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Woman reveals her boyfriend is PLANE she met at airport five years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the woman who claims she has never loved another person but has found love with a PLANE that she has been in a relationship with for nearly FIVE YEARS over which time she has slept with a model of the PLANE IN HER BED and says she loves his winglets and thrusters. Intimate pictures show saleswoman, Michele Kobke (29), from Berlin, Germany, kissing the door of a 737-800 Boeing plane that she calls ‘Schatz’. Michele is pictured kissing the cockpit of a model of the plane on her bedroom floor, while other pictures show her hugging components of the actual plane in a park. She says she fell in love with the plane the first time she ‘met him’ at Berlin Tegel airport and after nearly five years, she plans to marry him and move with him.

Meet the woman dying of terminal cancer who hosted a wake while she was still alive

***EXCLUSIVE*** Samanda Ford, 58, was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2017 and even died and came back to life on the operating table. According to her doctors she was supposed to die last month but she thanks her positivity and alternative medications for keeping her alive. Her idea to host a wake came after she realised how painful it can be for family and friends to have to organise a funeral and wake after a loved one dies.

The village that is giving away homes for 90p: Mayor of Sicilian town that is desperate for new blood shows the houses that could be yours

These are some of the crumbling but charming homes in a picturesque village on the island of Sicily being put on the market for just one euro. After suffering from years of depopulation, the village of Sambuca is now offering up several properties for less than 90p, with the caveat that prospective buyers have three years to refurbish the homes. Since news broke of the sales scheme, the Mayor Leo Ciaccio's office has been inundated with tens of thousands requests to purchase one of the houses on offer. Sambuca, which was named Italy's most beautiful village in 2016, has been suffering from depopulation, with several homes in the village left empty. The local authorities hope that by selling the homes cheap and getting new owners to commit to refurbishing the properties, they can solve both the population issue and scrub up the village at the same time.

Eerie images reveal the rotting remains of the abandoned 19th Century Florida holiday home of billionaire Mellon banking dynasty mogul

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the rotting remains of the abandoned holiday home of a banking mogul. The stunning pictures show the large house set among the palm trees, a piano left behind in the property and paintings strewn across the rooms. Other haunting shots show the peeling paint and rotting wood in the bathroom, old furniture cluttering up the rooms and boxes of possessions that looks like they’ve been rifled through. The remarkable photographs were taken in James R Mellon’s house in Palatka, Florida by a photographer known as Bullet.

Passenger plane becomes coffee house

In Kastamonu purchased by the municipality, A Boing 737 type passenger plane converted to President Erdogan’s project of coffee house. Kastamonu, Turkey. Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan before the June 24 election, to promise voters 24-hour public coffee houses with free cake and drinks, and the most interesting example coffee house Erdogan's project has been implemented in Kastamonu.

Bangkok smothered in smog

Bangkok, Thailand: The Thai government has closed more than 400 schools for the rest of the week because of high levels of pollution in Bangkok. At one point Wednesday, Bangkok had the third highest level of air pollution in the world, only Delhi, India and Lahore, Pakistan were worst. The Thai government has suspended some government construction projects and ordered other projects to take dust abatement measures. Bangkok authorities have also sprayed water into the air in especially polluted intersections to control dust. Bangkok's AQI (Air Quality Index) Thursday morning was 180, which is considered unhealthy for all people.

Squirrels make snowman

***EXCLUSIVE*** Red squirrels look like they are working together to assemble a little snowman. The animals appear to be part of a team preparing to lift the final instalment of their snowman. Some of the cute squirrels can be seen climbing on to the snowman to help reach the top. However, they are actually disassembling the creation in the hope of finding some tasty treats.

Church in landscape

***EXCLUSIVE*** A 400-year-old church sits in a stripy rural landscape of ploughed fields. The striking building in its surroundings is revered as one of the most beautiful sights in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photographer Jure Kravanja visited the Sorško Polje plain where the church has stood since the 17th century to take aerial photographs using a drone camera. The 58-year-old from Celje, Slovenia, said: "It's a Roman-Catholic church dedicated to Saint Ursula, and it's considered one the region's most beautiful sights.

Moon Halos

***EXCLUSIVE*** A beautiful halo of light surrounds the moon in these images taken of Bembridge windmill seen by night on the Isle of Wight in Hampshire, UK. Margaret Smith, braved midnight darkness and unsavoury weather conditions to capture these impressive images on the Hampshire island.