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Former Mrs Virginia left suicidal and bed-ridden in agonizing pain by her BREAST IMPLANTS - and now feels 'reborn' after returning to a 32B

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIRGINIA, USA: This woman’s breast implants made her SUICIDAL after doctors didn’t realise her chest pain and PCOS was caused by her SILICONE IMPLANTS. Freelance hair and makeup artist Brandi Pope (38) from Virginia, USA, underwent a breast augmentation back in 2004 after two pregnancies and gaining seven stone left her hating her breasts. Despite originally only wanting a breast lift, doctors insisted on Brandi having implants for volume, so she had saline implants put in too. However, the saline implants caused persistent issues through the years and in 2009 Brandi had them swapped for silicone implants instead. After her breast enhancement, Brandi was glad to have them looking how they had done years prior, but her health went in a downward spiral, starting with shortness of breath and muscle pain, soon leading to nausea and chest pain. Brandi saw numerous different specialists about the strange symptoms she was experiencing, but throughout the many procedures, not a single doctor told her that the issue might have been her breast implants. In 2011 Brandi was diagnosed with gastroparesis and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in 2016, but still had no reason for why her body was in such decline. The countless unexplained symptoms crippled Brandi who began having suicidal thoughts due to her ill health. Brandi convinced herself that her husband and three children would be better off without her as a burden upon them. However, in 2017 a friend told Brandi about someone she knew who’d had her implants removed and found out they had been making her sick for years. On October 30, 2017 Brandi had her implants removed in a decision which she believes saved her life. Since her explant, Brandi feels reborn as her life has returned to healthy and normal.

Mother who was left with saggy skin after carrying twins and losing 98lbs reveals how a 'mommy makeover' including a breast lift and tummy tuck restored her confidence

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the former binge eater who had a ‘mummy makeover’ and lost SEVEN STONE in just a year after the unexpected arrival of TWINS put all of her diet plans on hold. Stay-at-home-mum, Melissa Bibeau (33) from California, USA, started struggling with her weight during her teenage years, and her negative reaction to this soon led to yo-yo diets and skipping meals. During her twenties Melissa’s mental health began to spiral out of control as her severe depression left her feeling hopeless as her binge eating disorder made Melissa deprive herself of food before binge eating, leading her to weigh 16st 7lb and wearing a UK size 22. The fear of never being able to start a family with her husband, Scott, spurred Melissa on to lose weight in 2014 as she always knew she wanted to be a mother. Melissa immediately began monitoring what she ate and doing more exercise, noticing how quickly she was able to shed the initial pounds. In December 2014 Melissa found out she was pregnant, not having expected it to happen so quickly. At her 10-week appointment, Melissa received another shock when she found out she would be having twins. Melissa was nervous to carry twins because she still weighed over 16st, but severe morning sickness throughout her pregnancy stopped her hopes of maintaining her regime. Six months after delivering Jaxon and Caden, Melissa decided to get back into the diet plan she started two years before, this time doing an hour of cardio every day and watching her calorie intake. Within a year, Melissa lost seven stone and began weight lifting to tone up. A twin pregnancy coupled with extensive weight loss had drastically damaged Melissa’s body and left her with saggy excess skin. So, after maintaining her weight for a year, Melissa had her excess skin removed through a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

Stunning collection of vintage ski posters depicting the halcyon days of European winter holidays goes on sale for £70,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning collection of vintage ski posters depicting the halcyon days of European winter holidays has emerged for sale for Ł70,000. ($90,000). The superb selection features early lithograph prints of advertising posters for glamorous resorts including Davos and Chamonix. The earliest posters in the sale date from the turn of the 20th century, with the most recent examples from the 1950s. Sixty-two posters, which range in value from a few hundred pounds to Ł5,000, are being sold by Swann Galleries, who are based in New York.

Fascinating album of 19th century India

***EXCLUSIVE*** Amazing portraits of Maharajas looking their most resplendent have come to light 150 years later. The snaps reveal the remarkably elaborate outfits worn by members of the Indian ruling class in the mid 19th century. One striking photo shows a Maharaja on horseback holding a long spear, while another is of an Indian ruler in his finery on his throne. There are also photos of Nepalese ladies of the court in spectacular dresses and high ranking British officials.

£1000 Ebay tea bowl could be worth £100,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tea bowl and saucer which were bought on eBay for Ł1,000 could sell at auction for 100 times that amount. The savvy collector took a punt on the items as he believed they could have been made by trailblazing English potter John Bartlam. Bartlam, who was originally was Staffordshire, was responsible for the first pieces of porcelain fashioned in America 250 years ago. Scientific tests have proved the tea bowl and saucer were made at Bartlam's factory in Cain Hoy, South Carolina between 1765 and 1769.

Heavenly Metal - Stunning copper topped London pad is for sale for £6million

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning copper-covered house built to replace a characterless bungalow the architect overlooked from his flat is now on the market for Ł5.95m. Architect Gianni Botsford's top floor flat in the neighbouring 19th century townhouse looked down on the uninspiring 1960s bungalow in London's affluent Notting Hill. He decided he wanted to make better use of the land and worked with the owner on an eight-year planning and building process to replace it with the new sculptural-looking house. There is more to the striking new three-bedroom home, now on the market with Domus Nova, than meets the eye as it has two subterranean levels with a swimming pool inside.

