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Plus-size lingerie model reveals how she learned to embrace her body after years of being shamed by men who dated her IN SECRET

***EXCLUSIVE*** CALIFORNIA, USA: Meet the plus-sized lingerie model whose only new year’s resolution is to BE HERSELF after embracing her curvy figure despite the fact that guys used to “SECRETLY DATE” her because they were EMBARRASSED to be seen with her in public. Aesthetic business owner, Britnee Rochelle (31), from California, USA, used to be severely bullied for her weight and received negative attention from boys. She was called names like ‘big bird’ and ‘fatty’ by her high school peers. During her past relationships in high school, boys would meet up with her in secret to avoid being seen with her. After years of feeling insecure and avoiding wearing clothes that revealed her body for fear of being judged, she stumbled into a modelling career in 2017 after participating in a few local fashion shows. Since then, Britnee, who is 18st 8Ib and a UK size 22 to 24, made it her mission to show off her figure to empower women.

Obese mother whose 298lb frame caused her periods to stop for FIVE YEARS is finally menstruating again after a vegetarian diet helped her lose 164lbs

***EXCLUSIVE*** DAWSON CREEK, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA: This inspirational woman has more than halved her bodyweight in just two-years by adopting a vegetarian diet after her PERIODS STOPPED due to her weight and has since gone under the knife to remove the APRON of excess skin which left her feeling sad and insecure. Creative writer and mum-of-one, Jacqueline Laing (43) from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada, had always struggled with her weight and relationship with food which saw her trapped in a cycle of binge eating and sneaking and hiding food to eat in secret. Unhappy with her 21st 4lb and a UK size 28 frame, Jacqueline dreaded doing things that others take for granted like going out for meals and grocery shopping out of fear of people judging and staring at her which caused her to eat to comfort her worries. On top of this, Jacqueline’s weight was starting to have a negative impact on her health as her menstrual cycle stopped for five-years and doctors urged her to lose weight. Desperate, she tried everything from the grapefruit diet and weight watchers to the Atkins diet and slim shakes but Jacqueline could never sustain her weight loss from fad diets. Fed up, she started to eat healthier and went vegetarian before working out six times a week. Two years later, Jacqueline had lost an incredible 11st 10lb but was left with an apron of loose skin that wouldn’t disappear no matter how much she worked on toning and served as an unhappy reminder of her previous lifestyle, so she opted for surgery to remove it in October last year. Now, Jacqueline’s periods are back to normal and she’s a super confident 9st 8lb and wears a size small and hopes to inspire others with her story.

Track Record? - 'Worlds best' model locomotive for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A stunning model train described as 'one of the best ever built' could break a world record when it goes under the hammer. The maroon coloured scaled down version of the 'Duchess of Buccleuch' is one of just two of that model made by legendary train builder Harry Powell. Its sister model sold for a world record Ł183,000 seven years ago - and it is hoped this one could top that sum. The 10ft model took Powell, who is regarded as the 'Rembrandt of model train making', 10 years and 18,000 hours to build.

Amazing photograph captures the rare moment a meteor strikes the moon during a total lunar eclipse

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lucky photographer captured the astonishing moment a meteor struck the moon during the total lunar eclipse - but can you spot it? Jamie Cooper, 49, from Whilton, Northamptonshire, did not realise at the time just how rare of a sight he had snapped while photographing the lunar eclipse on Sunday night. The photographer attached his camera to a telescope with a 2000mm lens to get a clear image of the eclipse - not knowing he was going to snap the meteor striking the moon.

Bed in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** An adventurer gets ready for a cold night sleep after making a unusual bed for himself in the snow. Chris Mutton, 46, spent 1 and a half hours digging the bed out of the snow before spending the night on Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, in the Cairngorms, Scotland last month.

Great-grandmother, 80, will risk death to have a facelift saying ‘at least I will look good in my coffin’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A great-grandmother who has been dreaming of cosmetic surgery for more than half a century is finally getting a facelift - after saving her loose change in a giant Coca Cola bottle. Toni Goldenberg is set to become one of the oldest people in the country to have the procedure when she goes under the knife - at the tender age of EIGHTY. She first considered the procedure in her mid twenties when her first facial wrinkles started to appear. The octogenarian, who has two great-grandchildren, began saving for the £10,000 op five years ago and started her ‘facelift fund’ money box.

Edwardian exercise book reveals extraordinary beasts

***EXCLUSIVE*** An unique and extraordinary hand drawn book of fantastical beasts has emerged for sale - with specialists claiming the sketches would not look out of place in a Harry Potter novel. The Edwardian 'Pawky Pawk’s Book of Beasts' dates back to 1905 and features 32 wierd and wonderful creatures all accompanied by a brief satirical description. The spooky pictures were drawn by a mystery illustrator named 'Jimmy Smite', who also depicted himself in the beautifully drawn exercise book.

Cottage set in landscape featured in BBC's All Creatures Great and Small can be rented for just £14 per night

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escape to the country in this stunning two-bed cottage that featured heavily in BBC series All Creatures Great and Small, and is now available to rent for just £14 per person per night. Incredible images show the exterior of the quaint cottage as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside. Other stunning pictures show that the cottage has been fully renovated with a modern kitchen, cosy living room and spacious bedrooms. Helwith Cottage is located near Marske in the remote hamlet of Helwith, Yorkshire and sits on the edge of the 7,000-acre Barningham and Holgate Estate, owned by Sir Edward and Lady Milbank and can be rented on cottages.com for £405 for a week stay. As the cottage sleeps four this works out at just £14 per person for each night.

Meet singer Cheryl Cole's biggest fan - a 51-year-old bachelor who has splashed out an astonishing £7,000 on memorabilia of his idol

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shaun Smith, 52, from Basildon, Essex who has built up a huge collection of Cheryl Cole memorabilia, including books, mugs, posters, signed photographs and as well as blankets, dressing gowns and other items he has had made. Devoted Shaun Smith insists he isn't obsessed with the ex-Girls Aloud singer despite spending up to three days at a time scouring the internet for rare pictures of her.

Lion shakes off rain

***EXCLUSIVE*** A lion shakes the water from its mane - resembling a pet dog. The male lion was soaked after a storm rained down on Mara North Conservancy in Masai Mara, Kenya. In an attempt to dry himself off, the three-year-old male lion performed a 'lion shake' - flicking his head from side to side to remove the water droplets from its mane. The technique resembles a pet dog, that use the same method when they have been for a swim or had a bath. Professional photographer Jacques-André Dupont captured the shake during a seven day trip to Kenya.

Tobacco farming in Bandarban, Bangladesh

BANDARBAN, BANGLADESH: Tobacco farming is rapidly increasing in Bangladesh. According to official data for 2016, tobacco is grown on 46,472 hectares of land, producing 87,628 tons of tobacco leaf. The country ranks 14th for area under tobacco, 12th for production in quantity, and has a share of 1.3% of global tobacco production (FAOSTAT 2018). Tobacco farming is damaging the environment, reducing soil fertility and occupying more and plain lands earlier used for growing rice and other crops. However, around 40000 tonnes of firewood are burnt in about 2000 tobacco processing kilns a year, depleting natural forests, according to environmentalists.

Students cross Matamuhuri River to get education in Bandarban

BANDARBAN, BANGLADESH: Students cross Matamuhuri River to reach their school at Lama in Chittangong Hill Tracs district of Bandarban, Bangladesh. They walk six hours every day to get education.