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Couple have sexual relationship with nature

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, FLORIDA, USA: A couple from Toronto who practice tantra say that they have an „intimate” relationship with the Earth, and insist that others should too. Clarity Barton, a 30-year-old tantric teacher, and her partner Sideon, a 29-year-old writer, call themselves as a „conscious couple”, meaning that they perform rituals and live by a spiritual philosophy in order to enhance their connection to the Earth and with themselves. Clarity is an „eco-sexual”- a term used to describe somebody who sees the Earth as sensual or erotic, but Sideon is new to the idea and is keen to explore it with Clarity, who he has been in a relationship with for just a few months.

Model with vitiligo reveals the cruel racist abuse she has faced - but insists she still believes her skin condition is a 'gift'

***EXCLUSIVE*** LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA, USA: This sexy grandma and model has been cruelly called a ‘dalmatian’ online and a ‘spotted N-word’ by a man in the street because of her vitiligo that is slowly turning her COMPLETELY WHITE but has now written a book to inspire young girls with the same condition. Model, author, actress and business owner, Iomikoe ‘The Vitiligo Goddess’ Johnson (38) from Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA, was 25 when her skin started to develop white patches under her arm before spreading across the rest of her body. Over the years, Iomikoe has been the subject of racist jokes, people saying that she isn’t black and has even been labelled a ‘dalmatian’ by trolls online. Iomikoe, who is a mum-of-four and grandmother-of-three has risen above these comments and uses them as an example of how not to treat others and has launched a successful modelling career. It is Iomikoe’s passion to help other young girls living with vitiligo and to give them a positive and real-life role model to look up to, after only having supermodel, Winnie Harlow to look up to herself when she was coming to terms with her skin condition and has been working hard to redefine beauty. She has written a book, The Spotted Girl Who Empowered the World, which will be available to pre-order on Amazon in March this year to help other young girls with vitiligo to confront their insecurities head on so that their confidence can grow despite what social media or the internet dictates as being beautiful. It’s not just girls with vitiligo that Iomikoe hopes to inspire but she has been empowering her own daughters, Shianna (21) and Amaya (19) who have both started modelling.


Womb transplant baby born in China

XI'AN: Doctors perform a cesarean operation on a woman who has successfully received a womb at the Xijing Hospital in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Jan. 20, 2019. A woman who successfully received a womb donated by her mother after a uterus transplant in November 2015 gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Shaanxi Province on Sunday. Weighing 2 kg and measuring 48 cm long, the baby is considered to be China's first and the world's 14th baby who was born from a transplanted womb, said doctors with the Xijing Hospital.

„Village Of Long Hair” in China

Guangxi, China: The Huangluo Village of Yao ethnic minority group, located in southwest China’s Guangxi, is dubbed as „Village of Long Hair”, because there are more than 60 female villagers with long hair of 1.4 meters. The average hair length of the female villagers is 1.7 meters and the longest hair reaches 2.1 meters. It’s a tradition that local female villagers keep their hair long.

Bangladesh „Tree Man”

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Abul Bajandar, age 29, who suffers from rare skin dosorder known as tree man syndrome (Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis) awaits for treatment at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Dhaka. Abul Bajandar, also known as Bangladesh's ''tree man'', was treated at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital from January 2016 until May 2018, during which 25 complex surgeries were done to remove tree branch-like lesions growing on his body.

The underground world the Cold War forgot: Eerie images show abandoned observation bunkers built beneath Britain amid fears of nuclear armageddon

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed what is lurking beneath the surface across the UK unbeknownst to the public. The creepy pictures show the abandoned remains of Royal Observer Core (ROC) posts built during the Cold War, WW2-era bunkers and civilian air raid shelters. Other haunting snaps show forgotten factories that were built underneath sections of other factories to hide the production of aircraft and tanks while Victorian-era grottos are also pictured. They were a symbol of affluence. The spooky photographs were captured by an urban explorer known only as The Elusive after they stumbled upon an old ROC post.

