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Doctors say girl, four, with rare form of albinism will eventually need life-saving lung transplant

***EXCLUSIVE*** This brave little girl is delighted when she gets compared to Frozen’s Elsa but the rare form of albinism responsible for this means she will eventually need a lung transplant. Human resources generalist, Aura Nelson (26), from Arizona, USA, became concerned when her daughter, Zerina (4), seemed unable to control her eye movements just three-months after she was born. Her fear was brushed off by her paediatrician, who thought she was too young at that stage to control the movements of her eyes. Adamant to find an answer, Aura took her daughter to another doctor who referred her to the children’s hospital for DNA testing. It was then confirmed that Zerina had a rare condition called Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome (HPS), a rare, hereditary disorder that involves two characteristics; decreased pigmentation (albinism) with visual impairment, and blood platelet dysfunction with prolonged bleeding. Her condition means that Zerina bruises easily and Aura needs to constantly apply sun cream on her due to her sensitive skin. The doctor warned Aura that there is a possibility Zerina could develop lung fibrosis, which means that she may need a lung transplant in the future. The condition is considered to affect around one in 500,000 people worldwide, with a significantly higher occurrence in Puerto Ricans; with a prevalence of one in 1,800.

Man creates realist baby dolls sewing each hair by hand

***EXCLUSIVE*** A former soldier has launched a surprising new career making eerily realistic baby dolls - painstakingly stitching each human hair by hand and even ensuring his creations smell like a living baby. Each hyper-realistic child doll takes Sergey Bondar around 90 hours to make, are tailor-made to the customer's preferences, and sells for up to £250. The 34-year-old, who was a sergeant in a Ukrainian Army tank platoon, says he uses the process as a form of rehabilitation after he was wounded fighting in east Ukraine.

69-year-old double amputee keeps challenging after Mt. Qomolangma

***EXCLUSIVE*** Xia Boyu, a 69-year-old double amputee who conquered Mt.Qomolangma, was captured challenging a steep mountain in east China's Taizhou city in Zhejiang Province on Monday. Xia lost his legs in 1975 when he tried to scale Mt.Qomolangma as part of China's national expedition team. Confronted with high-altitude storms, the climbers had to turn back. Xia suffered severe frostbite giving up his sleeping bag to a teammate and had to have his legs amputated. The brave man didn't give up his dream. After recovering from the operation, Xia started training with prosthesis so that he could tackle Mt.Qomolangma again. After four failed attempts, Xia finally scaled the 8,848-meter peak last May and since kept challenging China's mountaintops.

Churchgoers handle deadly snakes and drink venom in incredible photos at the birth of bizarre ritual in 1940s rural America

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images have revealed the snake handling rituals of one Christian church in the United States in 1948. Stunning pictures show a man holding snakes on his head at the Church of God, Pine Mountain, USA, a man showing a snake to a child and men with their hands and arms held over fire. Other striking shots show a group holding snakes, another group praying and rejoicing and men and women dancing. Snake handling as a religious right in the United States is observed in a small number of isolated churches. The practice began in the early 20th century in Appalachia and plays only a small part in the church service. Participants are Holiness, Pentecostals, Charismatics, or other evangelicals.

Polar flair: Bear's acrobatic leap into the ice features in book of beautiful Arctic photography

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures in a new book have showcased one of the last great wildernesses in the world, the Arctic. The incredible images show a huge frozen waterfall at Gullfoss, Iceland, a coloured aurora featuring the full spectrum in northern Scandinavia and a Polar bear hunting on the sea-ice off Spitsbergen’s east coast. Other striking shots show a dead walrus being hauled ashore by Yuppiat hunters in Chukotka, a Nenet woman preparing reindeer leg skin for shoe making and breaching humpback whales in the Lynn Canal, Alaska.  The remarkable photographs are showcased in Richard Sale and Per Michelsen’s new book, The Arctic, which is published by Whittles Publishing.

Waving badger

***EXCLUSIVE*** This badger appears to give a smile and wave to camera as a photographer catches him scratching his belly. Keith Elcombe, 49, watched the animal sit down for a leisurely scratch and was then shocked when he spotted the camera and seemed to pose for a shot. It's not the first time Toby the badger, 13, has been a star as he has featured in a number of wildlife documentaries, and even appeared in a scene of BBC One's A Very English Scandal which starred Hugh Grant.

Homeowner, 81, wins three-year battle to force neighbour to cut down 15ft hedge towering over his garden and blocking sunligh

***EXCLUSIVE*** A battling OAP has finally won a three year battle to get his neighbour cut down a 15-foot-high hedge which he says blocks out all the sunlight in his back garden. James Davies, 81, says he was forced to got to court when David Lyons, 60, repeatedly failed to cut down the giant conifer that towered over his garden. This week a court fined Lyons more than £2,000 and ordered him to remove the offending hedge or face further action. Mr Lyons had previously cited a number of reasons why he couldn't cut the tree down - including nesting birds and having the wrong equipment.