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A woman with 13 kids, and one on the way, has remarkably given birth to THREE SETS OF TWINS and hopes to have more in the future

***EXCLUSIVE*** Patty Hernandez, 35, has spent the last DECADE pregnant, giving birth to 13 babies since 2008. Patty, of Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, is set to give birth to baby number 14 in May. The family spend $400 on every grocery shop, own two refrigerators to hold their food, and get through seven gallons of milk and 50 diapers every week.


These amazing pictures show a tribe of well-chiseled miners who plunge seven metres deep to collect sand to transport up a 159 long mile river

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hugh Brown, 48, has captured the group of African males who make their living in the Cameroon, in Central Africa working as artisanal miners. Artisanal mining is a subsistence miner who is not officially employed by a company, but works independently. These miners work by collecting 1.7 tonnes of wet sand at the bottom of the Wouri River each time they dive to the bottom.

A gay couple became the proud parents of twins after finding a surrogate on Facebook

***EXCLUSIVE*** Michael and David Johnson-Zaragoza avoided surrogacy agencies’ high fees by finding Gennifer Christianson on the social network. The married couple, of Long Beach, California, USA, was overjoyed when Gennifer gave birth to their son Braden Parker and daughter Elizabeth Quinn, now five-months-old, in September 2018. Michael, 42, and David, 54, covered the bar manager’s medical costs and gave her $30,000 compensation for carrying their babies. Including medical bills and legal fees, the surrogacy cost the couple around $100,000. Gennifer, 31, a mom-of-one from Fargo, North Dakota, was inspired to become a surrogate when she became broody but didn’t want to raise another child. She even began rescuing and rehoming animals as a way to fulfill her maternal urges. Michael, a navy ER nurse, and David, a pharmaceutical sales account manager, now consider the surrogate a part of their family. Michael said: “We send her pictures all the time, we do Facetime, we do random phone calls. “We see her as more of an aunt. “As the kids grow up, they’ll know her as the woman who helped us bring them into the world. Gennifer added: “I began adopting all these animals because I felt broody. “But being a surrogate and making that dream come true for another couple made me feel like I had served a purpose.” Michael and David, who have an adopted son Chance, three, tied the knot in June 2017 after meeting on dating site OKCupid a year earlier. They wed in a romantic ceremony at Santa Monica Airport with the venue inspired by Michael’s love of flying. The couple was already searching for a surrogate on Facebook. Michael said: “I had always wanted to be a father and we agreed that surrogacy would be the right fit for us.

$1million transformation saved me from addiction

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MIAMI, FLORIDA: $1 million worth of surgery has transformed a former drug addict and anorexia-sufferer into a plastic-enhanced babe. Klara Lima, otherwise known as „Kitana Savage”, overcame eating disorders and a drug addiction, as well as the death of her parents at a young age, and says she is now the woman she always wanted to be. The 28-year-old, originally from the Czech Republic and now living in Miami, has had three Brazilian butt-lifts and four breast enhancements, and is now a model and musician. Klara spoke about her troubles and how she confronted them, telling Barcroft Media: ?I got into drug addiction heavy, like big time. I would do cocaine, not to be hungry.

Stunning female pilot and pageant queen, 21, wins 48K Instagram fans thanks to her bikini shots and VERY glamorous selfies from her exotic travels

***EXCLUSIVE*** PARAGUAY: Meet the smoking hot pilot and model who shares her very glamourous lifestyle with more than 39K Instagram followers – after she decided to follow in her father’s flying footsteps. Incredible images show pilot and model, Ana Paula Cespedes (21) from Asuncion, Paraguay, getting ready for take-off in the cockpit, taking control of the plane high in the clouds and listening in on her radio headset. Other stunning pictures show Ana, who has been a pilot for a year now, enjoying some down time on the beach and being showered with gifts on her 21st birthday. Ana who shares her adventures in the skies on Instagram, started to train as a pilot as soon as she left education two years ago after dreaming of working in aviation after seeing her dad do the same whilst growing up. She flies a King Air F90 as a co-pilot with her father and a Cessna 152 on her own.

