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Four billion-to-1 family has four sets of identical twins

Adorable little Charlie and Alfie Barnes beat odds of four billion when they became the fourth generation of identical twins born into one family. Their mother Hayley Barnes said she was "half expecting" it to happen because of the family's history. Her father Alan, 64, has an identical twin brother Dave. Her grandad Charlie was an identical twin with his brother Reggie and her great grandfather Charles was also an identical twin, although his brother died just after the birth. Identical twins do not run down the family line - it is only nonidentical sets of twins that have a genetic link. The chance of Charlie and Alfie being born as the fourth set of identical twins in the same family has odds of four billion to one.

Model with Down's syndrome, 14, who is signed to FIVE agencies 'is living proof that nothing is impossible'

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the stunning girl with Down’s syndrome who is taking the internet by storm after a social media post attracted the attention of modelling agencies. Stay-at-home-mum, Rubia Traebert (44), from Curitiba, Brazil, and her husband, Herman, were living in Boston, USA, for two-and-a-half-years before she fell pregnant with their daughter, Georgia (now 14). Rubia and Herman wanted to deliver their daughter in Brazil to be close to family, so in July 2003, when she was five-months pregnant, they moved back to their hometown. In November 2003, they had a shock when Georgia was born, as she was diagnosed with heart disease and Down’s syndrome (DS), a genetic disorder that usually causes some level of learning disability and certain physical characteristics. She had to undergo heart surgery at just five-months-old which was successful, and her mum quit her job to look after her full-time. Due to the difficulty of changing schools many times due to the quality of care Georgia received regarding her DS, Georgia found it hard to settle and find friends, particularly because girls her age didn’t have the ‘patience’ for her due to her developmental delays. In June 2016, Rubia decided to post a picture of Georgia to help inspire other children with DS which received over 1,000 likes. Georgia has since been acting in commercials, singing on stage and her social media presence has attracted the attention of modelling agencies, increasing her confidence.

Anorexic student told she looked like the ‘walking dead’ by her mum reveals her heart would stop while she slept due to ‘scrawny’ frame

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet this former-anorexic whose heart would sometimes STOP for up to FIVE SECONDS while she was kept awake all night because of her “scrawny bony body” that her mother compared to something from the WALKING DEAD. University student, Simona Duffekova (20), from Trnava, Slovakia, was 17-years-old when she participated in a local race. During the race she fell off an obstacle and broke her leg. Due to her injury, she couldn’t work out anymore and she feared she would ‘get fat’ and so decreased her calorie intake to under 900-calories a day which reduced her size to 6st 13Ib and smaller than a UK size six. The compliments and comments she received about her weight loss spurred her into developing anorexia with the desire to feel loved. However, within the next year she began to experience severe cardiac problems; her heart would sometimes stop for five seconds while she was asleep. Her mum, who told her she looked like the ‘walking dead’, showed her a picture of her back that terrified her. They went to a doctor who diagnosed her with anorexia and recommended she visit a psychiatrist, but Simona insisted she recovered on her own. She has since recovered fully, and her weight is now at a healthy 8st 11Ib and she is UK size eight.

Photographer takes ‘primal’ labour pictures to encourage more homebirths

***EXCLUSIVE*** WORTHING, SUSSEX, UK: Raw images showing a nude woman embracing her primal instincts whilst appearing to give birth in an exotic tropical garden have been released by one British photographer who was inspired by her own experience of natural homebirth and the view that medicalisation isn’t necessarily as safe as we imagine. The breath-taking images appear to show a gorgeous model preparing to welcome her newborn child into the world whilst in a glass cube set against a wild garden while her midwife and partner look on in awe. The stunning shots show the woman boldly standing up whilst passionately going through the throes of labour before peacefully holding her baby in her arms with umbilical cord still attached before starting to nurse. These pictures were taken by photographer, Natalie Lennard (32) from Worthing, Sussex, UK, and feature in her series Salle Sauvage which forms part of her wider Birth Undisturbed project. Natalie was inspired by her two experiences of natural homebirth where she found that she was free to follow her own primal instincts during labour under the watchful eye of her independent midwife who let her embrace her body. Through her incredible work Natalie hopes to show women that there are alternative styles in which to give birth that aren’t just in a sanitised hospital on their back. Natalie, who normally shoots glamorous fashion and commercial work, said she was inspired one day when she was shooting alternative beauty model Gina Harrison.

