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Schoolboy, 15, makes medical history as he becomes first ever brain tumour patient to get proton beam treatment

A boy of 15 with a rare brain tumour will today have pioneering proton beam therapy at the UK’s first dedicated treatment centre. Mason Kettley will receive the highly targeted therapy, which helps shrink tumours and cuts the risk of side-effects. Mason, from Angmering in West Sussex, is one of the first patients to undergo proton beam therapy in the UK and the first to go public. He was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in October after suffering headaches and failing to put on weight. Doctors found the tumour growing in a critical part of his brain but could not operate due to the risk of causing blindness and damage to vital brain tissue.

Mum breastfeeding twins at nursery told to move as it's 'inappropriate'

***EXCLUSIVE*** OHIO, USA: This mother-of-four was asked not to breastfeed her twins in the public space at their own NURSERY because it was deemed inappropriate and could be offensive, but she hopes that by standing up for her rights she will help other mothers. Professional photographer Jennifer Mancuso (38) from Ohio, USA, has faced criticism for tandem breastfeeding her twin daughters at their own nursery, because it could have been offensive to others. Jennifer, who has four daughters Parker (4), Piper (3) and twins Aria and Asher (18 months) as well as three step-children, Adriana (13), Vegah (9) and Copeland (7), breastfed her two older girls until they weaned off, and is still nursing the twins. In August 2018 Jennifer was tandem breastfeeding Aria and Asher inside their nursery when an employee asked her to relocate to the staff room, a small and boxy room which couldn’t be seen into, to nurse. Jennifer was told that she had to nurse her daughters in a private space because some of the children were ‘school-aged’ and it could be inappropriate for them to see. The director also felt that it was best for Jennifer not to nurse in a public area of the centre in case she offended any religious beliefs of other parents. The staff at the day-care went back and forth with Jennifer, telling her where she could and couldn’t breastfeed. Jennifer was close to removing her daughters from the centre until after three weeks of dispute, she received an apology from the director of the centre. Staff at the nursery reviewed their policies to make sure the same situation would never occur again. Jennifer has shared her experience to normalise breastfeeding so other mothers aren’t afraid of it.

Luxury hobbit houses built into a hillside with hand-carved furniture, bath and woodburning stoves are launched for £175-a-night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans can live like Bilbo Baggins in these quirky hobbit houses for Ł175 a night. Bagend and The Burrow were built into the hillside and hand-crafted by joinery father and son team Ian and Lewis Keir on their family land in Perthshire, Scotland. The project was a lot of work but the finished result is two beautifully handmade holiday lets that JRR Tolkien would be proud of, with their grass-covered roofs and round doors.

Working Batmobile built from a basic Toyota MR2 sports car tipped to sell for £120,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A breathtaking recreation of the batmobile used in the Dark Knight trilogy has emerged for sale for a staggering Ł120,000. The stunningly accurate vehicle is based on the chassis of a standard Toyota MR2 sports car and took a full year to transform. It is now almost identical to the famous vehicle used in the movies and is even fitted with a flame thrower at the rear of the car.

London's 'biggest' house boat with staggering 5,200-square-foot floor-space, five beds and sauna hits the market for £3.5million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Take to the water with this remarkable 5200-square-foot barge conversion believed to be the largest in London which is now available for £3.5m. Incredible images show the large five-bed boat docked in the marina as well as the sleek, white interior with spacious living areas. Other striking shots show the modern kitchen on offer, an outdoor decking area and a conservatory to soak up the sun. The stunning barge is located in St Katherine’s Dock Marina, Wapping and is listed by Unique Property Company for £3.5m.

Woman reveals her 'fat-phobic' parents put her on a diet at the age of SEVEN and forced her to exercise daily

***EXCLUSIVE*** OXFORD, UK: Meet the body positive Instagrammer who was signed up to Weight Watchers at just SEVEN years old by her “fat phobic” parents who forced her to exercise daily and whose friends would tell her she was TOO FAT to play. Assistant manager, Esther Field (24) from Oxford, United Kingdom, grew up in a family who equated healthiness to being thin, but Esther being a chubby child saw this as a requirement to lose weight in order to be accepted.  The negative influence surrounding the need to look thin was drilled into Esther from all aspects of her life, including her parents, television, magazines, celebrities and even her friends. When she was just seven years old, Esther was placed on a Weight Watchers diet by her parents, who were themselves frequent dieters and felt that Esther was old enough to join them. This began Esther’s habit of hiding food to binge eat in secret and following this by eating hardly anything the next day. To this day, Esther is shocked at how early she began binging and restricting her food intake with disordered eating habits. When her family bought an exercise bike for the house, Esther was made to make use of the bike for a set amount of time every day in order to burn the number of calories her parents deemed ‘enough’. Throughout her childhood and her teenage years, Esther was often the subject of her grandparents’ comments about weight, even handing her a serving spoon at the dinner table to imply a normal spoon wasn’t large enough. Since finding the body positive movement on Instagram, Esther, a UK size 24, began her own page, @spreadingunicornlove to encourage others to see that all bodies are acceptable and worthy of love, as she no longer believes in scales and refuses to weigh herself.

