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Meet the schoolboy who writes, eats, brushes his teeth and cooks with his FEET

***EXCLUSIVE*** Born without the use of his arms, Devin McLane carries out a vast array of everyday tasks with his feet and can even crack an egg and fire a bow and arrow with his toes. The 14-year-old, from Stevensville, Montana, USA, suffers from Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, a condition that causes curved joints, muscle weakness and stiffness. Most of the muscles in Devin’s shoulders do not work and his arms hang limp at his sides.

I’m a tattooed permanent clown

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LA, CALIFORNIA: A permanent clown in West Hollywood insists he has no regrets over his look and loves his entertainer lifestyle. Richie began modifying his face to look like a clown over 10 years ago, when he first moved to Hollywood working as a barber. Since then, Richie, who goes by the name ?Richie the Barber?, has had silicone implants, a split tongue and numerous facial tattoos including a nose tipped in red, blue eyelids and a Cheshire cat grin. Despite his look terrifying some people, the 33-year-old doesn?t regret his decisions.

Pregnancy left me with ORGAN FAILURE: Dentist whose liver and kidneys failed after childbirth spent the first two weeks of her baby's life in intensive care

***EXCLUSIVE*** MANCHESTER, UK: Dentist, Louise Double (31) from Manchester, UK, but now living in Jersey, thought her pregnancy was going well after only having morning sickness early on, but after going into labour in June 2018 her health soon deteriorated. After finally going into labour two weeks late, Louise required an assisted delivery because her baby’s heart rate was dropping quickly, so doctors needed to get her out immediately. Following an epidural, Louise felt a pain in her ribs which midwives assumed was just labour pains. Although half an hour after delivery Louise insisted that she didn’t feel well as her skin began to turn yellow and her blood pressure was dropping quickly. Immediately after the delivery Louise was taken to intensive care where she was placed on dialysis. Tests revealed that Louise’s liver was failing so she was put on dialysis to save her kidneys, and the decision was made to send her for specialist treatment, meaning Louise had to be sent on an emergency flight by the Royal Air Force in a helicopter to London to receive the specialist care required. She was put on the critical donor list meaning she would most likely receive the next one available in the country as she was the sickest person at that time. Louise spent the first month of her daughter, Amelia’s life in hospital in another country which was incredibly hard for both of them. Louise’s husband, Dave, flew to London, while Amelia stayed with relatives and friends, and was brought to London two weeks later. Louise hopes to encourage more people to become organ donors after having her life saved from what doctors indicated was most likely HELLP syndrome, a rare syndrome that occurs in pregnant women and can cause organ failure, and in some cases death.

Shocked customers have slammed bargain store Poundland as "appalling" and "misogynistic" - for selling marshmallows shaped like BREASTS and BUM CHEEKS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The sexist candy can be spotted on shelves for the bargain price of just 50p, in the store's 'Novelty' section - and shoppers are outraged that the sweets are at children's height. The packaging on the sweets bares the phrases "Be gentle" and "Squidge my cheeks" - and one customer pointed out there was no sign of any male counterparts. Gemma Aitchison, who spotted the sweets in Bolton, Greater Manchester, wrote on Twitter: "What exactly are you trying to say with these products, Poundland, to the families who come in store?

An "extremely rare" whisky still from the mid-1800s believed to have been used by farmers to make the drink illegally could fetch £6,000 when it is put up for auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The copper still, which is estimated to sell between £5,000 and £6,000, was found in a barn on a farm in New Galloway, Dumfries and Galloway three years ago. It is believed farmers used the 15kg still to distil whisky illegally in a bid to evade tax. Graham Maxwell, a whisky specialist and auctioneer for McTear's Auction House, says the rare item will be put up for sale next Friday in Glasgow. He said: "It is believed that farmers would have a still in their barn so they could produce a spirit for themselves.

A boy miraculously survived after he was impaled through the chest by a branch after falling while picking plums

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eight year old Suresh Sakaram was impaled through the chest after climbing a tree to pick plums for his sister.  But on his way up, Suresh lost his grip and fell from the tree.  As he laid on the ground he was stabbed by a 52cm branch which snapped off from the tree and ended up lodged in the youngsters chest.  Despite being almost fatally stabbed, the brave Suresh managed to not only stand up - but walk his six-year-old sister home before being rushed to hospital.  Suresh collapsed at home and was taken to the MYH hospital Indore.

The heartbreak diet IS real! Woman sheds five stone after a love split inspired her to tackle her weight

***EXCLUSIVE*** A heartbreaking split after a “whirlwind” overseas romance led this woman to finally see that she was tipping the scales at EIGHTEEN stone after food became her comfort but now even relatives barely recognise her after she shed over FIVE STONE. Head of customer support, Amy Smith (29) from London, UK, had been overweight since early childhood and later turned to food as her comfort after her parents divorced when she was a child. Food became her crutch during her own break up years later, leading her to gain over five stone as she went up six dress sizes. When she was just 11 years old, Amy’s parents separated and she relied on food to provide the support and comfort she needed. At the age of 11 years old, Amy was already a UK size 14. After moving to Colchester for university, Amy’s portion sizes grew even bigger when she began cooking for herself and doing no exercise to balance it out.  In 2011, just before Amy’s final exams, she split up with her boyfriend of a year who she’d met during a year abroad in Germany. The break-up hit Amy hard and made her realise she needed to do something to turn her life around and ger herself out of the rut she’d been in for nearly a decade. At her heaviest, Amy weighed 18st and wore a UK size 22. Now, after shedding the weight and finally embracing her figure, Amy is 12st 11lbs and wears a UK size 10.

Auto polo - brainchild of a car salesman who replaced horses with stripped down Model T Fords in 1912 - was the original demolition derby

***EXCLUSIVE*** Striking pictures have revealed the time polo players in the Wild West ditched their horses for cars in a bid to liven up the sport. The incredible images, as revealed by the website Retronaut, show teams of two in their automobiles with one driver and one polo player hanging off the side of the vehicle. Huge clouds of dust are thrown into the air as the teams compete against each and skid round the pitch. Other stunning shots, dating from the 1910s, show the cowboys playing a more traditional game of polo on horseback although it looks no less competitive.

Rock climb death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shocking video footage captured the moment a PhD scholar slipped and fell to his death while rock climbing at his university campus. Praveen Tiwari, 30, had gone rock climbing in a ridge area inside the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He did not have any ropes tied to him during the rock climbing and fell to the hard ground. Tiwari was taken to a hospital by his friends where he was declared dead. A senior police official said: "There was no foul play as his friend was recording a video, which has captured the incident."

Impaled on a spike

***EXCLUSIVE*** Graphic images and video footage have captured police officers struggling to free a man after his jaw was pierced by an iron spike following an accident. The shocking video shows officers holding the unfortunate man’s face in place on the spike as they saw the spike from  the fence so he can be brought to hospital. Two men in their mid-20s - Mohammed Sarik and Mohammed Hasan, - were riding a bike at 50 miles per hour in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. They lost control and crashed into the fence of the popular Jnaneshwar Mishra park. The rider, Sarik, was thrown into air and fell on the fence, which had been covered with seven inch iron spikes. One of the spikes pierced into his jaw and came out of the mouth.