Meet the Heartbreak Doctor: Woman who spent TWO YEARS getting over her exes becomes a break-up coach to help others recover from love splits

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who after TWO YEARS of getting over her ex decided to become a break-up coach to help other couples recover from their break-ups and even ‘win their exes back’. In 2007, break-up coach, Natalia Juarez (37), from Toronto, Canada, was 25-years-old when she experienced her worst heartbreak with a man, she was in a relationship with for seven years, on-and-off. Despite ending their relationship, the two were still in contact, which made letting him go very hard. She ultimately ended their relationship when she met someone else in summer 2008. This relationship ended up being a whirlwind romance resulting in them getting engaged six months after they met. However, in 2010, her fiancé was offered a job abroad and decided for them that she would move. This decision was short-lived, as Natalia soon realised that their relationship was not healthy and broke off the engagement due to their contrasting personalities and she found him controlling. For two years she worked on herself and learned how to date in a healthier way, but later in 2012 she discovered her passion of helping others get through the pain and emotion she has been through. She has trained with several coaching companies and has created coaching programmes designed to help men and women get through their romantic challenges. She is now in a relationship with a man she started dating in 2015 and is using her personal experiences to help men and women get through their own heartbreaks.

Woman with a paralysed colon goes on mission to prove colostomy bags don’t smell after a 10-year-old killed himself because of his

***EXCLUSIVE*** A woman horrified to discover the suicide of a 10-year-old in America has embarked on a global mission to prove people forced to use a colostomy bag don’t smell. Annie Jenkins, 30, uploaded an emotive post to Facebook after hearing about the death of Seven Bridges, who hanged himself after his fifth grade classmates in Kentucky teased him for needing a stoma. Annie, who had her own stoma fitted after suffering from a paralysed colon, says she is currently awaiting further surgery, but is now desperate to raise awareness of what she described as an "invisible illness" after hearing about the tragedy. And her moving message on social media alongside two photos of her pointing at her stoma has now been shared 30,000 times and attracted hundreds of comments praising her for her bravery in speaking out.

Sleddie the eagle - German sledge race with NO BRAKES sees daredevils fly down one-mile track with a jump

Two daredevils cling to a sledge in mid-air at an annual race. Others ended up with face-fulls of snow at the Schnabler event in Gaissach, Germany. It sees traditional horn sledges — with no brakes allowed — fly down a one-mile track with a jump at the end. Racers cannot use brakes during the heart-stopping contest. Other mechanical aides are also banned. The sledges were originally used by alpine farmers but are now raced for fun.

Goat wearing a jumper

***EXCLUSIVE*** Goats in Bangladesh keep warm during the cooler winter nights by wearing jumpers which have been provided by their caring owners. The goats have their legs places through the arm holds of the jumper. Clothing the goats in such a way can help protect them against diseases in winter, when night time temperatures can drop below +10c degrees. This fashionable goat was pictured by Al Amin, 23, from Bogra, Bangladesh.

Fossilised feathers dating back 160 million years reveal the secrets of flight and how birds evolved to fly

***EXCLUSIVE*** Fossilised feathers from a four-winged dinosaur that lived 160 million years ago have shed fresh light on the evolution of flight. About the size of a pheasant, Anchiornis roamed China 10 million years before Archaeopteryx - the first recognised bird. Chemical analysis found its beautifully preserved feathers had the same proteins found in birds today. Although they were not suitable for powerful flight, their molecular composition may signify an intermediate stage in the evolution of bird feathers.

1930s water tower transformed into six bedroom home with ‘absolutely beautiful’ views- and it’s on sale for £1.5 million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cromwell Tower was transformed into a six-bedroom home in 2016 after it was snapped up at auction for just £25,000. The huge concrete structure was built in 1930 and used until 2004 when it was decommissioned. Estate agents Knight Frank are marketing the property, overlooking rolling Warwickshire countryside in Burton Green, near Kenilworth, with a £1.5 million price tag. The art deco building with protruding buttresses was designed by a German architect for the Corporation of Coventry. Standing 50ft high, locals have dubbed the imposing building "Kenilworth’s second castle” on account of it being visible from miles around. It retains a number of original features, including the original central spiral staircase, depth gauges and exposed stone work.

Inside eerie forgotten cave where people once queued to have sickness cured

***EXCLUSIVE*** Holywell Cave, also known as St Cuthbert's Cave, was once famed around the world and people would travel to visit it. At the entrance, steps were carved into the rock which led down to the cavern below where there is a natural spring. Legend has it that cripples would leave their crutches behind at the foot of the cave after drinking the water from the cave near Newquay, Cornwall.

Endangered animals sculptures made from rubbish

A Portuguese artist Bordalo II is turning rubbish into street art sculptures of endangered animals to highlight Climate Change. He wants to highlight the devastating impact humans are having on the environment to young people. He says the idea is about creating the animals out of things that kill them.