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This family have dropped out of the rat race to live in an eco-friendly school bus

***EXCLUSIVE*** Derek Cobia, 33, and his wife Amy, 32, said their lives once revolved around mortgage payments and filling their four-bedroom home with things they ‚Äúdidn‚Äôt need‚ÄĚ. Now their days are spent on the open road - visiting 33 states in the last 18-months. "Most of America is so glued to their phones, they don‚Äôt spend quality family time together," said Derek. "I never want to go back to our old lifestyle. It‚Äôs the greatest thing we have ever done in our relationship," agreed Amy. The couple have invested $15,000 to renovate their bus with solar panels, a composting toilet and a bath tub big enough for two people. The 28ft by 8ft interior also contains a working kitchen, a wood-burning stove and fold up beds.  The journey began in 2015 when they sold their house in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to a local campsite with their daughter Payson, three, where they lived in a $65,000 RV for a year.


Aspiring plus-size model who used to STARVE herself to lose weight proudly flaunts her curves and her big booty in skin-tight clothes to encourage others to celebrate their 'flaws'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the plus size model who is now flaunting her curves on social media with an Instagram following of over 42K as part of a one-woman guerrilla campaign to celebrate big butts. Aspiring model, Finya Hohner (24), who lives in New York, USA, used to have body image issues and considered her stomach to be ‘too big’ that she would restrict her diet. She has since learnt that her size is beautiful and now embraces her ‘flaws’, to send a powerful message to other women that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At a dress size of 12 to 14, she now displays her voluptuous figure on Instagram for her 42.8K followers to show them that big is beautiful.

I love being bald

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, POTTSTOWN, PA: A young woman who suffers from alopecia refuses to wear a wig and claims her baldness has increased her confidence. Kylie Clowney, who resides in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, developed alopecia areata when she was just two years old and has been bald most of her life. The 23-year-old woman, who says that alopecia is her „strength, not a weakness”, supports others with the same condition and hopes to inspire more women with alopecia to start their own journey to self-love.

A Creme Egg gifted by a man to his future wife on their first date nearly 50 years ago remains a treasured family memento - preserved in a glass cabinet

***EXCLUSIVE*** The vintage chocolate treat takes pride of place alongside ornaments and trinkets - and was so important to its owner, Ainslie Peters, that she insisted it was the only possession of her late grandmother’s that she wanted. Ainslie’s grandmother, Jean Peters, died in 2010, and the heirloom was passed down the generations. It was given to Jean by her new beau Dan Clark, on their first date in 1973. Recently widowed, Jean was in her 50s at the time - but the couple quickly fell in love and tied the knot the following year.