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Sales executive, 27, with huge cysts on his face who has been bullied all his life and was frequently beaten up at school finds love

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the man with huge cysts on his face who was bullied and caught up in fights as a result throughout his school-life but thanks to his devoted British girlfriend he has learnt to embrace his cysts and move on. Sales executive, Alexander Marti (27), from Brisbane, Australia, was born with a condition called lymphatic malformation, specifically cystic hygroma; a mass in the face or neck that results from an abnormal formation of lymphatic vessels. Growing up with the condition meant that he felt different to his peers during his primary school years and he had some speech impediments due to the size of his tongue which was bigger than normal that it didn’t sit comfortably in his mouth. He was bullied because of what he looked like and had to undergo tracheotomy surgery, an incision in the windpipe made to relieve an obstruction to breathing. Alexander’s dad, Carlos Enrique Marti, encouraged him to stand up for himself and since moving to Queensland he has made many friends and is now in a happy relationship with Sarah Hill.

I’m so hairy my nickname is Bigfoot and I had to start shaving aged eight – but finding love convinced me to ditch the razor

***EXCLUSIVE*** PORTLAND, OREGON, USA: This mum’s embarrassment about her excess hair resulted in her shaving at just EIGHT-YEARS-OLD and caused her gynaecologist’s JAW TO DROP before she was diagnosed with hirsutism but she is finally embracing the condition with the support of her boyfriend who thinks she is beautiful. Mum-of-three and former hair stylist, Dana (32) also known as Lady Sasquatch from Portland, Oregon, USA, grew up in Florida where it was warm, which meant she was always in shorts but children noticed that she had dark hair on her legs and poked fun out of her. At just eight-years-old, she started shaving her legs and at 12 plucked her eyebrows for the first time and began bleaching her upper lip. As the years went by, Dana waxed and would epilate the hairs that were too short to be removed through waxing. Dana, who also suffers with the chronic pain condition fibromyalgia, was left feeling exhausted having to keep up with stripping hair from her toes, feet, legs, bikini area, stomach, armpits, arms, hands and fingers which left her skin feeling prickly and irritated thanks to the regrowth. When she was 27-years old, Dana tried laser hair removal but found it a painful experience which didn’t give her the promised results. It wasn’t until her now boyfriend, Steve, saw how draining hair removal and covering herself up by wearing long shorts was for her and suggested that she ditched the razors that Dana started to accept her excess hair although she thought he was joking at first and would no longer find her attractive if she stopped. With Steve reassuring her she is beautiful regardless of body hair, Dana has been embracing the skin she’s in for two-years now and hopes to show other females that there is nothing wrong with their natural selves and body hair is not gross. Two years ago, Dana was diagnosed with hirsutism after her male gynaecologist’s “jaw dropped” when he saw her natural hair and after checking her tummy, neck and face sent her for hormone testing which confirmed she had the excess hair growth condition.

Baby 'twins' have two DIFFERENT fathers after gay couple were both able to fertilise an embryo of a surrogate mother

***EXCLUSIVE*** These are the amazing twins - who actually AREN’T twins at all. Thanks to the wonder of fertility treatment - Calder and Alexandra are actually half siblings. They were born at the same time as twins, but amazingly they both have DIFFERENT dads. They were born to London couple Simon and Graeme Berney Edwards via a surrogate they met in Canada. Amazing advances in IVF meant that the couple were able to fertilise an embryo each and BOTH were placed into surrogate Meg Stone?s womb.

Confused Brits were left performing double-takes when they spotted IRON MAN busy on his day-off

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Marvel superhero’s alter-ego Tony Stark isn’t known for carrying out everyday chores during his downtime.  But he looked at ease in the Westcountry, where he was seen driving out of a Hyundai dealership in Thornbury with a brand-new model.  Bemused onlookers watched the comic book legend take a dog for walk, go for a KFC drive-thru and drop off a load of cardboard at the local recycling plant.  He was also spotted in upmarket Clifton Village, home of Brunel’s famous suspension bridge, where he carried out his grocery shop, visited a florist and checked out the offers at an opticians - to the shock of passing shoppers.  But the superhero wasn’t in the UK for the latest adventure - it was a lookalike who had arrived in the city to show off the new Iron Man-inspired Hyundai Kona.  After being unveiled at Comic Con in the USA last year, Hyundai has now confirmed it will bring 300 of the Kona Iron Man Edition SUVs to the UK.

A 14-year-old girl faces a lifetime of sitting down after being struck by a rare condition which means she FAINTS every time she stands up.

***EXCLUSIVE*** Faith Morris, of Kidderminster, went from living an active life as a dancer to being confined to a wheelchair in June last year. The schoolgirl suffers from a condition known as Postural Tachycadia Syndrome (PoTS), it means every time she stands, her heart rate speeds up, causing her to pass out.  Faith had been at a parents evening in Lacon Childe School, Shropshire, with her mother Lakami Seaman, 39, on May 24, 2018. She had felt faint and was taken home and a month later after various doctors appointments she was diagnosed with the rare condition.  Mum-of-three Lakami Seaman, 39, said she they had a „hellish” month trying to understand why her daughter was fainting.

