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Father-of-four feels sexier at SIXTY than he did in his 20s after discovering a love of bodybuilding

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the dad-of-four who sees himself as SEXIER at SIXTY and claims to have maintained the body of a TWENTY-YEAR-OLD allowing him to keep up with the younger guys he likes to date. At 12st 2Ib, retired and former lawyer, Clayton Paterson (60), from Ohio, USA, has always been fit and active throughout his teens and in his twenties; adopting hobbies like skiing, swimming, mountain biking and running. Despite never feeling insecure about his naturally skinny body in his twenties, Clayton would at times compare himself to his more muscular older brother, who would sometimes tease him. He became aware that he could achieve more with his body. In December 2015, he came out as gay and has since attracting men of a wide age range thanks to his bulked-up body. Over the years, his career and duties as a father to four children, Jacob (33), Nathaniel (32), Anne (30) and Luke (23), made it difficult for him to maintain his fitness routine. It wasn’t until 2017, when Clayton discovered physique competitions, that he discovered his passion for bodybuilding. Thanks to his newly bulked-up body, he has maintained his physique at 12st 7Ib and can comfortably socialise with his active children and their friends.

Adventure junkie and his beloved rescue dog spend their days scaling mountains, wading through rivers and camping in the SNOW

***EXCLUSIVE*** EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA: This hunky adventure junkie has the ultimate work life balance and spends half his week hiking and running up mountains with his adorable pet pooch in tow who he rescued from freezing to death as a puppy. Owner of fitMD Personal Training, Michael Dietrich (28) from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, set up his company after a tear to his meniscus and ACL dashed his hopes of becoming a professional soccer player. It was then when he found his passion for all things outdoors, desperate to maintain his fitness and started to explore the backcountry. Over time, Michael found he was spending up to a week at a time exploring isolated areas of the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter with just his six-year-old rescue dog, BearBear, who rescued at just four-weeks old from a freezing cold farm, for company and started to document their envy-inducing adventures together on Instagram. In March last year, Michael decided to move into his RV after his eight-year-long relationship ended to pursue his passion for the great outdoors and now splits his week in half, growing his personal training business for 50 per cent of the time and the rest exploring the lakes and summits of Canmore, Banff and Abraham Lake, which are just four-hours away from his hometown, with BearBear. BearBear is the dream adventure companion and Michael hasn’t been on a mountain adventure without him and this lifestyle means that Michael is living his life without regrets. Incredible pictures show Michael and BearBear camping in the snow, wading through rivers and celebrating reaching the summit just before sunset.

An anorexic woman who, at her lowest point weighed just four and a half stone, has described how chocolate saved her life - after five years of battling the disorder

***EXCLUSIVE*** Annie Windley, 21, from Derbyshire, East Mids conquered her fear of food after eating one Lindt chocolate ball she had craved all night in 2014. Annie who was surviving on a diet of either toast and jam or low-fat ready meal a day eventually become crippled with hunger and ate the chocolate despite her fear of getting fat. The young girl weighed herself the next day but was delighted when she realised that she had not gained any weight which encouraged her to take her recovery seriously. Annie who was 50 (kg), seven stone when she started dieting accidentally became obsessed with her weight at 15 years-old and would count calories before eating. She would not eat foods with carbohydrates, meat or dairy because she wanted to stay skinny, being in the same room as a plate of lasagne would sweat cause her to sweat and shake out of fear. At her lowest point, she weighed only 29 kg just over four and a half stone.

Woman is left throwing up blood after a horrific snowboarding accident which 'tore her pancreas in half'

***EXCLUSIVE*** VANCOUVER, CANADA: A horrific snowboarding accident left this woman THROWING UP BLOOD and doctors stumped when scans revealed she had somehow torn her PANCREAS IN TWO, but now she proudly shows off her surgery scar to encourage others to embrace their flaws. Brand coordinator, Sophie Gillett (34) from Vancouver, Canada, was a keen snowboarder since the age of 15, even living in Whistler for four years during her twenties so she could snowboard five times a week. In December 2014, Sophie and her boyfriend at the time, Farren, were driving out of Vancouver to the mountains in Whistler so they could go snowboarding. They noted how little snow covered the mountains and how poor the terrain was, before finding a less crowded area they wanted to ride down. Despite the lack of snow guiding her path, Sophie was snowboarding down when she collided with a protruding rock which launched her forwards onto hard-packed snow and ice. The forceful impact caused Sophie’s pancreas to split in half. Sophie, who was left in agony by the fall, was assessed by ski patrol on the spot who saw nothing wrong with her, but if she wanted further assessment, she either had to walk to the chair lift, or wait two hours for more ski patrol staff. Sophie opted to walk the two miles to the chair lift, unaware that her pancreas was split in two. After other members of the ski patrol at the ticket office refused to see her, Sophie returned home. A few hours later she began suffering with abdominal pain and throwing up blood, by which point Farren took her to the hospital. Eventually, scans showed the extent of Sophie’s injuries and she was immediately sent for emergency trauma surgery for what they deemed a ‘freak accident’. It took months for Sophie to cope with the five-inch scar in her abdomen, but now she regularly gives updates on her scar as a reminder that beauty is diverse, enabling her to reach other trauma survivors.

