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Woman, 23, born with a crooked back gains two inches in height after gruelling seven-hour surgery - but now she can't bend over

***EXCLUSIVE*** NORTH YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM: This British stunner loves the scar that runs the length of her spine after a gruelling seven-hour open back surgery to correct her scoliosis has given her an extra two-inches in height, despite no longer being able to bend from the hips and hearing her back “squeak and creek” in the cold weather. Lydia Platton (23) originally from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, was first unofficially diagnosed with scoliosis in July 2010 by a chiropractor, before being diagnosed with a group of conditions that affect the spine; spondylitis, a type of arthritis that affects the spine, spondylolisthesis, a condition that causes the vertebrae to slip out of place and spondylosis which is a fracture to the vertebrae three-months later. These conditions affected Lydia’s life for most of her teenage years as she was forced to take days and weeks off school and often missed out on social events with her friends due to the immense pain she was in constantly. In February 2011, she received a cortisone injection into her nerve root to try to reduce the pain she was in but this was unsuccessful and she later had her first spinal fusion surgery in July 2015. Lydia’s vertebrae L5/S1 were stabilised and decompressed with four bolts, a bone graft and two small rods. Following these surgeries, Lydia, who now lives in Norway, noticed that the curve in her spine caused by her scoliosis increased. As well as experiencing pain from her other conditions, her curvature affected her self-confidence as she hated ‘the rolls’ that were on her right-hand side. But since surgery in July 2018 to replace the metalwork with longer rods and nine further bolts to reduce the curve in her spine, Lydia has been unable to work due to pain and avoids being outside for extended periods of time in winter as the cold causes her metalwork to squeak. Surgery has encouraged Lydia to embrace her body and since her most recent operation, she has grown almost two-inches in height, going from 5ft 8in to 5ft 10in. Most importantly she loves the scar on her back and can’t wait for the summer to show it off.

Valkyrie Yacht would be the worlds largest mega yacht

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mega yacht that would be the biggest private vessel ever built would stretch the length of more than two football fields and contain its own casino and art galleries, under new plans. The colossal £600m 'Valkyrie Project' stretches an impressive 229 metres (750ft) - the same as 24 double-decker buses parked end-to-end. This would smash the record currently held by president of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, whose superyacht Azzam measures 180 metres. The floating leviathan could carry an incredible 52 guests and 92 crew members including an entire deck just for the owner and would travel at a comfortable speed of 25 knots. It would also be equipped with its own casino, theatres, restaurants and even art galleries.

Dad-of-two, 53, given just months to live is celebrating being cancer free after world-first operation

***EXCLUSIVE*** A father-of-two who was given just months left to live is now cancer free following a “world’s first” operation. Ivan Dagg, 53, is now celebrating the end of a rollercoaster five years which at one point saw him given a six per cent chance of surviving with chemotherapy treatment. He first noticed something wasn't right with his health when he began losing weight and feeling constantly exhausted in 2013. After being diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer, Ivan's health further deteriorated when the cancer spread to his liver. Ivan's surgery was carried out by Professor Peter Lodge, who described the surgery as "very high risk". He said: “This is a brand-new liver surgery operation, truly a world-first. “During Ivan’s three previous operations I had to remove major blood vessels called hepatic veins.

Filipino and North Korean impersonators in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Rodrigo Duterte and Kim Jong-un impersonators seen on the escalators in Causeway bay subway station in Hong Kong. The impersonators of Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte who goes by the name Cresencio Extreme and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un who goes by the name Howard X appear in the city of Hong Kong together to meet with the locals and the Filipino migrant workers community.

Girl saved her mums life from breast cancer

***EXCLUSIVE*** Claire Granville whose baby daughter Matilda saved her life from breast cancer. A mum has survived after her baby daughter SNIFFED out her breast cancer.Claire Granville, 40, knew something was wrong when her newborn daughter Matilda suddenly refused to feed from her left breast. But she never could have imagined that it could have been anything so serious as cancer.

