Ha nem jelenik meg rendesen kattintson ide!

A woman has announced details of a lavish ceremony where she plans to marry - her DUVET

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pascale Sellick, 49, has issued an open invitation to anyone wishing to observe the moment she publicly declares her love for her favourite bedtime companion. Artist, Pascale describes herself as a "rude, crude, spectacular exhibitionist" and describes her duvet as the "most intimate and reliable relationship" she had ever had. The unusual ceremony will be held at Rougemont Gardens in Exeter, Devon, on Sunday, February 10 at 2pm followed by a "free wedding party" at The Glorious Art House in Fore Street.

The Beaglandia event, which brought together over 1,000 beagles to set the Guinness World Record

***EXCLUSIVE*** A dog-lover is "over the moon" after official confirmation that he set a new Guinness World Record - by bringing together over 1,000 BEAGLES for one giant dog walk. Sean Parkinson, 39, spearheaded the Beaglelandia event in April 2018, bringing together 1,029 beagles in an attempt to try and break the record for largest single-breed dog walk. And Sean, alongside the Merseyside Beagle Club, smashed the previous record - which was set in Mexico by a gathering of 783 Yorkshire Terriers. Now, almost a year on from the Beaglelandia event, the group have finally had official confirmation from Guinness World Records that they are the record holders for "largest single-breed dog walk".

Wheelchair-bound girl, 13, struggles to pour herself a drink, scratch an itch and even MOVE because of a rare muscle weakening condition

***EXCLUSIVE*** SURREY, UK: This British teenager isn’t letting the progressive muscle weakness she was born with stop her from living life and has been using Instagram as a platform to break the stigma surrounding disabilities and is fed up of strangers assuming that because she is in a wheelchair, she doesn’t have a brain. Sophie Anderson (13) from Surrey, United Kingdom, was first diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type Two (SMA) when she was 12-months-old after her parents, Veronika and Richard, noticed that she only cried when someone tried to stand her up. When her younger sister, Grace (11), started to hit her milestones quicker than Sophie, doctors ran blood tests and a muscle biopsy that confirmed she had a type of SMA. SMA is a rare genetic neuro-muscular condition which causes all muscles in the body to deteriorate over time and for Sophie, it means that she is unable to walk, stand, sit unaided, move her legs, lift her arms, hold up her head and she gets fatigued quickly.  It wasn’t until Sophie started school that she realised that not everyone was accepting of her disability as her peers would poke fun out of her wheelchair which chipped away at her confidence. This changed when she was 11-years-old and moved to a school for disabled children where she made lots of friends who understood what she was going through and gave her the confidence to embrace who she is.  Sophie’s condition causes her constant pain for which she takes six pain killers a day. As well as this, she has had more than 350 hospital appointments, 100 x-rays and eight surgeries, including one to correct her scoliosis which had previously crushed her lungs and made it difficult for her to breathe. In 2018, the teenager started her blog, @wheelchair_dontcare, to inspire others to follow their dreams no matter what and to help break the stigma that still surrounds disabilities. Sophie says that many people see her wheelchair first and her second, assume that she isn’t capable of speaking for herself and patronise her by tapping her on the head or talking to her through her friends and family instead of treating her like a normal person.

Whale hello there! Incredible footage captures moment a baby beluga is born and takes its first breath

Rare footage has captured the incredible moment a baby beluga is born at a breeding centre in south China. The female calf's head can be seen protruding from its mother, Yulia, during a two-hour labour before it finally swims free and surfaces to take its first breath at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, Guangdong province on December 22. Along with Yulia, two other beluga mothers, Lina and Sophia, also gave birth to two calves - one male and one female - in the span of 13 days in December.

Baby girl who nearly lost her life

Eleven-month-old Peggy Bradford almost died after she was turned away by a GP and a hospital. Her distraught mother Emma said she was repeatedly told the infant had a virus and should go home. But the 28-year-old beautician woke in the early hours to find her daughter's skin had turned grey and her lips were blue – and called 999. Peggy was taken to hospital, where doctors confirmed she had the potentially deadly condition sepsis. Mrs Bradford yesterday decided to speak out to warn other parents – and said her baby would have died if it weren't for her 'mother's instinct' that told her something was wrong.

Woman links Lyme disease diagnosis to pet cat sleeping on bed

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mother-of-two whose life was ravaged by Lyme-disease says she contracted the infection from her pet CAT. Lisa Vallo woke up in 2002 to find a small black dot on her stomach which at first she thought was fluff.  The 51-year-old used her nail to scratch the unusual mark only to discover a tick had inserted itself into her flesh.

Stunning photos show the British Army during the many 'Prairie Storm' training exercises held in the rugged scenery of Canada

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible images, featured in a new book, have offered a unique insight into British Army training and weapons. The stunning pictures show an Apache helicopter firing a missile, two local Native American chiefs enjoy sitting in a Sioux at an Open Day and a hue dust cloud rising from an explosion on the training range. Other striking shots show crew posing alongside Canadian police after their helicopter helped locate a marijuana crop along the South Saskatchewan River in 1979, a Gazelle helicopter being dwarfed by spectacular mountain scenery and a FV101 Scorpion out on the prairie being over flown by a Gazelle. The remarkable photographs are showcased in former Ministry of Defence civil servant Guy Warner’s new book, British Army Training in Canada, which is published by Fonthill Media.

'Ancient' stone circle that experts thought was 4,500 years old is 90's replica

***EXCLUSIVE*** An „ancient” stone circle discovered on a remote farm and estimated to date back 3,500 years has turned out to be a replica - built only two decades ago. Archaeologists in Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, were thrilled when they were told of a construction discovered on a farm, which appeared to match the features of „recumbent stone circles”, unique to the north east of Scotland. An excited landowner tipped off historians about the find in December, and research began which estimated it had been built between 3,500 and 4,500 years ago. But hopes of a major discovery were dashed, when the farmer who formerly owned the land came forward to reveal the monument was a replica, built in the mid-90s.