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I was homeless at 18 and dropped to a skinny size 4 – but now I’m a professional bodybuilder after gaining three stone

***EXCLUSIVE*** This British construction manager with a Barbie-doll face has overcome a troubled childhood, numerous care homes and HOMELESSNESS but isn’t letting that stand in her way of proving that women are just as strong as men and is now a bodybuilding champion. Construction development manager, Charli Allardyce (28), from Essex, UK, was brought up within the care system from the young age of 11 to 18. This resulted in her only attending one day of high school, leaving at the age of 13 when she was forced to move across the country to different care homes. This unstable lifestyle led her to neglect her health and body due to being overwhelmed with stress and financial restrictions. Her previous weight was only 6st 7Ibs and a UK size four to six. Pictures show how Charli started off skinny but ditched the thin look in a bid to prove to macho construction workers that women can body build just-as-well as men. She has such a point to prove she even fractured her humorous bone in an arm wrestle against a male colleague, rather than admit defeat. It wasn’t until March 2016 when she decided to join a gym and get toned for her holiday to Ibiza, but she was still not motivated until January 2017 when she went to gym regularly and increased her passion for bodybuilding. Thanks to her lifestyle change of eating healthy and working out five days a week, she managed to sculpt her body into a muscle machine and is now 9st 7Ibs and a UK size 10 to 12.

Nurse’s arm sliced off by boat propeller while swimming in sea on hen party

***EXCLUSIVE*** A nurse whose arm was chopped off by a boat’s propeller while on vacation said her experience in the ICU „saved her life”. Kristina Dejesus, 32, lost her right arm at the shoulder when it came into contact with a boat’s propeller while on a weekend away with her childhood pals in October 2017. The nurse said she didn’t realize she had lost her limb until she was hauled out of the water on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, and onto a speed boat. Kristina said she instructed the boat’s occupants to apply pressure to her wound and elevate her legs as they raced her to the lake’s dock to an awaiting ambulance. The nurse, of Cranford, New Jersey, was transferred by helicopter to Dell Seton Medical Center where she underwent emergency surgery to treat her wound.

A woman who was told she would not be able to have children gave birth TWICE - and claims it is all down to joining the gym

***EXCLUSIVE*** Hannah Carpenter, 35, spent a year trying to have a baby with husband Michael before being diagnosed with a condition that meant the chances of conceiving naturally were slim. The couple persevered for the next eights years, attempting everything from artificial insemination, medication and four rounds of IVF treatment. After the long-running battle - which included one devastating miscarriage - the pair had accepted they would never have their own child.

A woman, 20, who is engaged to a man MORE THAN THREE DECADES OLDER than her has revealed that strangers assume he is her father

***EXCLUSIVE*** Isabella Sainz has two children with Joseph Conner, 53, and the couple plan on tying the knot at the end of this year. The full time mom, from Miami, Florida, fell in love with the retired cop who is now a high school lacrosse coach when the pair worked together. Despite the fact that Isabella is almost 15 years younger than Joseph’s eldest child, the pair began dating. She had only been in a relationship with the lacrosse coach, dad of Joseph, 34, Jason, 24, Jacqueline, 23, and Justin, 21, for one month when she discovered she was pregnant. The mum of Autumn, 15 months, and Wynter, six weeks, said: „We definitely get looks when we are out in public together. Strangers will say to Joseph: Are you her dad?‚ sometimes we correct them and they go quiet, other times we’ll joke it off and pretend that I am his daughter.”

Boy, 7 calls 999 when mum collapses at home

***EXCLUSIVE*** Marjana with her son who called 999 when his mother collapsed at the family home. Marjana Gofur, 37, passed out in Petts Wood, Bromley, after collecting her son Noah from Breaside Preparatory School. He quickly called the emergency number then comforted his mother and looked after his 15-month-old sister, Isabella, until paramedics arrived.

A super-fit pensioner claims to have CURED an 'unbearable' case of lower-back pain - by becoming a gymnast

***EXCLUSIVE*** Laurence Mitchell has racked up hundreds of social media followers and thousands of views with his fitness videos after taking up the sport aged 65. Retired Laurence says he developed constant lower back pain after a fall, which left him suffering from anxiety issues. But the grandfather said he 'somersaulted his way to a cure' - despite suffering from a shoulder disability.

A pooch who was rescued from the brink of death now has a new family and best friend - a LIZARD

***EXCLUSIVE*** Syke the Staffordshire Bull Terrier weighed just 4.5kg when she was rescued by the RSPCA in January 2015 and taken to the Woodside Animal Centre, in Leicester. She weighted a third of a healthy female staffy and employee's said she was skinniest animal they'd seen alive before nicknaming her 'X-ray dog'. Owner Hayley Wessier, 30, first laid eyes on her in April 2015 and after months special care and rehabilitation and it was "love at first lick".

Doggy Baywatch

***EXCLUSIVE*** It really is a dog’s life for these adorable pooches who have been snapped enjoying a day at the beach as part of one photographer’s quirky new photobook. The adorable images show Goldendoodles, Derby and Teddy, each sporting sunglasses and blue mohawks splashing around in the water, Labrador, Fred, catching the waves during a doggy surf lesson and glamourous Chihuahua crosses, Dizzie and Dottie, strutting along the sand in eye-catching bikinis. Other hilarious shots show Boxer, Tom Tom, intently watching the rollercoasters at a seaside amusement park and British Bulldog, Goose, lazily flopped on top of some sandcastles in a Hawaiian style shirt, whilst a gang of canines race towards the sunset. The stunning pictures appear in new book, Dogs on the Beach by photographer Lara Jo Regan and is published by Myth and Matter Media.