Bertie the bow-legged shih-tzu born with agonising birth disorder could FINALLY be thrown a bone... thanks to £4,000 crowdfunding bid for surgery

***EXCLUSIVE*** A rescue centre has launched a crowd funding page to raise the Ł4,000 needed to help him run around again. One year old Bertie has been abandoned by his owners who couldn't afford the cost of his life changing operations, but Ardley rescue centre boss Annabelle Weir from Bicester in Oxfordshire is determined to give bow-legged Bertie a second chance.

Love letters of socialite Lillie Langtry whose affair with Edward VII shocked Victorian Britain reveal she begged another lover to whisk her off to America

***EXCLUSIVE*** Love letters from a beautiful actress whose affair with King Edward VII scandalised Victorian Britain have emerged. Lillie Langtry, a married but promiscuous socialite, had a string of illicit relationships with numerous men, most notably the then Prince of Wales. The eight letters that are coming up for sale were written by her in 1890 - 10 years after her fling with the Queen's great-grandfather. Aged 37 at the time, the West End actress was smitten with aristocrat John Talbot Clifton and begged him to take her to America with her. Another note from her relating to her ex-husband Edward Langtry spells out the drink problem he suffered largely due to her affair with the Prince of Wales.

Amateur metal detectorist unearths 350-year-old ring that belonged to King Charles II’s courtier

***EXCLUSIVE*** A gold ring that belonged to a King's courtier who was wrongly executed for treason has been unearthed by a metal detectorist 350 years on. The band, belonging to Edward Colman, was found six inches under ground by treasure hunter Michelle Vall while on holiday near to Loch Lomond in Scotland. Colman, who worked for Charles II, was hung, drawn and quartered in 1678 after he was implemented in a fictitious plot to assassinate the King. The signet ring bears the grand-looking coat of arms of the Colman family. It is said to be worth Ł10,000 and has been declared treasure by the authorities.

Road legal rally legend 6R4 Metro - Yours for £200,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** They may have had a reputation as a naff hatchback in the 1980s but a time warp rally version of the Mini Metro has sold for a staggering Ł170,000. The MG Metro 6R4 model was built in 1985 and has done just 175 miles in its lifetime. It has spent time in several esteemed motoring collections and is now set to sell once again with Silverstone Auctions of Ashorne, Warwicks.

Controversial £750,000 lottery house sale nets only £110,000 prize

***EXCLUSIVE*** Questions have been asked after the winner of a raffle to win a luxury house was given only Ł110,000 out of the Ł750,000 raised. Mark and Sharon Beresford set up the quirky competition in an attempt to sell their Ł3m home, Avon Place in Ringwood, Hants but sold just 30,000 tickets out of the 250,000 they needed. The raffle raised a whopping Ł750,000 however the winner of the failed venture recieved just Ł110,070 - 27 times less than the value of the property.

Liquid asset! Stunning 75ft water tower that was transformed into six-bed home hits the market for £1.5m

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 75ft water tower converted into an incredible quirky home that is set to appear on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces has gone on the market for Ł1.5m. Cromwell Tower, a dilapidated 1930s building, was bought at auction a decade ago but has now been transformed by the current owners into a stylish towering home. The six-bedroom property has retained a wealth of original features and will feature on the Channel 4 show, where architect and TV presenter Clarke explores inspirational small builds, on January 27. The owners, who carried out the extensive renovation, have now put it on the market with Knight Frank.

Fox has to be rescued after getting stuck between bars of a garden gate

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hanging around - A not-so wiley fox was left red-faced when it got stuck in a garden gate in Reigate, Surrey this week and had to be rescued. The sheepish mammal was unable to free itself after trying to jump between the metal bars in the gate and getting its hips stuck. The adult male fox was left awkwardly dangling for about an hour before volunteers from the Wildlife Aid Foundation safely pushed it out.

Historic 40ft coastguard tower and former WWII gun emplacement with breathtaking views over Sussex beach hits market for £125,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A ruined former coastguard tower that was also a World War Two gun emplacement has emerged for sale for Ł125,000. The quirky building has stunning sea views and is being sold with planning permission to transform it into a unique holiday home. The 40ft tall tower has been empty for over a decade but the estate agents selling the tower say it has been attracting a huge amount of interest.

Companies £1.5 million fines after tragic tot's lift death

***EXCLUSIVE*** Two companies responsible for an appalling catalogue of failures that led to the death of a five-year-old girl in her home have today been fined more than Ł1.5m. Alexys Brown died of severe head injuries after getting it trapped in a broken door panel of a disability lift that was for her wheelchair-bound brother Jack. As the lift ascended her head crushed against the ceiling in her home in Weymouth, Dorset, in August 2015. Landlord Synergy Housing and lift maintenance form Orona Ltd admitted breaching health and safety laws and were fined at Bournemouth Crown Court.