Become the Queen's stylish new neighbour! Luxury three-bed penthouse with rooftop terrace and views of Buckingham Palace hits the market for £8.95m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Become the Queen’s new neighbour in this stunning penthouse near Buckingham Palace which could be yours for £8.95m. Incredible images show spacious bedrooms of the three-bed apartment with spectacular views as well as a lovely rooftop terrace. Other stunning shots show the sleek bathroom, modern kitchen and cosy living area. The luxurious penthouse is located in the Nova Building, Buckingham Palace Road, London and is currently listed by Knight Frank for £8.95m.

19-year-old reveals he makes $5,000 a month by going on dates with wealthy sugar daddies he meets on Grindr - who pay him in cash, jewelry, and even CARS

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man who sacrificed love for sugar dating after being offered money by men on Grindr and now earns around £3.8K a month. In 2015, entertainer and sugar baby, Kaeden Harveland (18), from Washington, USA, downloaded Grindr, a dating app for the gay, bisexual and transgender community. Men would ask him out on dates and slip him a little bit of money, he then began taking advantage of this and asked for more money. He has since been on various dates, dinners and holidays with men who have paid him in the form of jewellery, holidays and even cars. His hobby has sometimes attracted men who were willing to come out to their family for him. This lifestyle choice has negatively affected his love life at times when he has been genuinely attracted to some men, who just see him as ‘extra’. He has since been earning between £1.3K and £3.8K a month ($2K and $5K a month).

Stars of black and white film Laurel and Hardy are brought to life after images are them are colorized ahead of new biopic film

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning colourised pictures of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy have been released to coincide with the new film about the famous comics. The incredible images show the svelte Laurel and plump Hardy smirking as they look side on at the camera, speaking with each other and posing with props while dressed as prisoners. Other striking shots show Laurel pulling a funny face for the photographer, Hardy smiling as he puts on a tie and Hardy staring in bemusement as Laurel gives him a thumbs up. The original black and white photographs were painstakingly colourised by housewife Nicola Branson (47) from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK.

Lost early Bowie songs rediscovered

***EXCLUSIVE*** A previously unheard studio recording of a young David Bowie has ben found 50 years later in a loft clear out. The session recording was made in the mid-1960s when the late musician was a teenager still known as Davie Jones. Bowie can be heard going through his early repertoire of songs and the recording includes a number of false starts by the novice. The cassette is now being sold at auction for Ł5,000.

Nephew of WWII Royal Navy submariner searches for craft's watery grave 77 years after it was sunk by German mine in the Aegean Sea

***EXCLUSIVE*** The relatives of the crew of a lost British submarine have gathered together to mark the 77th anniversary of their deaths and are determined to finally track down their watery tomb... Poignantly, the families met up on HMS Alliance, the only remaining WW2 era British submarine based at the Royal Navy's submarine museum in Gosport. Royal Navy submarine HMS Triumph is thought to have been sunk by a German mine whilst on a top secret mission in the Aegean on the 9th of January 1942, but their final resting place has never been found. They were traced and brought together by Gav Don, who is on a one-man mission to find the wreck of the submarine that is somewhere in the Aegean Sea. The former Royal Navy officer's uncle Robert Douglas-Don died with the rest of the 62-strong crew in January 1942. At the time the submarine was on a top secret mission to recover 18 escaped Allied soldiers from a remote Greek island.

Flower farm

***EXCLUSIVE*** Farmers carefully tend to hundreds of rows of flowers growing above water ahead of traditional celebrations. Workers on the huge daisy flower farm built 3ft-tall platforms to grow them on so they aren't destroyed by flooding caused by heavy rain. Photographs of the pretty farm show the workers navigating their way around using small wooden boats and spraying them with water. The flowers are being carefully tended to in Sa Dec, Vietnam, ahead of the country's Lunar New Year celebrations on February 5.