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I’ve spent $30,000 turning into Michael Jackson

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: An Argentinian man has spent over $30,000 on cosmetic procedures in a bid to transform himself into his idol, Michael Jackson. Leo Blanco, from Buenos Aires, who performs as a Michael Jackson impersonator for a living, has undergone more than 11 plastic surgeries and numerous cosmetic procedures. Leo became obsessed with the singer as a child and decided then that he wanted to look like his hero. However, 11 plastic surgeries later, the 22-year-old admits he is still not content with his look and is going under the needle again.

Teenager, 19, wears bandages on her hands because of a rare skin condition that causes her to break out in blisters at the slightest touch

***EXCLUSIVE*** LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Strangers think this teenager is abused at home because of a rare INCURABLE disease that causes daily skin blisters and raw open wounds just from walking, eating and getting dressed. When student, Ariana Covarrubias (18) from Los Angeles, California, USA, who lives with her parents, Guadalupe and Guillermo, was born, doctors noticed that she was missing the skin on her feet and legs and she was later diagnosed with rare condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Ariana’s condition means that she is in constant pain when she walks, showers, eats or gets dressed as it causes her skin to rip and blister. Despite this, she remains positive through her Instagram and YouTube channel whilst trying her best to manage her condition through taking pain medication and changing her bandages daily to keep her skin clean and infection free. EB leaves Ariana feeling isolated sometimes as she struggles with the stares she receives when she’s in public. People ask her questions about her skin and assume that her condition is either down to being abused at home or from being caught in a horrific fire or accident- now she is working hard to break this stigma attached to her condition for future generations of EB sufferers.

A home on the river: Beautiful four-bedroom converted mill next to fishing lake goes on the market for under £500,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Clock in for luxury living at this stunning four-bed apartment in a former mill that is only a fifty minute commute from London and could be yours for just £425k. Incredible images show the exterior of the large converted mill, the modern kitchen and the light-filled dining area with huge windows. Other striking shots show cosy living areas and spacious bedrooms while wood-panelled ceilings offer a unique look and exposed brickwork pays homage to the building’s former use. The two-bath apartment is located at Ivel Mill in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £425k.

A mum was horrified when her calm toddler began clawing at her skin and retreating from an evil monster after she developed a rare disease that attacks the brain

***EXCLUSIVE*** Erin Smolinski, 38, was terrified when her daughter Grace, three, began hallucinating about a sinister figure in her hospital room hours after she was admitted. The toddler, of Chicago, Illinois, was brought to Lurie Children’s Hospital after suffering several seizures in April 2018, but medics were unsure what was causing her symptoms. When Grace lost the ability to walk and her speech deteriorated from whole paragraphs to single syllables, neurologists suspected she was suffering from autoimmune encephalitis. The life-threatening and rare condition causes the body’s immune system to attack healthy brain cells, which causes the organ to swell. Erin, a teacher, and her husband Larry Smolinski, 37, feared for their daughter during what she described as “the worst experience” of their lives. Mum-of-three Erin said: “Grace had been experiencing seizures over a number of weeks after we came back from a vacation in Florida.

This is the hilarious moment an escaped alpaca was spotted wandering around an OPTICIANS

***EXCLUSIVE*** The furry creature is thought to have escaped from a nearby farm and he was initially spotted sauntering down the high street. But when the automatic doors slid open as it trotted past, the curious animal went into the opticians in Hennebont in Brittany. Photographer Pierre-yves Nicolas - who had spotted it wander past his studio window - followed it in to Les Opticiens Mutualistes.

These are the stunning specially made wooden creations of Scotland's last working wheelwright - who shows no signs of stopping at 67-years-old

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ian Grant uses various hardwoods for his work, including elm, mahogany and oak, and can produce a set of four custom ordered wheels in just over a week. He made his first wheel in 1976 and has been running his wheelwright business since he retired more than 20 years ago, after working as a long-distance lorry driver. Although mass demand for wheelwrights has diminished, Ian says he still serves a steady number of customers who own wooden carts and carriages.

This is the moment student models and a photographer sneaked into a supermarket for the world's first fashion shoot - in ALDI

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cambridge university student and photographer Evelina Gumileva snuck into her local Aldi store with three model pals to take the stunning pictures. The intrepid fashonistas were able to snap for 20 minutes - producing a moody shoot worthy of Paris catwalks. Student models Jas, Jess and Ruari posed in the milk isle and outside on shopping trolleys. The group also tried to take some pictures in a nearby Sainsbury's store but staff there asked them to leave almost immediately. Evelina told student news site The Tab: „The staff in Aldi were super nice and let us shoot there for 20 minutes, where the staff in Sainsbury's kicked us out right away” Model Jess added: „It was really fun. I absolutely LOVE Evelina, she is so great to work with.”

Rootstein display mannequins in London

Behind the scenes at Rootstein Display Mannequins, a world leader in mannequin design based in south west London. Founded by Adel Rootstein and her husband in Soho in the sixties, the company began by producing handcrafted mannequins using the latest fibre glass technology. After Rootstein died in 1992, the business was bought by a Japanese company with production continuing in the UK. At this London studio mannequins have make-up and wigs applied according to the clients needs. Mannequins are also sent here for repairs which can mean anything from resprays and make-up updates to full-scale overhauls and replacing broken parts.