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30-year-old nomad who travels the country while living in a VAN, reveals she eats out of DUMPSTERS every day to save money

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the quirky choreographer who once lived in a car for TWO YEARS and now saves money by diving into bins for food in order to fulfil her dream of travelling around the world in a van. Dance and yoga instructor, Ranae Scott (30), from California, USA, has always lived an adventurous lifestyle and decided to devote herself to rock climbing full-time in 2015 by living out of a vehicle for two years before she met her now-husband, Yoav. In June 2015, Ranae was introduced to dumpster-diving; the salvaging of waste in large bins to find potentially useful items that have been discarded. They have since upgraded their ‘house’ to a van. Ranae has travelled to over ten states since living out of a vehicle, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, California, Nevada, Illinois, Kentucky and Texas. Since she has picked up this lifestyle, she has become more aware of the dangers that waste has had on the environment. As well as trying to help the planet, Ranae’s new hobby means that she has saved roughly £120 to £160 ($150 to $200) a month on food alone. Her frugal way of living has helped her focus her attention and savings on travelling and participating in various outdoor activities.

Toddler who survived sepsis and FOUR bouts of meningitis may never walk or talk because of brain damage - but his parents say he is the 'happiest boy you will ever meet'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LEIGH, UK: This inspiring toddler survived MENINGTIS FOUR TIMES before he was nine months old, but now his mum is speaking out to show that brain damage doesn’t define her fighter of a son. Full-time carer, Jodie Johnson (30) from Leigh, United Kingdom, had hoped her twin pregnancy in 2017 would be as blissful as her previous pregnancy to son Nova in 2016, however an early delivery at 26 weeks was a sign of what was to come for the new mum-of-three. Jodie and her husband Matthew (28) found out they were pregnant with twins at just six weeks when two heartbeats were found, and labour soon started at only 26-weeks. As Jodie was taken to hospital in an ambulance to Bolton Hospital, half an hour away, the twins’ heart rates began to slow down and doctors knew an emergency caesarean was required. The twins were delivered on September 24, 2017, Lola and Luca, weighing just 2lbs each. Lola exceeded all expectations as she continually progressed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) without any hurdles. Her twin brother, Luca, however faced many problems as he fought for his life while remaining in the NICU for the first three months of his life. At only six weeks old, Luca contracted sepsis and had to be given morphine for two weeks to ease the pain, before having his first run in with bacterial meningitis at 11 weeks old. Luca went on to endure meningitis three more times, leaving him with long-term brain damage. Luca has periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) and cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, severely affecting his development. Jodie spent months questioning why someone was so badly trying to take her son away from her, after nearly losing him on countless occasions. Jodie and Matthew have been warned that Luca may never sit up, walk or talk, but they are sharing their story to show that a brain injury doesn’t define him, but his determination to progress is what defines their inspiring little hero.

Teenager who met her boyfriend, 53, when she was just 17 kept their relationship secret for THREE YEARS - fearing their families wouldn't accept their 35-year age gap

***EXCLUSIVE*** NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, USA: This loved up couple who have a THIRTY-FIVE-YEAR age gap kept their romance a secret for three-years because they feared what their families and society would think of them. Public relations and customer service professional, Cheyenne Baker (22) from Chicago, Illinois, USA, first met her life partner, U.S. Marine Corps purple heart veteran and retired U.S. government employee, James Hines (58) from Forrest City, Iowa, on an online dating site five-years ago. Cheyenne was first attracted to James’ “dorkiness” thanks to his fun pictures on his profile whereas James was intrigued by her great wit, ability to hold great conversation and petite frame. The couple, who now live together in Nashville, Tennessee, met in person seven months after their first interaction online and have now been together for five-years. It hasn’t all been plain sailing though as they have broken up a few times and decided to keep their relationship a secret for the first three-years as after discussing the pros and cons of being together they were unsure if both their families and society would be accepting as not only is their relationship generationally mixed, they are an interracial couple. After ‘coming out’ to their families, the pair felt an overwhelming sense of relief as both parties took the news better than expected, with only Cheyenne’s mother opposing at first but now she loves her daughter’s choice of partner.

Briefs encounter: The night the MEN rolled up their sleeves and did the laundry in 1946... while the women stayed at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro photographs have revealed how men were designated a night to do the more traditionally female task of the laundry. Incredible images show the men’s night at the public laundry in the then metropolitan borough of Holborn in London in 1946. The striking shots show a man operating a spin dryer for clothing at the laundry on Endell Street, men hanging up clean laundry for drying and ironing their clothes as well as folding up the clean laundry into a bag. The pictures see men arrive in long trench coats and hats but the heat of the building is apparent as these are stored in lockers. The men then go about their business with rolled up shirt sleeves although some lose their shirts altogether as the heat gets to them.

