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Reformed 'man whore' who spent his twenties bedding beautiful women before going celibate for SIX YEARS refuses to sleep with his new girlfriend until their wedding night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the former ‘bad boy’ who spent his youth having endless one-night-stands before he entered a six-year-celibacy after finding God but has now found love and despite the temptation plans to wait until his wedding night to have ‘ALL the sex.’ Author, speaker and entrepreneur, Robert Kowalski (46), from Maryland, USA, used to spend his teen years and twenties as a ‘man-whore’, sleeping with different girls with no emotional connection. His lifestyle dramatically changed in March 2000, when he encountered a spiritual awakening with God and Christianity which lead him on a journey of celibacy. He took a clean break from sex and dating for six years sheltering himself to ‘avoid sin’ until his cravings for having relationships lead him back to the bar scenes he used to run in 2006. Little by little he started picking up his bad habits returning to his old ways. In 2011, he felt guilty about the mistakes he made and committed to celibacy again. Robert has been abstinent ever since. In October 2018, he re-connected with a girl from his past and they have been dating ever since. He plans to wait to have sex until after he is married.

Abandoned remains of a water park in Florida where Hollywood classic movies such as Tarzan and Creature from the Black Lagoon were filmed

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of a water park where Hollywood classics such as Tarzan and Creature from the Black Lagoon were filmed. The haunting pictures show the huge slides with leaves now running down them rather than water, the empty pools where nature has taken over and kids play areas. Other striking shots show the turnstiles people would have once been going through, a lonely rubber ring floating on filthy water and brightly painted buildings. The eerie photographs were taken at Wild Waters Water Park in Silver Springs, Florida, by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Girlfriends, 11, shot and hanged themselves after classmates bullied them for ‘coming out’

***EXCLUSIVE*** The parents of two 11-year-old girls who killed themselves within months of one other believe their daughters were in a relationship. Madissen Paulsen shot herself with her dad’s gun last December and just two months later, Sophia Leaf was found hanged at her family home. Madissen’s father Shane, 46, and Sophia’s mother Angela, 33, are speaking for the first time together about their daughters’ tragic deaths. They said that the sixth graders, from Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, USA, had experienced bullying and were each struggling with their sexuality.

Dancing sifaka lemurs

***EXCLUSIVE*** This lemur channels King Julian's famous 'I Like To Move It' dance from popular children's film Madagascar as it shows off for the camera.  The lemur can be seen twisting and turning and even flinging its arms about as it crossed a red soil track. Pictured in a Madagascan wildlife reserve, the little animal jumps sideways like this to travel across ground.  Though it is simply crossing a road, it looks like something out of animated classic Madagascar featuring King Julian - an all-singing and all-dancing lemur who performs 'I Like To Move It'. Amateur photographer Ren Kurokawa, 54, snapped the sifaka lemur and said its way of travelling is 'famous' in Berenty Reserve.

Horse stuck on the footbridge

***EXCLUSIVE*** A specialist animal rescue unit spent almost four hours freeing a trapped horse which had to be lifted to freedom by crane after it got its leg stuck in a bridge. Buster, the 28-year-old male horse, found himself in a spot of trouble when a plank broke as he attempted to cross the old wooden bridge and one of his hind legs became trapped. Fortunately for the half tonne stallion, a crew of firefighters who are trained in specialist animal rescue techniques and a Heavy Rescue Unit were on hand to help. At around 10am, the Thames Valley Fire Control Service received reports of a horse in need of rescue in Eton Wick, near Windsor, Berks.

Swan in a twist

***EXCLUSIVE*** A swan transforms into a barely recognisable shape while cleaning itself. The swan produced the unusual shape whilst preening near Wimpole, Cambridgeshire. The image was captured by photographer John Brackenbury, from Willingham, Cambridge.