a test pilot after flight. She said: „I loved flying solo. I never get scared, I love being in control and it’s important to stay calm while flying, it’s safer. I’ve always been obsessed with flying, the science behind it, and if I had been born earlier I think I would have been one of the first female aviators.” Her plea to see a U2 spy plane in 2012 was picked up by show chiefs at RAF Fairford who gave her the opportunity to sit in a chase car travelling at approximately 120mph as it attempted to keep up with a landing U-2 plane.