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Couple set up Instagram to share life with their 30 plastic children

***EXCLUSIVE*** CROSS HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA: This vintage loving couple created an Instagram account dedicated to their LIFE-SIZE PLASTIC DOLL CHILDREN after their friends were posting pictures of their real families on Facebook to address those constantly asking when they were going to start a family of their own. Childhood sweethearts, applications scientist, Madeline Dressel (34) and her communications technician husband, Malachi (35) from Cross Hill, South Carolina, USA, grew up together and have been married for four years. The pair have a passion for all things vintage and spend their spare time scouring charity shops, garage sales and flea markets to add to their collection of dolls, vintage kitchenware, mid-century furniture, toys, tools and décor which they then spend time upcycling and make use of these items in their home. The pair have many vintage appliances which include radios, toaster, vacuum cleaner, gas stove and fridge in their home that are over 60-years old and still in peak condition. Madeline has collected dolls ever since she was a child and has a passion for vintage Barbies of which she has a collection of 75 but has collected toddler sized dolls from the 1950s and 60s since 2016. Madeline and Malachi can spend anywhere between a few hours to a few days restoring the dolls they find through hunting thrift shops and markets. Madeline and Malachi set up their Instagram, all.my.plastic.children last year as a parody account documenting their plastic family life after they noticed their Facebook feeds were saturated with their friends posting pictures with their real children. Since then, they have been staging their ‘family’ portraits and have celebrated Christmas and birthdays all with a retro twist.


Pregnant woman who nearly died after doctors dismissed her stroke as dehydration reveals she had hallucinations

***EXCLUSIVE*** ARIZONA, USA: This heavily pregnant woman was only two hours from DEATH when her husband brought her to hospital after she suffered a stroke that caused her to hallucinate that her doctors and her husband were trying to KILL HER. Amateur photographer, Bridget Chiovari (28) from Arizona, USA, first noticed a stiffness in her neck while pregnant in 2016, but doctors dismissed it until the stiffness turned into the sensation of something having popped in the back of her head. In September 2016, Bridget was 27 weeks pregnant when the stiffness began, but when she went to pick up her daughter, Liliana (3) she felt a pop in the back of her head which was followed by a headache and dizziness. However, the triage nurses insisted that it was just dehydration. Within hours she had become delusional and couldn’t physically walk, despite being told just to sleep it off. Bridget’s husband, Chris demanded the hospital staff carry out an MRI scan to see what was having this effect on his pregnant wife. The MRI revealed that Bridget was having an unexplained brain haemorrhage, with doctors saying that if she wasn’t brought in when she was, she would have only survived two more hours. A drain was placed directly into Bridget’s brain to draw out the excess blood, which was kept in for a month until the swelling subsided. During this month, Bridget was hallucinating frequently and hardly recognised her own family – believing that her husband and the doctors were trying to kill her at one point. Doctors confirmed that the brain haemorrhage was caused by a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM) and delivered Bridget’s son, Roman, via caesarean section in November 2016.

These haunting pictures show the decaying buildings that once served as Soviet-era spa resorts for exhausted comrades

***EXCLUSIVE*** Elegant neo-classical arcades, balconies and columns - now left to ruin - rise from the surrounding trees in the city of Tskaltubo, Georgia - famous for its thermal springs. The 'waters of immortality' bubbling up from the ground have been thought to possess healing properties for more than a thousand years.

Luxury Thames penthouse with rooftop terrace overlooking Tower Bridge and The Shard goes on the market for £4.25million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enjoy perfect views of the River Thames in this stunning three-bed penthouse which could be yours for £4.25m. Incredible images show large, cosy living areas, modern kitchen and spacious bedrooms located over two floors. Other stunning shots show the sleek bathroom, luxurious rooftop terrace and a balcony which gives panoramic views of London’s famous River Thames. The remarkable three-bed penthouse is located in Capital Wharf, 50 Wapping High Street, London and is currently listed by Knight Frank for £4.25m.

Meet the man who has vowed to keep British colliery history alive through his collection of bricks amassed over 35 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Neil Brittlebank, 83, started his unusual hobby in 1984 when collieries were closing and he thought it would be a shame to let the bricks go to waste.  His collection started with a brick from Rothwell colliery when he noticed the bricks had the name of the mines embedded on them.  The brick enthusiast now proudly owns 350 bricks, some which belong to old collieries and some which have been handed to him by strangers who are fascinated by his collection.