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A disabled acrobat is wowing crowds around the world with his jaw-dropping stunts – despite having no LEGS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Viktor Kochin, 27, has been performing gravity defying feats with the UK based Circus of Horrors since he was talent spotted in October. The Moscow-born acrobat started as a break-dancer at underground clubs but now performs in front of thousands with his able-bodied girlfriend Paulina Zinchino, 23. Viktor is strong he is able to bench-press Paulina by holding her feet with his hands and uses his powerful arms to swing up stairs.

Parents reveal how they transformed a mini bus into a mobile family HOME to fulfil their dream of living 'off grid' with their toddler son

***EXCLUSIVE*** SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Meet the parents who are raising their son in their self-converted bus that they spent almost £3.5K and six-months revamping so that they can spend more time in nature together and want to show that having children doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams. Mum and content creator, Natalie Frizza (26) from Sydney, Australia, first met her partner, coffee roaster and barista, Zac Wilkinson-Seegar (27) after she moved to Margaret River, Western Australia, and asked for a job at the café where he was working. The pair had an instant spark and clicked over their shared passions for travel, healthy living, nature and strong desire to be parents. After they met, they travelled across South East Asia and India together where they decided they wanted to try for a baby and when they returned to Australia, Natalie was pregnant with their now 16-month-old son, Tallow who was born in August 2017. Since becoming parents, Natalie and Zac’s desire to lead a simplistic, off-grid way of life to positively impact the environment grew and they decided to explore the notion of van life, and bought their 1990 Toyota Coaster bus for approximately £3,370 (6,000 AUD) which Zac spent his free time renovating over six-months, complete with solar panels, kitchen and bedroom area, costing around £3,370 (6,000 AUD) in total. Zac was self-taught and had no prior experience of transforming a bus into a family home, but the hard work was worth it. Tallow loves his surroundings and watching Zac work on their home and more importantly this lifestyle means that Natalie and Zac don’t miss a second of him growing up.

Magic ink: Talented tattoo artist who covers women's mastectomy scars with stunning designs reveals how her work helps bring 'closure' to cancer survivors

***EXCLUSIVE*** VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA: This tattoo artist transforms the lives of inspiring cancer survivors by providing them with their dream tattoos to cover their mastectomy scars, helping many to recover from body dysmorphia. Speciality tattoo artist, Samantha Rae Carniato (37) from Vancouver Island, Canada, has been granting people their dream tattoos since 2009, but in 2014 she began transforming inspirational women’s mastectomy scars into their dream tattoos. The incredible photographs show the intricate floral design chosen by one survivor who opted to have the poignant words ‘dancing through the fire’ written beneath the breast tattoo. Another stunning design shows a feather motif going across the chest alongside ribbons of blue ink as the backdrop for the central words, which read ‘dance to my own rhythm’.  Butterflies also feature in many of the artistic designs, with Samantha Rae having done over 40 mastectomy tattoos.  Samantha Rae adores being a part of these women’s journeys to recovery and closure by helping them to draw the line on their battles with cancer, enabling them to move on completely.

Tony the Pony loves playing football

***EXCLUSIVE*** A pony owner has offered her colt's services to his favourite club - after he became obsessed with playing FOOTBALL. Taking after superstar 'Neigh-mar', one-year-old Tony the pony has developed a love for the ball after his owner Kristy Simpson, 37, got him one to play with as a foal. Since he first encountered the toy ball, Tony has mastered his footballing skills - despite popping ten balls in the process of learning his silky tricks. Kristy has offered his services to poorly-performing local side Huddersfield Town - who sit at the foot of the Premier League - and reckons he would be a valuable addition to their squad.

A mum whose family believed she was "possessed by an evil spirit" was actually battling a rare illness, with symptoms straight out of The Exorcist

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stephen Gutierrez, 42, became terrified when his wife Lorina Gutierrez, 39, suddenly began "talking gibberish" and convulsing. Stephen, a truck driver, said his wife’s behavior was so out of character he doused her in holy water, fearing she had been possessed by a demon. The mom-of-three believed there were cameras in every corner of her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and yelled about „escape”. She also became violent for the first time in her life. Lorina, a state investigator, was admitted to a psychiatric ward in Presbyterian Kaseman Hospital after she became delusional and attempted to punch her husband. The mum did not respond to treatment and after a week was transferred to the Presbyterian Hospital, where doctors discovered her immune system was attacking her brain. A 6inch by 6inch tumor was located on Lorina's ovary, which horrifyingly had developed its own BRAIN TISSUE.

An adorable calf that was saved from slaughter has become best friends with a dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Calvin the cow and Lincoln, an Australian shepherd, have been completely inseparable since the moment they met last July at the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada. Calvin was born at a nearby dairy farm, but was due to be slaughtered. Cows on dairy farms must keep giving birth in order to continue producing milk, so the calves are usually removed from their mothers at a young age and shipped off to be killed for meat.

Toddler is treated in hospital for stage 4 cancer - after initially going to her GP with stomach ache

***EXCLUSIVE*** A four-year-old in Devon was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer - after going to the GP with a stomach ache. Cayla Jones has been undergoing treatment since being diagnosed in July with neuroblastoma. The brave little girl went through eight rounds of chemotherapy in just 70 days, as well as surgery to remove the tumour, high-dose BuMel chemo and radiotherapy. Her mum Enya Gooding, 23, took her to the doctors after she had been complaining of a stomach ache for a few nights.