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Couple who quit demanding corporate jobs before the age of 30 to travel the world insist their carefree lifestyle has transformed their health

***EXCLUSIVE*** This couple quit their corporate jobs working FIFTY-HOURS A WEEK, to TRAVEL while starting their own business aimed at helping couples get fit together, believing that fitness can be the key to long-lasting love. Former material science engineers, Ryan Gleason (30) and Alexandra Davis (30) from Minnesota and Massachusetts, USA, respectively, both worked 50-hour weeks, and despite living the ultimate corporate lifestyle, they found themselves longing for more. The duo, who met in 2011, barely got to spend time together as Alexandra was often travelling for her work, even visiting three cities a week, while Ryan would continue working in his home office at the end of the day. On top of their busy work schedules, the couple managed a nutrition business which helped others learn the importance of eating well after an Achilles injury left Ryan unable to walk for six months and he learned to stay healthy solely through diet. While working, the couple noticed how little they paid attention to being healthy which made them constantly lethargic. However, Ryan’s nutritional business soon showed them that nutrition is the foundation to build fitness upon, and it became a joint passion by 2018. The couple were often posed the same question about how someone can get their partner to work out with them and to get back in shape. The frequency of this question made both see how positive working out was for a relationship and they decided to turn this into a business. Ryan and Alexandra quit their jobs of seven years to travel the world, starting with South America, to bring couples together with health and fitness through their business, Duo Life.

School teacher tattoos his entire body

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, PARIS, FRANCE: A primary school teacher who has covered himself from head to toe in tattoos says he won’t stop until he is tattooed black all over. Sylvain Helaine, 33, was born in Paris, but he got his first tattoo when he was 27-years-old and living in London, feeling inspired by the expression of body modification in the capital. Over the next four years, Sylvain continued his ink-fuelled journey and now has tattoos covering his body, genitals, gums, feet and even has a snake travelling down his skull. Sylvain told Barcroft TV: „I will never stop getting tattoos because I am passionate about it, one day I will end up fully covered in black ink.”

A plane-obsessed father-of-two from Barnsley has built a flight simulator with a full size Boeing 737 cockpit in his DINING ROOM

***EXCLUSIVE*** David Naylor, 41, has dedicated every waking hour for the past 16 months since he was made redundant to the painstaking project. The former catering company manager had no electrical or engineering experience and relied on YouTube tutorial videos to get the job done. The inside is a lifelike replica of a Boeing 737, which is commonly used by commercial airlines such as Ryanair for European flights. A simulator like David's would cost around £100,000 off the shelf but he spent only £15,000 by sourcing the materials and building it himself. What began as a hobby in 2017 has now become a burgeoning business after David, who lives with his two teenage children, began welcoming fellow aerophiles into his home in Barnsley, South Yorks.

A super buff cop who used to scoff half a dozen donuts for breakfast has shed almost 150lbs after kicking his sugar addiction to the curb

***EXCLUSIVE*** Police Officer Aaron Lohman, 36, tipped the scales at 425lbs and lived on a diet of sweet treats and cheesy pizza slices while patrolling the streets of New York. The NYPD cop said he could gobble six donuts in a single sitting and would treat himself to four slices of pizza and meatball subs during his stressful night shifts. At his heaviest, the dad-of-two wore pants with a 56 inch waist and a 5XL uniform shirt, the largest stocked by the city’s police force. Aaron, of Brooklyn, New York, changed his lifestyle after having a nightmare in which he died leaving his daughter Karina, now five, without a dad. The policeman began biking the 11-mile round trip to work and lifting weights in between. He swapped his sugar loaded breakfasts for wholesome eggs and oatmeal and his pizza slices for lean turkey and rice prepared in his slow cooker. Since November 2015, Aaron has shed an incredible 148lbs.

A randy man has told how he experienced "every bloke's worst nightmare" when his PENIS snapped while he was having sex

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sean Marsden aged 48 from Bridgnorth, Shropshire says he experienced "every bloke's worst nightmare" when he fractured his penis and it snapped it half. He suffered the eye-wateringly painful injury midway through sex with his parent Louise Gray aged 36, who he has been dating for six months.

Illegal trade of Sumatran Tiger Organs

MEDAN, INDONESIA: The skin of a Sumatran Tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) along with Sumatran elephant tusks (Elephas maximus sumatranus) and one Dahan Tiger skin (Neofis diardi) are seen as evidence of the alleged illegal trade of protected animal organs as international scale cases by the Director of the Special Criminal Directorate of the North Sumatra Regional Police, Police Commissioner Rony Samtana with personnel from the North Sumatra Regional Natural Resources Conservation Center at a press conference in Medan, Indonesia. Head of the North Sumatra Police Department of Public Relations The Chief Commissioner Tatan Dirsan Atmaja said that all the evidence worth Rp. 17 million was previously revealed based on an investigation conducted by the police by disguising as a buyer to a seller, namely (IS) which is now charged with article 21 paragraph (2) letter d, with criminal penalties jailed for 5 years and a fine of only Rp. 100 million.