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Quadriplegic whose mother was told to put her in a care home after she became paralysed at 18 sets up a rehab centre to help others

***EXCLUSIVE*** ORLANDO, UK: This woman was given up on by doctors who told her mum to put her in a CARE HOME after a car crash left her QUADRIPLEGIC, but she has since proved everybody wrong and set up her OWN rehab centre for others like her. Client services worker at NextStep Orlando, Amanda Perla (29) from Orlando, Florida, USA, was involved in a car accident in 2007, just weeks before she was due to move to university. Amanda was asleep in the passenger seat of the car when her friend fell asleep at the wheel and lost control of the car. The driver was unhurt, but Amanda broke her neck and almost completely severed her spinal cord. The crash left Amanda a C6 incomplete quadriplegic, meaning she is paralysed from the chest down. All hopes of moving to university were lost as Amanda spent the next six months in a rehabilitation hospital, learning to live in a wheelchair. Doctors told her that she would never be able to walk or live an independent life again, which was difficult for Amanda, who was always very sporty and active, to comprehend. After six months, the facility insisted there was no more they could do for her and they warned her mother that if she couldn’t take care of her, she should put Amanda in a nursing home at the age of 18. Amanda’s mum refused and quit her job to take care of her daughter herself. The pair researched rehab facilities to see what help there was for people with paralysis, when they came across NextStep, an intense exercise-based recovery centre, located in California. Amanda saw first-hand how little help there is for people living with lifelong injuries, leading her to take the plunge and create her own rehab centre, NextStep Orlando. Without sufficient funds, Amanda and her mum set up the non-profit organisation through fundraising, in the hopes that people who were once given up on could be given the chance to recover.

Three pensioners have earned black belts in Taekwondo after learning it for only five years

***EXCLUSIVE** Keith Harry, 75, wife Kathy Harry, 70 and Jean Glanville, 75, have all earned the prestigious belt after attending classes at Grafton Regis village hall, Northants.  They are joined by Kathy Finnegan, 63, and taught by former Olympic athlete Constantino “Tino” Cesar.  Only four people attend the class in the village, which has a population of less than 100.  Mr Harry explained that the class has helped build his confidence, and he believes he would be able to handle himself if anyone ever tried to attack him in the street.  The four members had to go through rigorous training before they could apply for the black belt at a recent event in Mansfield, Notts.

A man who hasn’t had sex in almost a decade is raising a child with a married couple in their home

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Jay identifies as „asexual” which means that he does not experience sexual attraction and has no desire to have intercorse with his partners. The software developer, 36, has only had sex a handful of times in his life and has abstained for the last eight years. He is now in a relationship with Zeke Hausfather and Avary Kent and the trio have a daughter, who they have asked to remain anonymous, together. David lives with Zeke, also 36, a climate scientist, and Avary, 34, a director of a not-for-profit, with their daughter, now 18 months, in San Francisco, California. The child is Zeke and Avary’s biological daughter but she calls David „Dadda” and he is currently in the process of legally adopting her. David said: „She calls Zeke „Daddy” and me „Dadda”. I never thought I’d be able to form a family as an asexual. I’m overjoyed to be a father with my co-parents.”

Going out with my severe acne for the first time

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, AMBLER, PA: A 23-year-old woman with severe cystic acne has learned to embrace her skin after sharing her story on social media. Grace Nesbitt, from Philadelphia, has suffered with cystic acne since she was in high school. But after years of struggling with her self-image, she has shared her story on social media and gone out bare-faced for the first time, in order to inspire others to find inner confidence. Grace, who works as a stylist, says that her acne is so severe that she struggles to leave the house, as well as being unable to eat or smile without being in pain.