Amateur archaeologist discovers 1,000-year-old shoe in the River Thames

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beach comber was stunned when he discovered a 1000-year-old shoe on a beach - that may have been worn by VIKINGS. Steve Tomlinson initially thought the hunk of leather was just rubbish, but he took it to experts after being told by fellow beach-combers that it could be a shoe. The 47-year-old, from Birchington, Kent, made the discovery while searching in the Thames Estuary last August. He has not revealed the exact location of the find in case enthusiasts descend on the area as he wishes to preserve the integrity of the space.

Escaped parrot lured out of woodland with bizarre recording of her twin brother

***EXCLUSIVE*** An escaped parrot has been found after its owners coaxed her out of a woodland - using a mobile phone recording of its twin brother. The baby bird - a six-month-old called Sausage - flew the coup and had spent two freezing nights in the wild. Owner Michelle Chubb, 32, said the whole family was devastated when Sausage flew out the door. The family launched a huge search but after several days there was still no trace of the beloved bird.

Turkish dentist spends his spare time wrapping stray cats and dogs in blankets to keep them warm in wintry Istanbul

A Turkish dentist is on a mission to keep stray animals warm in the winter by wrapping them in blankets as they sleep on the streets of Istanbul. Huseyin Yurtseven, who lives in Turkey's largest city, has been scouring the neighbourhood for cats and dogs and keeping them warm with the blankets. The medic spends his evenings looking for animals to help after he was affected by a video on social media and saw street dogs living in his area. He has also distributed the blankets to local tradesmen and other animal lovers to extend the network of helpers trying to stop the cats and dogs from freezing. The dentist and his friends have also left contact details so helpful Istanbul residents can return the blankets if they become dirty. Turkey has already been hit by snow this year in a cold snap across Europe, while the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country in January was -25C (-13F) in early 1942.

Ice climber

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of adrenaline junkies hang from nothing but ice picks as they scale a 200-foot waterfall after it froze for the first time in almost a decade. The amateur professional climbers used specialist equipment including spiked ice climbing shoes, guide ropes and an ice axe to ascend the frozen wall in -7 degrees Celsius conditions. Photographer Jaka Ivančič said it was a complete shock to see that the waterfall had finally frozen after almost 10 years, and it was even more amazing that climbers had decided to take on the daunting climb. The incredible images were captured in Val Rosandra near Trieste, Italy, and show the usually fast flowing Torrente Rosandra waterfall.

This is Our Land

The current impasse between President Trump and Congress is now the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees, including National Park Service personnel, remain furloughed. Many of America's public lands are without gates and largely unsupervised, and national parks, visitors and surrounding communities are feeling the effects. This conflict exacerbates the decision by the Trump administration to shrink the national monuments, designated by former President Barack Obama. The current government has rescinded national monument protections on 1.9 million acres of Utah canyon land setting conservationists and recreational users of public lands against the oil and mining industries.  ''This is Our Land'' is a visual conversation about the tension between experiencing and protecting the natural world. It illustrates the dual - and often dueling - mandates that Congress gave the National Park Service during its founding in 1916: to preserve our national treasures and to provide for the enjoyment of the American people. That conflict is captured through images of nature paired with images of people interacting with the natural world - how we experience, enjoy, reshape, honor and diminish nature. And how it changes us. This microcosm of a story in one park aims to create a larger picture of the state of our parks and why they are still important, relevant, and perhaps even magical in American lives today. This is particularly poignant right now as parks are closed across the country during the partial government shutdown and there are reports of damage to some parks in the absence of caretakers.

Dust pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh

DHAKA, BANGLADESH: Dust kicked up by vehicles traveling on roads may make up 33% of air pollution. Road dust consists of deposits of vehicle exhausts and industrial exhausts, particles from tire and brake wear, dust from paved roads or potholes, and dust from construction sites. Road dust is a significant source contributing to the generation and release of particulate matter into the atmosphere. Control of road dust is a significant challenge in urban areas, and also in other locations with high levels of vehicular traffic upon unsealed roads, such as mines and landfill dumps.

Snow geese explosion

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lucky photographer captured the incredible moment thousands of snow geese burst into the air at once in a sea of black and white. The giant flock of geese were resting in a field when they were startled by a nearby predator. Suddenly the birds burst into flight together, with unsuspecting amateur photographer Judi Dressler left 'blown away'. The 70-year-old captured the incredible moment the entire flock completely filled the air as they took off, blocking out the surrounding trees, sky and crops.