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Woman who had her 34DDD implants removed after they 'made her SICK' reveals guys tell her she should have kept them

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman decided to get a boob job after cancer but for health reasons has now decided to have them removed despite many of her online male followers BEGGING her to get them BIGGER and claiming ‘breasts are for sex.’ In May 2008, health and travel blogger, Lacey Heatherly (29), from Texas, USA, was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and was in remission a few months later. Due to the extensive surgeries, her body was left with scars that made her feel ‘ugly’, so in January 2009, when she was 20-years-old, she had surgery to fit 500cc volume breast implants in. Her breast size went from a 34B to a 34DDD. Initially she felt confident in her new body, but within the first year, she began to experience symptoms such as; flu, cold, unexplained fatigue, headaches, depression and anxiety. Four to five years later she noticed that her implants dropped a lot and she could feel them rippling underneath her skin but was told by her doctors that this was normal. With her constant back pain and depression getting worse, she began to investigate her issues and discovered that she has breast implant illness (BII), an illness connected with the use of implants which isn’t recognised as a ‘real disease’ by doctors. She has now decided to remove her implants, while warning other women against implants through social media, despite men insisting that she doesn’t make them smaller.

Woman reveals how she lost 20lbs in months, without working out and while eating 3,000 CALORIES a day on a raw vegan diet

***EXCLUSIVE*** REFUGIO, TEXAS, USA: This young woman has ditched almost a decade of torturous fad diets and says that she finally feels free since going raw vegan just eight-months-ago after ditching the gym and more than DOUBLING her daily calorie intake. Like most teenagers, writer and actress, Paige Shay (23) from Refugio, Texas, USA, always wanted to have the perfect body but found herself stuck in a vicious circle of fad diets and over exercising where she would survive off 1,300-calories a day and went to the gym for an hour-and-a-half a day, six times a week. Despite being 9st 9lb, Paige, who grew up on a cattle ranch and has a rancher boyfriend, Dowling, felt trapped and restricted by her diet and monitored every morsel that passed by her lips. Feeling miserable and stressed out by this, Paige decided to go raw vegan in May last year with the full support of her family and partner. Since making the change, Paige hasn’t looked back, says she no longer worries about what she eats and allows herself to consume anywhere between 2,500 and 3,000-calories every day from 10lb of raw fruits and vegetables. In a typical day, Paige eats every two-hours and has half a watermelon for breakfast followed by a big green smoothie, then mangoes and a banana for lunch. In the afternoon she’ll have a large salad that could feed four people to herself or courgetti made from four courgettes and another fruit meal and three bananas and five dates in the evening before bed. Paige now weighs 8st 3lb and has lost two-inches from her waist to 20-inches, as well as this she’s noticed clearer skin, more energy and she no longer has to work out other than an hour walk each day.

Seven-bedroom home with its own dock on a private island in North Carolina goes on the market for just under $4million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escape the January Blues with your very own 14-acre private island, available for just over £3m. Incredible images show the lush greenery of the island, the shimmering private pool and the huge seven-bed residence. Other stunning shots show the spacious living areas, cosy bedrooms and large modern kitchen as well as the outside deck to enjoy the good weather. North Topsail Beach Island is located in North Carolina, USA and is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for just over £3m.

Mother-of-two, 49, is tormented by rare brain condition that means she hears her heart beat and her eyeballs moving 24 hours a day

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 'fun-loving' mum has become a shell of her former self because she is tortured by the sound of her eyeballs moving and the insides of her body. Pam Roberts, 49, suffers from Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence (SSCD) which means she can constantly hear her heart beating, her bowels moving and her body digesting food. The rare condition has caused a hole between her brain and her inner ear which means she is forced to listen to the sounds of her body 24 hours per day. Pam, from Maidstone in Kent, said: "The most difficult thing for me is having my voice all the time like a broken kazoo - I can't ever escape it.

Homeowners furious as 600ft-wide soil mountain as tall as a HOUSE appears blocking their views of countryside and sunlight

***EXCLUSIVE*** An enormous mound of mud piled 25ft high has emerged around the edge of a housing estate - obstructing picturesque countryside views. Enraged locals have hit out claiming that the heap of soil is blocking sunlight, hindering views and causing damage to their gardens. It has been growing in size since work to build a Mercedes truck sales and service centre began in the village of Lower Darwen, near Blackburn, Lancs, last month. Homeowners reached the end of their tether after the mound piled to the height of their houses and measured 600ft long.