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World's most dangerous holiday rep job - tour guide who shows people around Afghanistan and gets death threats from the Taliban and ISIS

***EXCLUSIVE*** An Afghan tour guide for westerners has spoken of the death threats he and his family have faced from Isis and the Taliban as he battles to change how people see his country. Hafizullah „Akbar” Kohistani, 29, ferries European thrill seekers across the Middle Eastern country and acts as their bodyguard if they come into trouble. But the former Afghan National Army soldier from Kabul has come under threat from Islamists as well as his neighbours for his controversial company. He has had to unfriend or block his family from his social media pages in a bid to protect them from the contentious pictures he posts with tourists. And he was also forced to create a new Facebook account as he can no longer accepts friend requests from Afghans.

This amazing video shows a 99-year-old grandma making her way to the top of a rock-climbing wall after she tried the sport for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** Greta Plowman had gone to the climbing centre to watch her 70-year-old daughter, Judith, ascend the wall but ended up in the harness herself. Judith said: "She’d heard that I had got into climbing, but had never seen me do it.

The first group of five monkey clones have been born in China using the same technique that produced Dolly the sheep

***EXCLUSIVE*** Chinese scientists are hailing the development as a major breakthrough.They say it will eventually mean LESS live monkeys having to be used in lab experiments around the world - and could give fresh insight into killer diseases such as cancer.The groundbreaking quintet were born at the Institute of Neuroscience (ION) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Shanghai.

Emergency workers across America are practising yoga to help them handle the demands of the job

***EXCLUSIVE*** Not-for-profit organisation Yoga For First Responders, led by instructor Olivia Kvitne Mead. Olivia, 36, of Denver, Colorado, began YFFR in 2013 when she was inspired by her work with veterans. She was certain that the 5,000-year-old practice from India could help first responders avoid burnout and perform more efficiently at the scene of emergencies. She said: “There are lots of yoga programmes for veterans but they are all focussed on after action, after their tours of duty. Olivia contacted the Los Angeles Fire Department in 2013 and pitched her idea to teach yoga to firefighters.

Bikini model wanted to CUT OUT breast implants after ‘they left her suicidal’

***EXCLUSIVE*** GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA: This stunning personal trainer became suicidal and almost cut her breast implants out after they caused her severe symptoms, but doctors LAUGHED at her, refused to believe her and even tried to have her SECTIONED. Personal trainer Melissa George (28) from Gold Coast, Australia, is challenging many people’s misconception that breast implant illness (BII) isn’t a legitimate illness, as she struggled with crippling side effects from her implants for three years, only to be laughed at by doctors. With the fitness world being such an important part of Melissa’s life, a breast augmentation felt necessary as she was validated for her looks. So, in February 2015, Melissa had 450CC implants put in, taking her from a 32A to a 32DD. Within months of having the implants, Melissa became constantly fatigued, regardless of how much she slept. She also became intolerant to many foods and she was taken to hospital on several occasions complaining that she couldn’t breathe. Other symptoms, which are frequently associated with BII, were body aches, inability to focus, memory loss and hair loss. However, every test came back normal, to Melissa’s dismay. Melissa spent almost £10K on specialists to work out what was wrong, but they only prescribed Melissa medication to numb the effects without finding the source. While having implants, Melissa endured vivid dreams that she was dying and would wake up in tears. As no tests gave any explanation, but Melissa was adamant that something was taking over her body, she was hospitalised for severe anxiety five times and even almost sectioned because doctors refused to believe she was sick. Melissa had her implants removed on December 4, 2018 and immediately felt healthier. She was able to breathe clearer than she had for almost four years, and her anxiety was gone.

A 10-year-old suffers from a genetic condition so rare it doesn’t have a name - which has left him with a kidney in his right LEG

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hamish Robinson is thought to be the only person in the world to be diagnosed with chromosome 7p22.1 - which doctors refer to as the “Hamish syndrome”. The youngster was born five-and-a-half-weeks prematurely in May 29, 2008 seemingly healthy albeit extremely tiny - weighing just two pounds. Following complications with feeding, he was then discharged from hospital but at home he wasn’t reaching the normal milestones like talking.

