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The brother and sister who age too fast

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BELGIUM: Despite there being only 155 known cases worldwide, a brother and sister BOTH live with progeria - an incredibly rare disease that makes them age too fast. Siblings Michiel and Amber Vandeweert have progeria, a genetic condition characterised by the signs of accelerated, and premature, ageing. Experiencing problems with their bones, teeth and hair growth, patients with progeria have a very short life expectancy with most not seeing out their teen years. But that hasn’t stopped Michiel, 20, and Amber, 12, living their best life together - the inspirational siblings from Belgium have truly defied all odds up to this point and show no signs of slowing down. Daredevil, Michiel, stands at just 4 foot 1 inch and loves to race around a track at Go Karting and snowboard with his friends. Amber, 3 foot 7 inches, has a great a passion for dancing and describes herself as playful. When Michiel was born, doctors said it was verging on impossible for the Vandeweert family to give birth to a second child who also had the disease, and so when Amber was diagnosed eight years after her brother, everyone fell into a state of shock. No one expected the siblings to be in this position, but they remain thankful to this day that they have each other as their greatest support.

Ripped 50-year-old reveals how he got into the best shape of his life by starting his own fitness company after losing everything in a market crash

***EXCLUSIVE*** The credit crunch nearly destroyed this businessman but the now butch 50-year-old turned his life around to prove to our youth-obsessed society that men reach their peak of both hunkiness and career success by middle age. Alpha male CEO Todd Vande Hei, from Southern California, USA, ran a public manufacturing company in the carpet industry before being fired by the board of directors in his mid-30s. He then retired but lost everything five years later as the property market collapsed. Determined to turn his life around he started Stark with a personal trainer friend, a fitness company aimed at CEOS from large companies, and in the process got into the best shape of his life. While Todd was employed at his old job he suffered a range of medical issues including neck pain, shoulder pain, lower back problems, headaches and migraines four to five times a week, high blood pressure and arrhythmia while he also suffered a one-time cluster of grand mal seizures on a golf course.

I want kids but my husband is twice my age

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, FLORIDA: Married Melinda and Larry Mikla have an unconventional age gap in their relationship - of 30 years. The lovestruck pair get stares everywhere they go, from passers-by who think they are dad and daughter, or worse, a granddaughter and her grandpa. The pair met when retired police officer Larry was the first responder to a minor traffic incident involving Mindy?s car in Ohio, USA, in August 2012. Now the couple are trying for a baby, but don?t know if it will be possible due to Larry having a vasectomy 18 years ago.

A romantic boyfriend sprung a surprise proposal on his stunned girlfriend - by letting her 'discover' an engagement ring during a metal detecting outing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamille Swainson, 31, hid the sapphire and diamond studded ring in the ground before taking Harriet Haseler, 30, on an 'activities day' which included a session using metal detectors. Excited Harriet detected an 18th century penny, a musket ball, a silver sixpence and a silver Victorian locket - before coming across a metal box shaped like a military drum.