‘Giant 5ft lizard’ dead for 300million years brought back to life as a ROBOT

***EXCLUSIVE*** A giant lizard that walked the Earth around 300 million years ago has been recreated by scientists - using Hollywood style techniques. The weird looking plant-eater was among the first animals to make its home on land, long before the dinosaurs. Now it has been digitalised, animated and converted into a life-sized model called OroBOT. The first study of its kind could lead to dinosaurs and Ice Age beasts including the woolly mammoth being brought back to life in a similar way.

Woman with rare disorder says eating only Cadbury’s Creme Eggs for 2 years saved her life

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stella Brown, 51, from Glen Hills, suffers from achalasia. The disorder leaves her unable to swallow properly, and makes her sick up to 20 times a day and leaves her in constant pain.  Although surgery has now allowed her to widen her diet, she says for 2 years she was practically unable to eat anything but the Easter treats.

Man in coma from horror brain condition wakes up with SCOUSE accent

***EXCLUSIVE*** Father-of-two bizarrely developed a ‚ÄėScouse twang' while recovering from a coma. Nick Lovell, 36, is a devoted Blackpool fan and has been jokingly teased by pals who have even bought him a mug saying ‚ÄėLiverpool‚Äôs No.1 fan‚Äô. The odd lilt began while he was learning to talk again after battling back from a devastating brain condition which struck him almost four years ago. Nick went to bed one night with a strange feeling in his feet and the following day was on his hands and knees unable to move before he fell into a coma.

Mom claims birth control pill left her with yellow skin, severe liver damage

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum suffers liver damage which turned skin YELLOW after going on the contraceptive pill after going on the contraceptive pill. Laura Hutchinson, 27, had only been taking the controversial pill Rigevidon for a month when she developed jaundice and was left hospitalised for nearly two weeks. The mum-of-one has been left bed-bound for the past four months and told her liver will not fully recover until the end of the year. Laura first went to the doctors in September after deciding to come off contraceptive injection Depo-Provera so she and partner Alex Brittain, 28, could try for a baby. She was given a two month course of Rigevidon by her GP which she started straight away. But a month after taking the daily contraceptive Laura started to notice the palm of her hands and soles of her feet were incredibly itchy. She returned to her GP surgery for a blood test, which showed her levels of bilirubin - a yellow pigment which is processed by the liver - had reached 245. Doctors say a healthy level is 20. Two days later Laura had a liver biopsy which confirmed her organ was damaged but labelled the cause 'a mystery'. Her GP advised her to go to Bassetlaw Hospital, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, for more advanced blood tests but after arriving a nurse noticed the whites of her eyes turning yellow and insisted she stay in hospital.

Cheetahs marking territory in the grasslands

***EXCLUSIVE*** MASAI MARA, KENYA: The three cheetah brothers were on their way to the hunt when the German wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach from Betzdorf in the Westerwald, 65, very quickly recognized this photogenic motif, tree with cheetahs. The three brothers sniffed around the tree and immediately marked their territory. With this they demonstrated their territorial claim to other cheetahs. After some time the brothers set off again. However, the photographer could not follow the gang, as massive boulders made it impossible to get on with the off-road vehicle.

The Iron Harvest, Belgium

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Ypres salient on the fields of Flanders in Belgium is the biggest mass grave yard of the British Army anywhere in the world. The carnage of WW1 and its most intensive fighting on the British sector of the Western Front left millions killed and wounded. It also left a legacy of some 300 million unexploded shells still littering the battlefield. Around 250 tonnes of UXB are unearthed each year The Belgium bomb disposal unit known as DOVO is based in Poelkapelle near Ypres. The proposal in to link up with DOVO in October which is the most intense time of UXB discovery and is known as the ‘Iron Harvest’. A time when farmers plough their fields disturbing the resting shells and raising them to the surface. The piece could coincide with the 2018 Armistice in November showing that WW1 is far from over. It’s is still claiming lives. The last being 2 deaths in 2014 with a strange incident in 2008 when a pensioner blew himself up in his garage while tinkering with a shell he had brought home from the battlefield! The Ypres salient is still an ‘active’ battle zone and at present rates of recovery DOVO estimate it will take a further 500 years to clear away and collect all the unexploded shells.

Flying squirrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** A red squirrel captured mid-leap appears to be flying as it dives through trees in the Scottish Highlands. The squirrels leap across a five-foot gap to feast on food laid out by photographer Gary Bruce. The greedy animals spend their days jumping from trees onto feeding platforms set up by Mr Bruce, 52, or hanging off bird feeders and 'helping themselves' to nuts and seeds. Caretaker Mr Bruce, from Invergordon in the Scottish Highlands, visits the squirrels almost every day in their woodland just outside of Inverness.