Couple who've packed their lives into a converted Dodge Ram Promaster reveal that van life isn't always as glamorous as it seems on Instagram

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple who packed up their lives into a converted van and hit the road with the help of their dads after one of them also grew up in a van. Advertising agency creative director Dominic Faucher (31) and PhD student Mariepier Bastlen (29), both from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, spent around £16.5k on a 2014 Dodge Ram Promaster before spending a further £13k converting it into a cosy home. The conversion process took around 12 months including planning and research, but only around 12 weeks real time to complete the build. The lucky couple were able to call on the expertise of their fathers who are both skilled in woodworking and construction.

Stunning views, mountains, lakes and very few neighbors! Private island in Alaska goes on the market for a cool $2.7m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Enjoy stunning views of the spectacular Alaskan countryside from your very own private island, available for just over £2m. Incredible images show the 0.58-acre island from above surrounded by water, the shimmering lake as viewed from the outside decking at the property and the snowy mountain peaks in the background. Other striking shots show inside the three-bed house on the island with a modern kitchen, cosy bedrooms and spacious living areas with huge windows allowing the property to be flooded with natural light and offering those remarkable views from anywhere in the house. The Twin Islands are located in Sitka, Alaska, USA and one of them is currently listed on www.vladi-private-islands.de for just around £2m.

Businessman sells more than 700 'Brexit boxes' containing enough food for a month at £300 a time in case imports are hit by Britain leaving Europe with no deal

***EXCLUSIVE*** A survival kit costing £300 preparing Britons for the possibility that food imports will come to a halt as a result of Brexit has been launched. More than 600 people have bought the 'Brexit Box', which contains enough food for one person to survive without anything else for a month.  Inside the package, which has a shelf life of 25 years, there are 60 freeze dried meals, 48 portions of meat, a water filter and fire starting gel.  In the wake of the launch a government spokesman reassured Britons that there's no need to stockpile food.   James Blake, of outdoor supplies company Emergency Food Storage UK, which sells the Brexit Box, said there's a 'very real possibility' people will need their product.

Pensioner, 65, marries a woman he met on holiday despite being more than DOUBLE her age and a decade older than her dad - and he proposed just TWO WEEKS after meeting

***EXCLUSIVE*** Liam Woolnough, 65, was walking down the beach in Cuba on the last day of a two-week break when he locked eyes with glamorous Yaritza Buelga, 29.  They fell for each other when she invited him for lunch and the widower flew home vowing to return.  And despite being nearly a decade older than her DAD, Liam proposed to Yaritza just a few weeks later on his second trip to the paradise island.  The smitten pair tied the knot in December last year, and despite being more than DOUBLE her age, the retired photographer insists they make love twice a day.  The OAP can't live in Cuba yet due to visa issues, but has visited her many times, and plans to move there full time in the coming months.

Student, 20, who was diagnosed with leukaemia aged 13 repays the NHS £150k for life-saving surgery – after making a vow to do so when he was a teen

***EXCLUSIVE*** An inspirational cancer-survivor who battled an aggressive form of leukaemia made the incredible vow to doctors to repay the cost of his surgery - a whopping £150k. Andrew Davies, 20, was just 13-years-old when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in September 2012. The brave teen - supported by his parents Alison Davies, 53, Paul Davies, 61 and brother James Davies, 21- began chemotherapy which caused sickness, hair loss, bleeding and bruising.  He underwent a bone marrow transplant in January 2013, spending 25 days in isolation.  Driven by his gratitude for the care he received and wanting to help others in a similar position to himself, Andrew made the unbelievable pledge to raise the cost of his life-saving bone marrow transplant to the NHS.  However, when Andrew asked his nurse Julie at Sheffield Children's Hospital how much the transplant would cost, his mother Alison 'almost started choking'.

Under animal photography

***EXCLUSIVE*** Animals pose on a glass table in a series of fascinating shots that show what they look like from underneath. The unusual photographs show what beloved household pets including dogs, cats and rabbits look like from an angle owners aren't used to seeing. One happy hedgehog captured from underneath lets out a little smile for the camera as its round body can be seen pressing against the glass. Other animals photographed from underneath include a boa constrictor snake, stick insects, a budgie and a 140 stone horse.

Bulgarian snow festival looking like yetis

***EXCLUSIVE*** Revellers dress in elaborate animal hair costumes and home-made masks which make them look like yetis. The heavy outfits, some weighing as much as 30kg, are made from long goat hair and copper bells known as Kukeri. They're worn by Bulgarian pagan revellers for a festival welcoming the new year.

Rice paddy art in China

The rice paddy art can be seen at the rice field in Yancheng, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Wing walking bird

***EXCLUSIVE*** This little bird looks like it is trying to hitch a ride by landing on the back of larger bird of prey. The smaller but more agile black drongo attacked the larger brahminy kite when they were both scanning the land and water below for prey. The feisty drongo clawed at his rival - leading to a short dogfight in the air.

Cat Walk

***EXCLUSIVE*** A tiger looks more like a celebrity appearing at a red carpet event than a wild animal as it parades in front of dozens of photographers. The Bengal nonchalantly strides across the track as hoards of tourists try to get the best shot while on safari. The photos show around 20 jeeps filled with photographers all trying to get the perfect photo before the elusive tiger disappears into the bushes at Tadoba Andhari National Park in Maharashtra, India. The tourists look like paparazzi from a fashion week catwalk or the red carpet during an awards ceremony.