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Three sisters fake 'self-marriage ceremony' in order to get on their grandma's esteemed photo wall

***EXCLUSIVE*** Glamorous photos reveal three sisters participating in a fake £112 self-marriage ceremony in a bid to get on their nana’s esteemed photo wall and show the world that you don’t need a man or a huge budget to have a fairy-tale wedding. Stunning pictures show workshop facilitator, Lucy Ivers (33), and her sisters Rosie (29) and Claudia (26), from Brisbane, Australia, in elaborate wedding dresses which they bought from Gumtree for only £17 (30 AUD). Incredible pictures show all 12 guests and the brides posing together on the rooftop area of Lucy’s apartment and the three sisters posing next to each other in their dresses in a pool. Lucy, Rosie and Claudia all agreed to organise a self-marriage ceremony on November 10, 2018, which was ordained by their friend Astin, as a joke for their grandmother. The three sisters say they don’t plan to get married traditionally, due to their disinterest in the ritual. Altogether, they only spent £112 (200 AUD) on the wedding.


Twin baby girls, one, who were diagnosed with a rare eye cancer just DAYS after being born have battled septic shock, multiple hospital infections and A YEAR's worth of chemo between them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the brave twin baby girls who were diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer just days apart and have had to undergo TWELVE MONTHS of chemotherapy between them. Stay-at-home-mum, Maryann Oakley (39), from Pennsylvania, USA, was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at just six-months-old, a rare type of eye cancer that usually affects young children under the age of five. As a result, she has had to have one of her eyes removed and now wears a prosthetic eye. In 2017, Maryann fell pregnant and six-weeks into her pregnancy, she and her husband, Nathan, found out they were going to have twin girls. Due to the likelihood of her passing down the retinoblastoma gene, Maryann decided to do an amniocentesis at 16-weeks, a medical procedure used in prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities and foetal infections. The results revealed that their twins were both carrying the same gene. In December 2017, a few days after their twins, Ella and Eve, were born. A few days after they were born, Eve stopped eating and was showing signs of lethargy. On January 1, 2018, Maryann and Nathan rushed her to the hospital, where they did exploratory surgery and found out her bowel had been severely twisted, a condition known as volvulus. Shortly after the surgery her eyes were examined, and she was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma. A few days before, her twin sister Ella had been diagnosed with the same cancer. Ella and Eve have since undergone six months of gruelling chemotherapy each, which took a toll on the twins. Their journey is still ongoing, and the twins’ progress has been documented on social media by their mum.

Singer with a rare blood pressure disorder who relies on an oxygen tank to survive tells how performing has helped her recover

***EXCLUSIVE*** A fatal heart condition that left this musician with the devastating news she had potentially DAYS to live made this survivor STRONGER, now five-years into her “borrowed time”. Singer and songwriter, Chloe Temtchine (35), from New York, USA, is inspiring audiences not only with her sensational voice, but with her bravery after being told her undiagnosed heart condition meant she had little time to live. Now five years on Chloe - with the oxygen tank she must take with her everywhere or risk death - is unstoppable.

Five-bedroom house in the London street which is the fictional home to James Bond goes on the market for £6.85million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Live like James Bond in 007’s fictional home after the stunning five-bed Royal Avenue house went on the market for £6.85m. Incredible images show the exterior of the sought-after 3000-square-foot terrace house as well as the luxurious interior including large living areas, spacious bedrooms and a modern kitchen. Other striking shots show the sleek bathrooms, cosy study and open dining areas as well as a lovely terrace. The five-bed house is located on Royal Avenue, London and is currently listed by Strutt and Parker for £6.85m.

Cash-strapped family struggling to get a mortgage move into £40,000 narrowboat with their toddler son after being inspired by Hollywood movie Captain Fantastic

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, UK: After struggling to get a mortgage for a house, this family made the leap to buying a NARROWBOAT home, after being inspired by the film Captain Fantastic. Dental nurse, Jessica Bates (24) from Northamptonshire, UK, and her husband Liam (33) felt first-hand the sharp pinch of rising house prices, which left them unable to buy their own place. Jessica was working part-time looking after their eldest son, Jasper (3) so as a result of the couple’s low income, they were only able to borrow enough money for shared ownership of a house. There weren’t many of these available in the Banbury area where the couple were searching, with the only ones being new builds which they’d already decided against. Back in August 2016 Jessica met a boater at Fairport Convention who told her about life on a boat. Jessica liked the sound of it but was put off by the idea of doing it with a child. However, during a flight back from a holiday in April 2017, Jessica watched the movie Captain Fantastic, about a father who raises his children in an off-grid treehouse. The film inspired Jessica to take the leap from house hunting to searching for her family’s new home on the water. Jessica and Liam purchased their boat, Athos, which cost £40,000 in July 2017 when Jasper was 18 months old. They had never set foot on a narrowboat previously, but the freedom of living on a boat and the beauty of the surrounding Oxford Canal was enough to persuade them. The couple have since extended their family by welcoming their youngest son Oakley in February 2018. Living on a boat has helped Jessica revaluate what they need and helped them get back to basics. No phone signal and a limited power source has highlighted the importance of spending time together as a family.

A Porsche 911 Carrera S being dropped off at an event in the Austrian Alps by a HELICOPTER

***EXCLUSIVE*** This is the extraordinary moment the new Porsche 911 was dropped off at an event by HELICOPTER. The famous sports car - now in its eighth generation - has previously only been displayed at motor shows. But enthusiasts got an extra-special close-up of the 911 Carrera S at an event held at the Areit-Alm restaurant, above Zell am See in the Austrian Alps. Stunning video and photos show the yellow coupe being picked up by a helicopter and then transported seamlessly to the beauty spot almost 1,500 metres above sea level.

Scotland's only dedicated banjo maker

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pictures show the beautiful works of a former gamekeeper who is Scotland’s only banjo maker. Euan Cattanach, 78, has been making banjos, mandolins, resonators and guitars for over 20 years and recently made one especially for comedian Billy Connolly. Born in Peebles, Scottish Borders and now residing in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Euan started out making string instruments from a life-long interest in woodwork. His gamekeeper father had a workshop where he made everything from farm gates to fine furniture, and Euan was encouraged to pick up the tools and make his own creations from a young age.