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Triplets who were raised by their two aunts after losing their mother to cancer at the age of one reveal they believe she 'lives on' within them as they celebrate their 21st birthday

***EXCLUSIVE*** A set of inspirational triplets who lost their mum aged just one-year-old have told how they hope she would be "proud" of them - as they celebrate their 21st birthdays. Gillian Heath, 33, gave birth to Charlie, Lewis and Joe Heywood-Heath while undergoing treatment for lung cancer on January 27, 1998. The defiant mother, who had already survived breast cancer, said she was determined to beat the disease so she could see them bring home the first picture they drew at school. In a heart-wrenching interview, shortly after the triplets were born and before she resumed chemotherapy, Gillian said: „It has renewed my will to fight. Sometimes when I am on my own I get a little frightened, but you have to dispel the doubts.” However, Gillian tragically passed away on May 14 1999 - a few months after the triplets' first birthday. More than 20 years on, Charlie said he hopes they have made her proud - as they celebrated their 21st birthday on Jan 27. Charlie - who is thriving in his second year studying social research at the University of Sheffield - said: "I hope we have all made her proud. "We are very close as a family and have been growing up. "From my perspective it was never really grief as we were too young to really know her but I have read about her and everything she went through." Charlie was taken in by Gillian's sister Debbie Flowers, 49, and her husband John Flowers, 55. Joe and Lewis were cared for by another of Gillian's sisters - Niki Jolly, 51, and her husband Colin Jolly, 53. The triplets, from Sheffield, South Yorks., were too young when Gillian died to remember her and they call their aunts „Mum”.

British 1703 coin made using gold seized from Spanish treasure ship sells for world record £845,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** A British coin has sold at auction for a record price of £845,000. The five guineas piece dates back to 1701 and was made using gold seized by the British from a Spanish treasure ship at the Battle of Vigo Bay. Just 20 of the coins were ever struck in celebration of the victory and they are now among the most collectable pieces of coinage in the world. 

Ayrton Senna's iconic racing helmet for sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** An iconic helmet that F1 legend Ayrton Senna wore on his way to his second World Championship has emerged for sale for £105,000 ($120,000). The Brazilian wore the famous head protection throughout the 1990 season when he was embroiled in a legendary battle with great rival Alan Prost. The green and gold design would go on to be known the world over and is among the most recognisable pieces of sportswear ever.

A real gem: Stunning eight-bedroom industrial conversion which was once Ratner jewellery workshop is for sale for less than £4million

***EXCLUSIVE*** Shine bright like a diamond in this stunning eight-bed industrial conversion that was once a Ratner Group jewellery workshop and could be yours for less than £4m. Incredible images show the unremarkable looking exterior of the building which gives no clue to the amazing interior inside. Other striking shots show a modern kitchen, cosy bedrooms and spacious living areas as well as sleek bathrooms and large study space. The Long House is located on Goldhawk Road, London and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £3.95m.

ASOS model's career was almost ruined when alopecia made him lose 70% of his hair

***EXCLUSIVE*** STOCKPORT, UK: This JD and Very model’s career was almost ruined when he suddenly developed alopecia and lost SEVENTY PER CENT of his hair in EIGHT MONTHS resulting in him staying at home to avoid the STARES. Model and YouTuber, Jonah Adefay (24) from Stockport, UK, had been modelling for a year when he developed a coin-sized hairless patch on the side of his head, but he assumed it was just a small bit of temporary hair loss, so he didn’t think anything of it. Jonah began losing his hair in June 2016, and once the first patch developed it began to spread to the back of his head. Jonah soon had small patches dotted around his head, which over time developed to create large bald areas on Jonah’s head. In October 2016, Jonah was diagnosed with alopecia areata, which was a bittersweet relief as he was finally able to understand what was happening to him. Although, the diagnosis gave Jonah little hope that he would be able to cure his condition, leaving him feeling hopeless and worried for his modelling career. A dermatologist suggested Jonah try steroid injections directly into the scalp to promote hair regrowth, although he had to wait eight months for such treatment. By the time he had his first treatment, he had lost 70 per cent of his hair. Jonah had 100 needles injected into his scalp, but after a few monthly treatments he showed no sign of improvement. Alternatively, Jonah tried Diphencyprone (DPC) treatment which stimulates hair growth by creating rashes on the skin to distract the immune system from the hair follicles, allowing them to grow back. Before developing alopecia, Jonah was modelling up to three times a week for brands like JD Sports and Very, but after losing his hair he lost many job opportunities. Some days, Jonah couldn’t even leave the house because he felt so vulnerable, and he thought people were staring at him. However, in February 2018 his hair finally began growing back, and he has used the experience as a lesson to improve his health.

Mum throws a party for daughter’s first period and it comes with a red velvet cake

***EXCLUSIVE*** A colourful new craze now sweeping the UK sees mums throwing parties for their daughters - when the youngsters start their first PERIOD. One of the first people to go public about celebrating the beginning of menstruation was Shelly Lee from Florida, USA who said: "At the time, my daughter had been excited to get her period. "I had already bought her a period pack and Brooke and her friends were all really excited for the time to come. "When it did come I thought it would be fun to have a small celebration. "It really was just our family and just a fun thing to do at home.

A drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci entitled A man Tricked by A gypsies, 1493, bears a striking resemblance to the Duke of Edinburgh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Works by the worlds most famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci owned by the Queen have gone on display at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland. January 31, 2019. Leonardo Da Vinci: A life in drawing includes 12 drawings owned by the Royal Collection including the famous A man tricked by Gypsies from 1493.

Inside rare Mercedes-Benz luxury G65 AMG off-roader – with mounted TV screens, V12 engine and hefty £260,000 price tag

***EXCLUSIVE*** Monster Merc motor should hit the G-spot... A spectacular Mercedes 4x4 dubbed 'the last word in luxury off-road design' has emerged for sale for £260,000 ($300,000). The 'Final Edition' G65 AMG was built last year with a massive 6 litre V12 engine producing a earth shattering 621 bhp and is one of just 65 examples anywhere in the world. It was created to commemorate the end of production of the first-generation G-Wagon, which has become a firm favourite of the rich and famous. 

Stunning images taken inside a disused Alabama bank which once held millions of dollars reveal hundreds of gleaming safety deposit boxes and the LADDERS needed to access them

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning pictures have offered a glimpse inside the abandoned remains of financial headquarters including a huge vault which once held millions of dollars. Incredible images show the enormous door to the bank vault lying open, inside the vault where hundreds of safety deposit boxes remain and the ladder needed to reach some of them. Other striking shots show the exterior of the tall building, the remains of the spacious lobby as well as the intricate design and luxurious seats for waiting customers to sit on. The remarkable photographs were taken inside the John A. Hand Building in Birmingham, Alabama by an urban explorer known as Abandoned Southeast.

A Scottish student is thought to be the first person in the world to study a PhD - in SURF therapy

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jamie Marshall has been surfing since he was 14-years-old and used the sport as a way to escape from demons he was facing while at secondary school. The 28-year-old said planning his next surfing trip gave him something to look forward to and he immediately fell in love with the sport. But now the student from Innerwick, East Lothian, is embarking on a PhD to find out how his much-loved vocation can help combat mental health issues.

Dog born with half a spine won’t let his disability hold him back

***EXCLUSIVE*** Cooper, a two-year-old American foxhound, lives with short spine syndrome, a genetic condition caused by inbreeding where vertebrae are fused together and compressed. The pup was rescued by animal control officers in summer 2017, close to a suspected puppy farm in Halifax, Virginia. Animal control officers believe that the two-month-old pup was abandoned because of his birth defect. Cooper was saved by Secondhand Hounds, a shelter in Minnetonka, Minnesota, who treated the neglected dog for ear mites, worms and a hernia. The brave pooch was eventually adopted by Elly Keegan, 32, and her husband Andy, 33, who live with their dogs Skylar, 13, Waylon, three, and Tuva, four.

A five foot tall ROBOT tour guide called Betty will lead visitors around Churchill's birthplace at Blenheim Palace and post selfies on social media

***EXCLUSIVE*** Robot Tours...Boffins from the Oxford Robotics Institute test Betty the autonomous robot around Blenheim Palace. Historic Blenheim Palace is embracing new technology by trying out a new robotic tour guide. 'Betty' will be interacting with visitors at the Oxfordshire UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of a five-day trial this week. The robot is greeting visitors in the Great Hall and providing snippets of information about the palace and its history, as well as taking photos with the public and uploading them to social media.

Retro photos show Londoners enjoying sunny siestas in the bombed-out capital of the 1950s just years after horrors of WWII were over

***EXCLUSIVE*** Stunning retro pictures have proven that siestas are more than just a Spanish tradition as people lazily napped outdoors in London in 1950. The incredible images show Londoners enjoying a quiet afternoon snooze under shady trees in St James’ Park, two labourers sleeping peacefully in their wheelbarrows among the ruins of bombed out London and a carefree Londoner sleeping on a deck chair that cost three pence for a session. Other striking shots show two workmen asleep on the statue of the bronze sphinx next to the River Thames, a young women sitting on the grass in St James’ Park reading in the sun and a young couple standing on the Tower Bridge with the Tower of London looming in the background. A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, often after the midday meal. Such a period of sleep is a common tradition in some countries, particularly those where the weather is warm. The siesta is historically common throughout the Mediterranean and Southern Europe.

Snowy owl needs a hair cut

***EXCLUSIVE*** This snowy owl looks like it needs a trim as its white feathers flop down over its eyes.  The female bird is actually fluffing-up her plumage to protect herself from the chilling wind.  Gusts as cold as -12C blew the feathers across the owl's face as she perched on a fuel tanker at a military airbase near Montreal, Canada.  Photographer Réjean Biron, 63, climbed a snow bank to get a clear shot of the owl at Saint-Hubert Air Base.