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Wild cat fanatic lives with 14 felines

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: A 58-year-old woman from Czech Republic, has turned her suburban home in Prague into an ultimate cat-haven. Ivana Jákorová, who works in a clothing store, lives with a total of 14 cats that she calls her „babies” - a puma, caracal, four servals, a bobcat and seven house cats. She hasn’t taken a single holiday since opening her home to her furry friends, and says it would be „punishment” to do so. In the house, the big cats have their own individual bedrooms to sleep in and they are free to roam around the house as they please.

Never let cancer stop you from looking like a snack

***VIDEO AVAILABLE*** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: A 21-year-old with incurable bone cancer that resulted in a leg amputation is refusing to let the disease stop her „looking like a snack”. Felicia Cantone from Essex, England was diagnosed with incurable bone sarcoma when she was six years old and has been battling with the disease ever since. The cancer has resulted in her having her leg amputated, but the London student is spreading body positivity through proudly showing off her stump in killer outfits.

World’s loudest Hummer boasts 86 speakers

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: 86 speakers, 11 amplifiers, and more than a mile of LED light wiring have been crammed into an H2 Hummer to create a deafening party-mobile. Rafael Capone has modified cars all his life, but his „Soul Asylum H2” Hummer, built to promote his recording studio of the same name, has taken things to a new level. The speaker-packed behemoth has been dominating car show competitions around Rafael’s native Atlanta, wowing crowds with its all-custom interior and LED light set-up. Rafael told Barcroft Media: „No piece of this car was left factory.” The reaction when we pull up is always a, „Wow, I love your car”.

An incredible exhibition showcases landmark moments through history in LEGO BRICKS - from the Big Bang to the first black and white cinema

***EXCLUSIVE*** The astonishing models have been constructed by builder Warren Elsmore and his team out of more than a quarter of a million bricks. A huge array of Lego - thought to be worth up to £10,000 in value - has been built into creations include slaves escaping underground, the viking invasion and Mt. Vesuvius erupting over Pompeii. The models span five different continents - showcasing moments from when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to an incredible recreation of a castle. The team have been building since 2012. The touring exhibition is due to be held in Hull, East Yorks., until March.

A woman says she has been "put off sex toys for life" after the batteries in her brand new vibrator - bought online for £4 - EXPLODED in her face

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cassie Esplin, 25, was horrified when she went to use her electric finger vibrator for the first time and its battery compartment blew up.  As Cassie inserted the batteries to her new Buzz Tongue Finger Vibrator, the battery pack apparently exploded with so much force that it hit her bedroom ceiling.  Cassie from Norwich, says she suffered burns to her chest as the red hot alkaline battery came flying at her - "burning" part of her jumper.  She bought her new sex toy - reduced from £12 to £4 in the January sales - from the Lovehoney.co.uk adult toys and lingerie website.  It was delivered to her in the post on Tuesday (December 8) and came with the battery that is said to have exploded out of the toy.  A metal part of the vibrator blew up in car dealership worker Cassie's face, at 10pm on Tuesday.  It happened as she was in her bedroom alone and minutes away from testing out her vibrator for the first time.

Student, 22, claims doctors labelled her 'SUPERFICIAL' for wanting scoliosis surgery to correct the 60-degree curve in her 'wonky' back

***EXCLUSIVE*** SLIGO, IRELAND: This stunning student was shamed by her doctor who labelled her SUPERFICIAL for wanting scoliosis surgery to correct her ‘wonky’ back that doctors had wrongly predicted would not progress. Emma Hall (22) from Sligo, Ireland, had often felt growing pains in her legs which left her screaming in agony, as well as a numbing ache in her back, but as she had never known anything different, she put the thought to the back of her mind. Certain school seats were uncomfortable for Emma as the rigid plastic dug into her curved spine. It wasn’t until Emma’s mum saw how curved Emma’s spine was that she took her to get a diagnosis. X-rays revealed a 45-degree curve in Emma’s spine, which put her in the ‘grey’ area for surgery because doctors felt that the curve wasn’t bad enough for surgery, but it was too developed for a back brace to have any effect. Despite the constant ache and back pain, Emma went on to complete her school exams and to study at university. Consultants had told Emma that her spine had finished growing so the curve wouldn’t get worse, but she could tell that over time it had.  In 2017, X-rays showed a 55-degree curve, when surgery is recommended. However, during a consultation a doctor told Emma that she was only requesting surgery for ‘superficial reasons’, refuting the pain she suffered for years. Emma could no longer wear dresses with zippers on the back and sitting at a desk was unrealistic, but she had to wait seven years before having surgery, which was eventually on September 7, 2018, by which point her spine had a 60-degree curve.

Quirky dad cares for a wild hawk named Carol – that flies around his family home and sits beside him while he works at his computer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Father-of-two Maxx Powell, 28, found the red-tailed hawk in the woods near his home in December, she was severely underweight and ravished with parasites. The firefighter then rescued the sick bird and took her back to his home in Olympia, Washington, USA. Not just anyone can have a hawk: Maxx spent years studying to obtain his falconry license and now spends about five hours a day building his relationship with the bird of prey. He also spent $1,500 constructing a top-notch 9ft by 11ft aviary for Carol in his garden, and has been nursing her back to health with beef hearts and organic quail meat. Maxx said his wife Desiree Powell, 28, has been supportive of his unusual endeavor.

A collector was astonished when she bought a tatty old Victorian photo album off eBay only to discover it belonged to the family of Jane Austen

***EXCLUSIVE*** The black bound book is stuffed full of previously unseen photos of the nieces and nephews - many of whose lives reflected her novels. Austen herself was never photographed but the ancient tome is stuffed with black and white images of her nearest and dearest. It was put together by Lord George Augusta Hill - an aristocrat who married TWO of Austen's nieces, both daughters of her older brother Edward.

One of Britain's longest married couples whose first date was interrupted by a WWII air raid siren have died just months apart

***EXCLUSIVE*** The family of Barbara Craine, 94, believe she died from a broken heart five months after the sudden death of her beloved husband of 76 years Hal.  While in her hospital bed Barbara - who was 18 when she married her beloved, Hal - told family members: “I’m ready to go.” The devoted pair first met during the Blitz in 1941 whilst enjoying a waltz together on a church dance floor but the budding romance was rudely interrupted by the drone of the air raid siren. In a twist to tradition, Hal, who passed away aged 100, had to immediately meet his future in-laws on the first date after rushing to Barbara's cramped air raid shelter at her home. Their love blossomed and, less than a year later, the couple married in a church ceremony on a sweltering day on June, 6 1942.