Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

Food lover, 36, who was born without a left hand reveals how her stump helped her to become a whiz in the kitchen

***EXCLUSIVE*** ALBERTA, CANADA: This woman was born without a right hand, but since turning vegan has found that her stump forms the perfect KITCHEN UTENSIL, particularly a JUICER, as she hopes to inspire other amputees not to fear cooking. Content creator, Alexis Hillyard (36) from Alberta, Canada, was born without a right hand after developing amniotic banding syndrome before she was born.  Amniotic banding syndrome is a condition in which strands of the amniotic sac get wrapped around a part of the foetus, including its limbs, restricting that area’s growth. As a child, Alexis frequently received questions regarding her ‘stump’ as she refers to it, but these questions came out of interest more than anything malicious. If she sensed that someone was staring at her hand and it made her feel uncomfortable, Alexis would hide it. In 2010, Alexis was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, so to avoid any further reactions to food, she made the change to veganism. The struggle with finding vegan meals on the go helped Alexis discover her love for cooking as she began attempting new recipes for herself. After she began cooking more frequently, Alexis realised that she could make use of her stump in unique ways, such as using it as a juicer or a spatula. Once Alexis discovered the secret tool she’d had all along, cooking became far more enjoyable. In 2016, Alexis set up her YouTube show, Stump Kitchen, to make light of her disability, but also to show other people with a limb difference the importance of celebrating their uniqueness.

Meghan Mar-clone! Meet the royal superfan who dedicates her spare time to recreating the Duchess of Sussex's most stylish looks - and says she wants to be just 'like her as a human being'

***EXCLUSIVE*** MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: This Meghan Markle superfan dedicates her spare time copying the Duchess of Sussex’s impeccable fashion choices and sharing her ‘repli-Meghan’ looks on Instagram. Actuary, Linda Martinez (31) from Mexico City, Mexico, first saw Meghan Markle as her Rachel Zane alter-ego in American hit series, Suits and soon became a fan of her sophisticated dress sense and was in awe of her own personal backstory and humanitarian work. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were dating in 2016, Linda, who is also an avid royal watcher, has followed the now pregnant Duchess of Sussex’s wardrobe choices with a close eye, shopping around for a low-cost alternative, or when her budget allows, snatching up the original piece before it sells out. Incredible pictures show Linda channelling her inner Meghan whilst emulating the Duchess’ Sentaler coat outfit she wore to her first ever Christmas church service at Sandringham in 2017, the Club Monaco dress worn by the expectant first-time mum on a visit to the Hubb Community Kitchen which was opened after the Grenfell Tower disaster and a Reformation inspired sundress which was worn on the Sussexes’ tour of Australia in October last year. Other images show Linda’s take on the blue and white floral Oscar de la Renta dress that the Suits star wore to Princess Diana’s niece, Celia McCorquodale’s wedding in June last year and her spin on Meghan’s Wimbledon outfit worn to the tennis competition with sister-in-law Kate Middleton. Linda has ‘repli-Meghaned’ around 50 of the Duchess’ better known looks and has spent up to £620 (800USD) on a single coat.

A mum who struggled to fall pregnant for a decade had TRIPLETS after she conceived one baby through IVF and twins naturally - in the same WEEK

***EXCLUSIVE*** Beata Bienias, 36, had begun to give up hope of ever becoming a mother due to issues with her health including polycystic ovaries, brought on by weighing over 17 stone. But she lost weight and the new mum got more than she ever dreamed of when she finally fell pregnant with one baby through IVF.

Amphibious supercar concept design would let its owners beat traffic by taking to water instead of roads

***EXCLUSIVE*** An amphibious supercar has been designed that would allow its mega rich owners to beat the traffic by taking to water in style instead. The futuristic vehicle was inspired by the Bugatti Veyron and would travel on lands at speeds of more than 260mph, its creator claims. But unlike the Veyron - a favourite of the world's super rich - the electricity-powered Amphi-X is also designed to hit high speeds on water as well. And while the sleek vessel would come with a £2.5 million price tag it may appear worth it just to avoid the crowded roads of London, New York or Monaco.

Adorable premature twins the size of an IPHONE defy odds to make it home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Baby Jayden and his twin brother Gene were born weighing just over 2lbs each in October after their mum, Lisa Worman, went into labour at 27 weeks and their little lives hung in the balance. Both twins were battling breathing difficulties due to their lungs not being properly developed and Gene was diagnosed with a heart murmur and bleed on the brain. But the pair have now been discharged after over 60 days in hospital and welcomed to their home in Croydon, London, much to the delight of their worried parents.

Stunning 27-acre island in the Amazon could be yours for £674,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Leave your nine to five behind and escape to the Amazon with this 27-acre private island now available for £674k. Incredible images show the lush green island from above with extensive buildings, a private pool and your own jetty. Other stunning shots show the glimmering pool area, cosy bedrooms filled with rose petals and an outdoor decking area. Amazon Resort Island is located on Mamori Lake, south Manaus, Brazil and is currently listed on www.privateislandsonline.com for around £674k.

This is the hair-raising moment a man completes a highline walk above a perilous 35m drop – BLINDFOLDED

***EXCLUSIVE*** Photos of the astonishing feat show Darko Matesic, 27, making his way across the line suspended between trees with limited safety gear. Croatian national Darko amazingly finished the daredevil slacklining stunt in around five minutes.

Bear plays trom-bone

***EXCLUSIVE*** Playing the Trom-bone! A brown bear looks like it's playing a musical instrument as it chews on a bone. The young bear sat in the snow for around half an hour, making comical faces as it chewed on the deer's leg bone. Photographer Ingo Gerlach, 65, came across the two-year-old male bear in heavy snow in the Bavarian Forest, Germany. Mr Gerlach, from Betzdorf, Germany, stopped around 20ft away from the bear to take photographs as it chewed.

Starling murmuration looks like deer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Thousands of starlings which have flocked together to keep warm look just like a deer as they create incredible patterns in the sky. The incredible flock of birds came together to create the beautiful outline of the woodland creature for just a split second. Photographer James Arnold was stood almost directly beneath the huge murmuration near the market town of Whitchurch, Shropshire, as they gathered at dusk. The birds come together in large numbers at night for safety, as well as allowing them to keep warm and share information about good feeding places.

A stunning houseboat on an upmarket part of the River Thames in London has been put on the market for £500,000 - and there is NO stamp duty

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Dutch barge, named ‘Anny’, has two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/dinner, reception room, dressing room and study. It is located on Imperial Wharf, a well-established residential waterfront neighbourhood in Fulham, South-West London.

The 1978 original Ford Fiesta which is expected to sell for £8,500 at auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** An original Ford Fiesta which has been driven just 141 miles in the past 40 YEARS is expected to sell for £8,500 at auction. The 1978 hatchback has never been registered and owes its “remarkable” state of preservation to The Science Museum in London, which had it on display and stored from 1980 - 2017. It had been supplied nerw to Ford Personal Import in London and was acquired from the dealership by The Science Museum.