A teenager who could die from just a strong smell is being saved by a specially-trained service dog

***EXCLUSIVE*** Martina Baker, 15, sufferers from an extremely rare condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) that makes her allergic to ‚Äúalmost everything‚ÄĚ including heat, water, cleaning products perfumes and cologne. Even a whiff of cooking oils or bleach could send Martina into anaphylactic shock, and if she doesn‚Äôt receive treatment quickly she could die. The teen is also highly allergic to marijuana smoke, which poses a problem in her home state of Maine, USA, where it‚Äôs legal.

A hero hairdresser saved a customer's life after spotting a lump on his head which turned out to be cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Driving instructor Adam Shatford popped in for a quick trim on October 3 but was quickly heading to hospital after stylist Erinna Lindfield told him to get it checked out.  Mr Shatford, 54, of Parklands, Northampton, underwent surgery on October 23 to remove the stage three melanoma near his ear which Ms Lindfield had spotted as well as a stage one melanoma on his forehead.  He was told to undergo further surgery to remove lymph nodes in December, and was last week told the cancerous cells had not spread and he had been given the all clear.  Now, he wants to thank Ms Lindfield, 42, for encouraging him to get the lumped looked at – potentially saving his life.

Hospital machine toy kits help children deal with the stresses of medical treatment

***EXCLUSIVE*** A seven-year-old cancer patient has no fear of using hospital machines - after he became one of the first children given a kit to build them from TOY BRICKS. Brave William has been given a kit of small bricks - designed to create an MRI scanner, a gamma camera and a CT scanner - which he can build to reduce his anxiety of the daunting clinical machines. William - described as a "trooper" by his proud parents Paul, 37, and Laura, 34 - has courageously battled brain cancer twice since he was first diagnosed on October 27, 2016. The plucky youngster was "obsessed" with playing with toy bricks at his home in Huddersfield, West Yorks., throughout his treatment. So, when Professor David Brettle, 54, designed the kits to help youngsters across the UK, William jumped at the idea to build a replica of his own scanner.

These incredible composite pictures show a real walk down memory lane - with modern people strolling through Victorian Britain

***EXCLUSIVE*** The images show animals and people walking on 19th Century cobbled streets - surrounded by women in real fur and men wearing bowler hats. The pictures are in fact a composition of two images - with one taken in the late 1800s and one taken from the same spot in the modern day. They were created by professional photographer Greg Martin. Greg said: "The time travel phenomenon began when I took on the task of shooting present-day versions of Cornish street scenes captured by photographers over 100 years ago. "However, as members of the public unwittingly strayed into my carefully aligned compositions, effectively stepping back in time, I realised I had the power to create a temporal paradox, and transport these modern day pedestrians and their dogs back to the 19th century via a wormhole in Photoshop." The original images are part of an exhibition called Luminaries: Victorian Photographers in West Cornwall.

A Kent woman reckons she has one of the oldest working lightbulbs in Britain, that her dad bought from Woolworths - 75 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Valerie Beaney last switched on her fabled 40-watt wonder a decade ago to show off the piece of electrical equipment when Woolies stores began to be culled from Kent high streets.

Amazing pictures from the 1940s reveal how children who lived on canal barges also went to school on a BOAT

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have revealed the school that was on a boat and attended by children who lived on canal barges. The incredible images show teacher Mrs Eva Shelton blowing a horn to call the children into school in 1948, children leaving for the school from their barge homes and a woman styling a girl’s hair aboard a canal boat. Other striking shots show children playing Ring o’ Roses, pupils writing at their desks and learning mathematics. These children, learning their ABCs at the Barge School, Southall, Middlesex, were lucky if they get in 25 days' attendance a year.