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Woman, 32, CHOSE to have her leg amputated after shock stroke left her with constant agonizing foot spasms - and now she's running marathons

***EXCLUSIVE*** NASHVILLE, USA: This woman chose to have her leg amputated after a stroke gave her foot spasms and constant pain and she has since become a one-legged marathon runner. Process analyst, Sarah Curlee (32) from Nashville, USA, was unaware of an undetected hole in her heart known as patent foramen ovale (PFO) which, when combined with her birth control and the blood clots associated with control, can lead to a right-hemisphere ischemic stroke. Sarah’s stroke happened in August 2013, when she was just 27-years-old. While in hospital, doctors didn’t notice any residual side effects to be alarmed by, so Sarah was sent home within days. Although two weeks later, Sarah returned to a kickboxing class and noticed that her arm couldn’t move as quickly, and her punch felt weaker than before. Sarah also noticed her foot spasming and her toes curling involuntarily. Her ankle began to roll as her foot turned inward, causing Sarah to trip often. Three months after her stroke, Sarah saw an orthotic specialist, but it took a year for them to try repositioning the tendons to straighten the foot. The pain only grew worse and Sarah knew that having her foot amputated was her best option. Six months after her operations, and 18 months after the stroke, Sarah was diagnosed with two neurological movement disorders, dystonia and spasticity. Dystonia causes a constant pull of the muscles in her left side, causing the problems in Sarah’s foot. The spasticity causes localised muscle spasms, explaining Sarah’s foot spasms. For three years Sarah saw specialists who tried different remedies but to no promise of pain relief. Amputation was the only option which promised an end to Sarah’s pain. On May 9, 2016, Sarah had her amputation and within three months she was running already.

88 DAYS OF HELL - Cops piece together mystery of miracle escape by Jayme Closs from kidnapper’s lair

Stumbling out of the woods, the 13-year-old girl – skinny, dirty and wearing shoes far too big for her – spotted a dog walker in the distance. Wearing no gloves or coat despite the freezing temperatures, she ran through the snow towards the woman, yelling: “I’m Jayme! I’m lost. I don’t know where I am.” The woman who was holding her golden retriever Henry in her driveway, said later: “I recognised her immediately.” In that instant the dramatic 88-day hunt for missing Jayme Closs was over. Investigators are now trying to piece together the three months she was held against her will in a small cabin in the woods, in a crime that has gripped America. Jayme vanished in the early hours of October 15, 2018, when an attacker shot her parents dead at the family home in Barron, Wisconsin.

Breaking the MURI record for making recycled paper

JAKARTA, INDONESIA: A total of 1,161 sheets of recycled paper from paper waste were successfully made by 550 students of the school, with the aim of to motivate students and parents to be actively involved in managing waste independently. This activity was recorded by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) because it was the first primary school to make recycled paper.

6ft 7in model insists her boyfriend LOVES her statuesque frame, even though he is seven inches shorter, as she reveals how she learned to embrace her look

***EXCLUSIVE*** HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS, USA: This stunning six-foot-seven woman says her boyfriend who is seven-inches shorter thinks her height is the “most gorgeous thing he has ever seen” while strangers stare at her like she is from another planet but she isn’t letting this stop her from embracing her height and wearing EIGHT-INCH heels to become even taller. Nanny, model and volleyball coach, Kyrsten Lindstrom (21) from Homewood, Illinois, USA, was always at least a head taller than all her peers growing up but never let her height affect her because she had lots of friends. However, it wasn’t until she was in secondary school and at 6ft 1in, that she struggled to accept her height as her friends said that she was too tall to fit in. When she was 12, Kyrsten discovered volleyball, something that thanks to her height she started to excel in years later when she was 16 and made her and her friends accept her tallness again. All of her family are tall and Kyrsten is even taller than her two brothers, Jon and Josh, who are 6ft 3in and 6ft 4in respectively but they weren’t impressed when she overtook them in height after her final growth spurt at 19 to 6ft 7in. Despite being confident in her own skin now, Kyrsten can’t go anywhere without being stared at by strangers and has also received nasty comments when in public with people telling her there should be a height limit for people attending concerts, with one Instagram troll telling her that it’s not feminine to be that tall. As well as receiving criticism for her height, Kyrsten also receives compliments from strangers who are in awe of her height and her 6ft boyfriend, Colin, adores her and thinks she is perfect as she is.

Father, 56, is left paralysed after falling downstairs while SLEEPWALKING - and can remember nothing of his near-fatal plunge

***EXCLUSIVE*** Former caretaker Colin White, 56, went to bed with his wife as usual but woke in a heap at the bottom of the staircase paralysed.  He could not move and had searing pain running through his body.  Chris, who is married to wife Jo White, is now paralysed from the hip up and is in need of constant care and assistance.  Nursing assistance Jo, 55, said: "Our lives have changed completely.  "It was like he has just stepped into darkness.

A talented pet bulldog has become an internet sensation after videos of her SKATEBOARDING attracted thousands of views online

***EXCLUSIVE*** Owner Debra Chandler, 33, says her beloved pooch Pumpkin has proved to be a "complete natural" at the action sport since taking it up as a puppy.  The 14-month-old dog has self-taught itself how to skateboard and enjoys nothing more than scooting around the streets much to the astonishment of onlookers.  Debra began filming videos and taking pictures of Pumpkin riding around near her home in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leics., and posted them on social media.  Since then, Pumpkin has become an online hit with videos of her in action being viewed thousands of times.

Giant chainsaw carved Chewbacca

***EXCLUSIVE*** This life-sized wooden sculpture of Star Wars’ character Chewbacca is out of this world! The 8ft 7in attraction was lovingly chainsaw carved from a fallen Ash tree trunk by Mick Booth, of Bolsover, Derbyshire. The sculpture - which has been independently valued by art and Star Wars’ collectors from around the world at £10,000 - is now up for sale.

Squirrels and icicles

***EXCLUSIVE*** A family of red squirrels look like they are pole dancing as they climb up some pointy icicles. The cute squirrels climbed the 20 centimetre icicles on multiple occasions - clinging on at the top and looking across the snow. However, the little squirrels were actually on the hunt for hidden snacks that were dangling above the ice. The humorous photos were captured by professional wildlife photographer Geert Weggen, in his back garden in Bispgarden, Sweden.

Salt mining

***EXCLUSIVE*** Workers dig into Oman's salt flats to harvest the mineral and dry it in the sun using the same method practised for hundreds of years. The families dig down into the coastal ground in a grid pattern, waiting for water to emerge and evaporate before collecting hundreds of kilos of salt every day. Photographer Haitham Al Farsi visited Qurayyat in Oman for four days to take pictures of the age-old salt gathering process. He said: "The local people here are practising the old style of producing salt by digging in the ground.

Fishing boats on river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible aerial photographs of fishing boats floating down a river look like watercolour paintings. The surreal patterns are created thanks to the flowing current and algae in the water. Photographer Abdul Momin, 28, took the images using a drone near in Ullahpara, Bangladesh.