Remarkable photographs of gangsters Bonnie and Clyde offer a rare glimpse into their family life as the pair pose with relatives while on the run

***EXCLUSIVE*** Family album of America's most notorious ganster couple comes to light. Remarkable never before seen photos of Bonnie and Clyde have come to light alongside poems penned by the infamous crime duo. The collection of snaps which primarily date from 1933 and 1934 includes photos of the famous fugitives on the run and cars full of bullet holes. Others show Clyde's brother Buck Barrow, his wife Blanche and other members of the notorious Barrow gang. One fascinating poem, penned by Clyde in September 1933, shows a compassionate side to the fugitive as he pleads for 'forgiveness' for what they've done, even describing himself and Bonnie as 'sinners'.

Britain's fastest milk float

***EXCLUSIVE*** Benny Hill may have claimed that Ernie drove the fastest milk cart in the west, but the real-life record holder has now emerged for sale at auction. In his 1971 hit 'Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)' Hill claimed the humble delivery man had the quickest float around, which he used to attract the attention of Sue, a local widow. Now however Ernie's horse drawn cart has been blown out of the water by a V8 monster capable of over 80mph.

The first king of tattoos: Remarkable photos show the work of 1950s tattooist who once inked a fiery dragon on the chest of King Frederick IX of Denmark

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have offered a glimpse inside the studio of a 78-year-old tattoo artist who was a favourite with royalty. The incredible images show a client considering a number of designs including a fiery dragon that tattooist George Burchett had inscribed on the chest of King Frederick IX of Denmark. Other striking shots show a sailor home on leave having Burchett colour an old design, Burchett tattooing a butterfly on a young woman and Burchett preparing his needles for future clients at the end of the day. The remarkable photographs were taken in George Burchett’s tattoo studio in 1951 and offer a glimpse into his world.

Woman who tried suicide fights for better mental health care

***EXCLUSIVE*** A young woman who tried to take her own life at university is fighting to change the education system to offer better mental health care for students. Emily Polling is urging the government to change our 'deeply flawed education system' and prevent children from growing up to be 'suicidal teenagers.' It comes as social media giants face pressure from Health Secretary Matt Hancock to rid their sites of self-harm and suicide content following the death of schoolgirl Molly Russell. The Tory MP said he was prepared to ban Facebook and Instagram if they failed to act after the 14-year-old, who took her own life, was found to be viewing disturbing content about suicide on social media.

Woman whose boyfriend dumped her 'out of nowhere' lost 114lbs after the breakup spurred her on to hit the gym and eat healthily

***EXCLUSIVE*** IDAHO, USA: This woman used to get out of breath TYING HER SHOES and was told by her doctor that she wouldn’t see the age of THIRTY unless she lost weight, but it was a devastating breakup that finally pushed her to lose EIGHT-STONE and realise that the GYM could make her happier than any man. Ophthalmic technician and weight loss coach, Amandalyn Wagoner (28) from Idaho, USA, was overweight from the age of 10 and throughout her teens. By the time she was 20, Amandalyn was diagnosed with chronic migraines, high blood pressure, PCOS and diabetes. Doctors suggested that Amandalyn ingest herself with medication each day, to balance out her body’s hormone levels. Although this was a motivating factor for Amandalyn to lose weight, she never could. Doctors warned her that if she didn’t make drastic changes, she wouldn’t live beyond her thirtieth birthday. Amandalyn would binge eat processed food and gorge on sweets, without doing any exercise, which led her to weigh 14st 7lb, wearing a UK size 22. Despite trying many new fad diets, such as Weight Watchers and Atkins, nothing worked for Amandalyn. In 2014, she moved to Kentucky to live with her boyfriend of a year, escaping her pain felt from failed diets. Amandalyn loved that he accepted who she was and how she looked. Only a few months later, without giving her any reason, Amandalyn’s boyfriend broke up with her, forcing her to drive back to Idaho. Upon returning home, the devastation was immeasurable for Amandalyn, but it made her want to lose the weight for herself and make herself happy. Amandalyn began eating clean and gradually incorporated workouts into her regime. After researching the best way to work out, and teaching herself how to maintain a balanced diet, she managed to lose 8st 2lb in total, and now wears a UK size 10. At the end of 2015, Amandalyn returned to her doctor who was amazed by her transformation, telling her that she no longer required daily medication. In October 2016, Amandalyn had her excess skin removed, finally gaining the confidence to wear swimwear.

Plenty of room to stash your stuff! Renovated 19th century wine merchant's warehouse on the Thames complete with garage is for sale for less than £3m

***EXCLUSIVE*** Own part of London’s industrial heritage with this three-bed converted warehouse on the River Thames which could be yours for less than £3m. Incredible images show the exterior of the warehouse on Dunbar Wharf and it retains the look of its original purpose. Other striking shots show the spacious interior that has been completely renovated including a modern kitchen, various living areas and cosy bedrooms. The Grade II listed warehouse is located in Narrow Street, Dunbar Wharf, London and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £2.8m.

Dog fell off 100ft cliff and survived

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dinky the dog had a miracle escape after plunging 100ft off a sheer cliff and was saved by landing in the sea. The Staffordshire bull terrier pet was being walked off its lead at the Old Harry Rocks beauty spot near Swanage, Dorset, when it suddenly ran towards the edge and plunged over. His owner feared the worst but luckily the tide was in and the surface of the water broke Dinky's fall.

Egret eats scorpion

***EXCLUSIVE*** A hungry egret scoops up a poisonous scorpion and clenches it in its beak. The bird teased its prey by dangling it from its barb and though the scorpion was able to wriggle free it was soon picked up again. The egret uses its beak to weaken the scorpion until they are able to kill them and swallow them without any resistance. Wildlife photographer William Steel witnessed over 20 scorpions eaten by 'plucky' egrets at the Western Cape National Park, near Cape Town, South Africa.