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Break dancer born without arms and legs

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, ROY, UTAH: A man born with no limbs, who took up break dancing as a way of making friends, discovered he not only had a gift for it but that it could inspire others. Gabe Adams, 19, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Hanhart syndrome, a rare medical condition characterised by underdeveloped limbs, mouth and jaw. In Gabe’s case none of his limbs grew at all. Adopted by American parents Janelle and Ron Adams, Gabe was brought to the US as a baby and grew up with his 13 siblings in Kaysville, Utah. From a young age Gabe started using a wheelchair but parents Ron and Janelle were determined that their son would be as independent as possible, pushing Gabe to learn to move independently of his wheelchair. At school he tried out for the dance team as a way of making friends - discovering he could use his limbless body to his advantage in the art of break dancing. After graduating from high school Gabe has continued to prove his independence, moving out of the family home and embarking on a career as a motivational speaker.

The $5 million Learjet limo

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA: A showstopping Learjet limo has been unveiled, featuring a fully-custom design that has transformed a former plane into a club on wheels. The one-of-a-kind vehicle, which cost more than $1 million to construct and can transport up to eight passengers, uses four 28-inch wheels attached to a wingless Learjet fuselage. Before it was debuted in 2018, the 28-metre (42ft)-long „Limo-Jet” was in the making for 12 years, and is the brainchild of designer Dan Harris and owner Frank DeAngelo.

A nurse who spent years working at a hospital renal unit has donated a KIDNEY to a total stranger

***EXCLUSIVE*** Mum-of-two Rachel Cox has worked tirelessly dealing with the harsh realities of dialysis treatment. Compassionate Rachel, who runs a renal unit at Crosshouse Hospital, Ayrshire, has now donated a kidney herself. She went under the knife so a kidney could be removed and given to someone waiting on the transplant list.

A brave 12-year-old girl has shared a picture of her stoma on social media as part of an international anti bullying campaign that has followed the death of a 10-year-old boy in America

***EXCLUSIVE*** Charlotte Anders, from Carr Mill, suffered sepsis last year due to complications that followed her stoma being fitted after she underwent an ileostomy. The schoolgirl has since recovered and took the bold step of sharing the picture after hearing how 10-year-old Seven Bridges, from Kentucky, US, killed himself after being repetitively bullied for having a stoma. A stoma is an opening on the abdomen that can be connected to either your digestive or urinary system to allow waste (urine or faeces) to be diverted out of the body. Despite Charlotte's school friends at Sutton Academy not knowing about her stoma, she decided to post a picture showing it on Facebook with the hashtag #bagsoutforseven written on it.

A pint-sized puppy has found a new home after being renamed Van Gogh due to having only one ear

***EXCLUSIVE*** The two-month-old West Highland terrier was found abandoned in freezing conditions two weeks ago with just some dirty bedding, one toy and little food. A member of the public contacted the Blue Cross animal charity after discovering the adorable pup shivering at Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, near Thame, Oxon. He was then taken to a rehoming centre in Lewknor, Oxon, and examined by staff where it was found he had a chunk of his right ear missing.  They then then decided to name him after famous 19th-Century painter Vincent van Gogh, who famously cut off part of his left ear. Luckily for the newly-christened pup, his new moniker soon helped him to land a permanent new home with a loving family.

A real escape to the country! Georgian six-bedroom mansion with 20 acres of grounds and stunning driveway goes up for sale for £4.25million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Escape to the country with this stunning Grade II listed, Georgian six-bed house with more than 20 acres of grounds that could be yours for £4.25m. Incredible images show the huge property from above with a bridge over the pond in the gardens featuring on the long driveway leading to the main residence while the barn and other residence can clearly be seen. Other striking shots show the remarkable interior with cosy living areas, a sleek, modern kitchen and spacious bedrooms. Brickhouse Farm is located in Smithy Lane, Hulme Walfield, Congleton, Chesire and is currently listed by Jackson Stops for £4.25m.

Nostalgic 1950s photos show carefree children playing in the street and all the family around the table for dinner

***EXCLUSIVE*** DEDWORTH, WINDSOR: Nostalgia inducing photos taken nearly seven decades ago recall the day-to-day life of a typical middle class English family. The quaint photos include a child scrubbing his shoes on his front step along with his yawning pet pooch, a pupil studiously completing his homework, and a happy family sitting down together for an evening meal. Other striking pictures depict worry-free children playing outside on their bikes and go-karts on the near deserted streets, and an orderly queue waiting to board an iconic double-decker passing through Dedworth, Windsor. The remarkable photographs were taken in 1950 and give us a rare glimpse into family life after the Second World War. Marriages lasted longer in the mid 20th century and divorces were far more difficult to procure before sweeping social in the 1960s and the introduction of the 1969 Divorce Reform Act. There were 33,000 divorces in Britain in 1950 compared with 155,000 in 2000. In 2017, the figure sat at 101,669. At the time it was rare for the woman of the house to have her own occupation and she was usually expected to play the role of ‘model wife’, whilst the husband went to work. Only around one third of women enjoyed employment of some kind. Likewise, only one in 20 children were born out of wedlock, compared with nearly 50 per cent of children born in the UK today.