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Granddad who dropped dead while running marathon crosses the finish line one year later

***EXCLUSIVE*** Dwayne Pickens, 64, was running in the Dallas Marathon in December 2017, when he suffered a massive heart attack at the two-mile mark. A firefighter and a nurse running the race realized Dwayne’s heart had stopped and administered CPR until a defibrillator arrived on the scene. The grandad-of-13, of Dallas, Texas, was rushed to Baylor Scott & White Health where he underwent a quadruple bypass. Dwayne was shocked to learn his arteries were up to 90 per cent blocked despite being a runner and a regular on the golf course. Determined to return to the scene of his “perfect storm” Dwayne signed up to compete in the race just one year after his open heart surgery. Dwayne, a director of technical sales, ran 6.2 miles of the Dallas Marathon in December and said crossing the finish line was emotional. The grandad said: “I had not gone for a physical for several years. I moved from St Louis to Dallas and I hadn’t yet established a local physician. “I was always healthy. I always ran. “In my life I had run three or four marathons and I am a big golfer. “We made a plan to go to Ireland for a golfing vacation in May 2017 and I wanted to be fit so I started running a little bit more, several times a week for four or five miles. “After that vacation I felt really good and my colleagues at work asked me if I would like to take part in a Dallas Marathon relay.

A lightsaber school, where combatants battle it out in a community centre

***EXCLUSIVE*** In a community centre, not so far away… Star Wars fans are battling it out like Jedi Knights at one of Britain's first lightsabre combat academies. Dave Holden, a volunteer instructor at the school of Intergalactic Sabre Masters, says battling it out with an LED Sabre, with a polycarbonate blade, can aid mental well-being.  The school was set up in 2016 in The Well, a counselling and psychotherapy centre, in Sileby, Leics where the school usually gets around 12 people attending its Wednesday evening sessions. The dad-of-two, 45, from Leicester, said: “I work as a cyber security analyst and it can get quite stressful.  “Mindfulness is about bringing yourself into the here-and-now rather than constantly thinking about what’s been going on during the day.  You’re spending the time thinking about yourself and relaxing mind and body.”

DJ who is profoundly deaf since birth

***EXCLUSIVE*** A deaf DJ who’s determination has seen him taking to the decks in Ibiza says his motto is 'no barriers'. He uses a digital hearing aid and vibrations from the loudspeakers to gage the music. John McDevitt, 37, grew up profoundly deaf and unable to hear anything. He rarely went clubbing or out to gigs as a shy teen, but when he started studying music production at college, John’s new friendship group encouraged him to start going out. The buzz he got from going to gigs quickly became a new kind of excitement when he discovered raves, and was able to feel the vibrations of the speakers if he stood close to them.

Modelling helped me beat my birthmark bullies

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, LOS ANGLES, CA: A woman who was bullied at school for her unique birthmark has started a body-positive campaign to encourage others to embrace their differences. Paige Billiot from Los Angeles, California, was born with a dark red birthmark covering the left side of her face, along with her neck and ear. Her birthmark, also known as a „port wine stain” or „firemark”, is a permanent discolouration of the skin caused by an abnormal formation of blood vessels. After being bullied for her appearance growing up, the 26-year-old budding actress’ online campaign called the „Flawless Affect” sets out to empower others living with differences or imperfections.

Leopard attack in village of Punjab

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, JALANDHAR, INDIA: A Leopard was spotted in a courtyard of a village in Punjab. Police was informed immediately and a team of around 12 people from Wildlife Department was rushed to the spot. The lone big cat attacked six people and drew the rescuers into hours of cat-and-mouse chase, with a 12-member team from the Wildlife Department managing to corner it outside the toilet of a locked house in the evening.