Obese woman who was too ashamed to take her daughter to the park lost more than SIX stone because she didn't want to feel like a 'failure of a mother' anymore

***EXCLUSIVE*** This formerly obese UK mum who would shun taking her daughter to the park for fear of being judged felt such a failure as a parent she lost SIX-AND-A-HALF-STONE in just two-years to become the super-mum she always dreamed she could be. Business owner and mum of a 13-year-old girl, Chan Vekaria, from London, UK, always struggled with her weight since she was 11-years-old. Her lack of knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition as well as indulging in high carbohydrate food and doing no exercise resulted in her reaching her peak weight of 16st 7Ibs and UK size 24. Throughout her life, there were many breaking points that lead to her decision to turn her life around. When she was just 16-years-old, she was at a theme park with her friends and feared going on one of the rides in case the harness wouldn’t close. But it wasn’t until summer of 2009 when her daughter was just five-years-old that Chan had a wake-up call. She avoided taking her daughter to the park and insisted that her mum or sister take her instead so that she didn’t have to go out in public. The look in her daughter’s eyes touched a nerve, and she decided to turn her lifestyle around so that she could be a better mum. She is now 10st 2Ib and a UK size 10 to 12.

Blogger, 24, is left paralysed with a nerve-crippling illness after stroking a STRAY CAT on holiday in Portugal

***EXCLUSIVE*** SOUTHPORT, UK: This blogger harmlessly stroked a STRAY CAT on holiday, before spending the next year PARALYSED with a nerve-crippling illness that doctors are convinced she caught from the fiendish feline. Social media blogger, Gemma Birch (24) from Southport, UK, enjoyed an all-inclusive holiday to Albufeira, Portugal in July 2014 when she formed a close bond with a stray black cat who she lovingly named Catarina. Gemma let the cat into the hotel apartment where she fed her milk and petted her. On the final day of the week-long holiday Gemma started vomiting and became faint during the flight home. As soon as she landed, she went straight to Southport Hospital because she knew her sickness was serious. The hospital ran tests and doctors found campylobacter, found in raw poultry, in Gemma’s stool. This baffled Gemma who had been pescatarian for a year at that point. Doctors asked whether she’d come into contact with any animals, so she explained that she’d been stroking Catarina for the last few days. Gemma spent a week in hospital on a drip for severe food poisoning after getting infected by the stray cat. It was concluded that Catarina had rummaged through the hotel bins. Gemma was discharged after a week and doctors recommended bed rest for further recovery. However, Gemma fell out of bed one night and woke up unable to feel her legs. She scratched at them and caused them to bleed but couldn’t feel anything. Her dad took her back to the hospital immediately where she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS). Within hours, Gemma was paralysed from the hips down and spent three weeks in hospital before spending eight months in rehab, learning how to walk and be independent again.

This is the incredible moment a mum welcomed her first baby into the world in an outdoor bathtub after choosing to have a medically unassisted birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Taylor, 23, said she grew up with „scary” stories about childbirth from her mum and wanted a more serene birthing experience for her son Koa, three months. The yoga teacher and her sister Jessica Taylor were born through cesarean section which made Hannah keen to explore other options during her own pregnancy. Hannah and her partner Tyler Couchman, 34, a chef, decided to have an unassisted birth when she first fell pregnant after hearing of a pal‚Äôs positive experience. Unassisted birth is the process of having a baby without the presence of a medical attendant or professional, which Hannah believed was the best option for her family. The mum welcomed 6lb 10oz baby Koa in a bathtub beneath the Californian sun on October 8 with just her husband and best friend Shea Zamarra, in attendance. Hannah, of Sacramento, California, said the experience was empowering and extremely serene.

A mum with terminal cancer was granted her dying wish to see her daughter get married when she walked down the aisle in her hospice

***EXCLUSIVE*** Kerry Webb brought her wedding to Dean Badhams-Williams forward after her mum Cindy Davies was told she had months to live.  Kerry, 31, celebrated a wedding blessing with Dean at St Michael’s Hospice in Bartestree, Herefordshire - where Cindy is being cared for.  Cindy was diagnosed with terminal cancer just six weeks ago - leading Kerry to fear her mother would not live to see her get married.  But Kerry was able to bring the wedding plans forward with help from the hospice’s chaplaincy team - meaning Cindy could see her walk down the aisle.  They held a wedding blessing - a non-legally binding, symbolic ceremony, which will be followed by a wedding service at Hereford Register Office later in the year.  The service was held on January 19 and was attended by around 50 family and friends.  The blessing was arranged at such short notice that Kerry hadn’t even chosen a dress, instead wearing one which had been donated.  After the blessing, the couple enjoyed their first dance – Adorn by Miguel – before guests enjoyed food prepared by St Michael’s.

The 700-year-old guo kiln in China

With a history of 700 years, guo kiln can now skilled production technology of less than 10 people, mostly aged 65 or above, their original taste and exquisite production technology, who do not want this fossil like old craft on earth disappear, China's henan province shangcheng county.