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Paralysed woman who doesn’t want to be ‘an old hag in a wheelchair’ goes skydiving

***EXCLUSIVE*** CHATTANOOGA, USA: A devastating car accident left this woman with a lifelong spinal cord injury but she isn’t letting this stop her from living life to the fullest and has since SKYDIVED out of a plane despite being confined to a wheelchair. Laura Beck (29) from Chattanooga, USA, was driving home with her husband after celebrating his birthday in November 2016 at a seafood restaurant in Louisiana when their vehicle skidded over a puddle. Laura was falling asleep in the passenger seat while her husband Jacob drove them home, but she woke up clutching onto the dashboard as she felt the car skidding out of control. The car flipped three times and hit a tree, and the roof of the car crushed Laura’s head, leaving her paralysed from the chest down. Jacob, who was uninjured, called the emergency services after fearing that Laura was dead. She was transported to hospital immediately where they discovered that her spine had punctured her spinal cord. Laura was in the ICU for 10 days, followed by another week in hospital after doctors removed shards of bone from her neck to fuse her spine together. She woke up with almost no movement in her hands, core or legs.  Both Laura and Jacob have always been lovers of the outdoors, so being told she could never walk again was difficult for Laura to digest initially, until she decided that being quadriplegic didn’t have to stop her from achieving her goals. Immediately after leaving the hospital, Laura went to a rehabilitation facility to learn about her new limitations and to rebuild what strength she could. For a year, Laura dealt with her new lifestyle until she was ready to face new challenges.  In September 2018 Laura went skydiving, a memory she will cherish forever. Her and Jacob also plan on renovating a camper van to accommodate Laura’s wheelchair, enabling them to still go travelling through America.


The conjoined twin brothers who survived separation

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MUMBAI, INDIA: Conjoined twin boys are thriving one year after separation surgery. Twins Prince and Love were born joint at the stomach, and a shared liver, urinary bladder, intestines and fused pelvic bones. But in December 2017, 15 months after they were born, the siblings from Ghatkopar, India, were separated by surgeons at Wadia Children’s Hospital in Mumbai. Now, the hospital and family are celebrating a year since the twins have been separated as they continue to live healthily and happily.

Woman who is allergic to the cold, and forced to wear a mask when outside and wear multiple layers of clothing

***EXCLUSIVE*** Max Fisher, 23, suffers from cold-induced urticaria which can cause a fatal reaction in extreme cases. Whenever Max inhales cold air or drinks a cool drink she comes out in red, itchy hives. The allergic reaction is similar to people who go into anaphylactic shock if they suffer a bee sting. The pharmacology graduate is raising awareness about the condition ahead of the expected cold snap. She also wants to raise awareness after she suffered abuse in the street from yobs because she was wearing a face mask. Max, of Sherwood, Nottingham, said: „I’m allergic to the cold. I was diagnosed with a conditional called urticaria in 2009.”

A married couple who fell in love with another woman now live as a polyamorous „triad” under the same roof and plan to have children together one day

***EXCLUSIVE*** Husband Paoulo Quispilaya and his wife Kassandra Diaz-Cervo met Carly Martinez at a party in their hometown of Los Angeles, California, USA, in October 2017. Kassandra, 27, was immediately attracted to the poet and songwriter, 26, despite never having been in a relationship with a woman before. The actress, who has been married to Paoulo, 28, for six years, said: „I fell in love with Carly.”

Brave woman shares pictures of anorexia battle after incredible transformation

***EXCLUSIVE*** A brave fitness fanatic whose crippling anorexia left her weighing less than five stone has spoken about turning her life around - and becoming a personal trainer. Mhairi Stewart's weight plummeted after she left school, where she was subjected to a torment of bullying for her sporty nature and slender frame. The 22-year-old said she spent hours in the gym and walked at least 10km every day until she was admitted to hospital in 2015 when she weighed just 5st 5lbs. But now Mhairi has turned her life around, becoming a successful personal trainer and is even set to compete in weightlifting competitions this year.