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Incredible three-bedroom penthouse in London's St Pancras and serviced by five-star hotel is for sale for £4.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Peek inside London’s finest penthouse after the three-bed property went on sale for £4.55m. Incredible images show the spacious dining room, cosy living areas and luxurious bathroom of the 3,077-square-feet apartment. Other stunning shots show the bedroom overlooking the rest of the apartment, the spectacular views of the city from the window and the exterior of the building. The three-bedroom penthouse is located in St Pancras Chambers, Euston Road, Kings Cross in London and is listed by Knight Frank for £4.55m.

Dad finds 'bag of drugs' inside case of his four-year-old son's video game

***EXCLUSIVE*** Oliver Edwards, 30, took his three sons, ages four, 10 and 12, to shop GAME to spend £20 vouchers they'd been given for Christmas.  But he was horrified when he leafed through the manual for his youngest's PS4 NBA 2K17 basketball game and found a bag of powder and crystals, he claims.  The sign manufacturer believes it's MDMA or mephedrone, and now the police are investigating.

Food fight on the street

***EXCLUSIVE*** Scores of people take to the streets armed with egg and flour and launch them at each other in a traditional food fight which dates back more than 200 years. The Els Enfarinats festival takes place every year in Ibi, Alicante, Spain and sees two groups of residents cover each other and the entire town white as they perform the messy tradition. As part of the festival, a group clad in military clothing known as the 'El Enfarinats' stage a mock coup, declaring new rules on the small town. The new regime then collects fines from residents as they parade through the streets, which is later given to charity.

Bighorn sheep fight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pair of bighorn sheep battle it out for a female - ramming into each other for a gruelling six hours. The males backed up on their hind feet before charging into their rival with their curly horns. They slugged out the fight for six hours while other sheep around them continued to graze and stay out of the way. After hours of fighting, the pair eventually backed away from each other before going for a drink in the nearby creek.

Red squirrel peers out from a hollow tree

***EXCLUSIVE*** This red squirrel peers out from a hollow of a fallen tree while clutching a nut tightly in it's paws. The squirrel was searching for food and managed to find a hazelnut from within the moss covered log that had a number of natural holes in it. Karen Miller, 47, from Glasgow said, 'Red squirrels in many areas still rely heavily on food provided by people as there isn't always enough natural food for them to maintain a healthy population. They are still an endangered species. When it comes to photographing red squirrels it's difficult to do so without placing some suitable nuts such as raw hazelnuts out for them, otherwise they stay high up in the tree canopies.' 'My intention had been to spend some time exploring whilst I was there, but once I found the red squirrels I became so distracted watching their antics that I never made it anywhere else!'

Afghan female police cadets' training

SIVAS, TURKEY: Afghan female police cadets attend a training session provided by Turkish expert personnels at Sivas Police Vocational Center Directorate in Sivas, Turkey. A total of 168 Afghan female police cadets joined their six-month policing training program in Sivas, a province in the eastern part of Turkey covering on law enforcement trainings, technical training how to handle and fire weapons, directing traffic, crime scene investigation, driving, search and control, defence and fighting with terrorism.