My anorexia left me so ill that my heart stopped and I officially DIED – until my sister resuscitated me

***EXCLUSIVE*** SEINÄJOKI, FINLAND: A former child prodigy who started playing the violin at just seven-months-old has revealed how she beat her anorexia demons that saw her run a half marathon daily and so low she was planning her own funeral until her “wish” was granted and she clinically died before being saved by her sister. Expert by experience, Heidi Suihkonen (31) from Seinäjoki, Finland, was labelled a child prodigy after she started to learn the violin when she was just seven-months-old. Her music teachers trained her for competitions, and this made her critical of herself from a young age and lead her to become a perfectionist. Struggling to deal with her intense feelings and pressure from others, Heidi started to restrict food and exercise excessively to deal with her emotions, believing if she lost weight, she would be happier. However, Heidi became trapped in a cycle of restricting more and more foods, allowing herself chocolate, fat free yoghurt, certain fruits such as berries, vegetables and the occasional protein bar. As well as this, Heidi would work-out three times-a-day, and run a half marathon daily. At her worst, she would wear clothes from the children’s section, but her turning point came when her heart stopped when she was 22-years-old and she was clinically dead. It was only thanks to her younger sister, who was studying nursing at the time, and performed a cardiopulmonary resuscitation that she survived and decided she wanted to live. Now, Heidi is a healthy UK size six to eight, but she no longer weighs herself as she sees no need to, saying that weights can be triggering to other anorexia sufferers. Despite her recovery, Heidi has osteoporosis which she developed when she was 20, kidney and liver damage and a heart murmur.

Woman had been expecting to give birth to just one baby was staggered when she gave birth to TWINS - after a gruelling 47-hour labour

***EXCLUSIVE*** A first time mum who had been expecting to give birth to just one baby was staggered when she gave birth to TWINS - after a gruelling 47-hour labour.New parents Nicole, 31, and Matthew Zisemer, 34, were over the moon to be introduced to their baby daughter, Blakeley, when medics, who had already begun to stitch her vagina back up, announced that they could ‚Äėsee a second head‚Äô. Nicole, from Grand Haven, Michigan, USA, had opted for a natural pregnancy without scans then gave birth to a baby boy - after having had no idea that they were expecting twins.Nicole, who worked in insurance before becoming a full-time mum, said: "It was crazy, we were over the moon but it utter shock!

Pet fitness robot

***EXCLUSIVE*** Pet owners worried about leaving their dogs at home indoors all day can now feel less guilty - by buying a robot that exercises them while they are at work. The Smart Pet Robot 'plays' with the animal, encouraging it to be chased around the home and offering treats as a reward for the pet doing exercise. The £75 device - which launches in the UK from next month (February) is designed with sensors so it turns automatically before it hits an obstacle, and can last up to ten hours before it needs re-charging. It can be controlled manually using a smartphone app, or can be customised to automatically turn on and move around when the owner sets it to.

Amazing colorized photographs show Native Americans from some of the largest tribes proudly posing for the camera 100 years ago

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible colour photochroms have brought the history of the Native American people to life. The fascinating shots dating back over 100 years include two cute Ojibwa Indian babies in stunningly decorated cradleboards (traditional baby carriers); Taqui, a Moki snake priest bedecked in a huge silver necklace; and a family portrait of Ute Indians looking proudly towards the camera. Other stunning shots show a young Native American man labouring under a huge crop of Barley, and three Apache men - Chief James A. Garfield, Pouche Te Foya and Sanches – looking resplendent in their feather headdresses. Garfield was the revered chief of Apaches, a group of American Indian tribes that are similar in culture and speak the same language. Other tribes represented in the remarkable shots include the Ojibwa, one of the largest American Indian groups in North America; The Ute, the last of the Western tribes to be forced onto a reservation; And the Crow, a nomadic tribe of hunters on the Great Plains.

Schoolboy, 14, sets up online toy firm in his family farm's milking parlour - and is now making £6,000-a-year

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the 14-year-old eBay entrepreneur who has built an online toy shop from his family's milking parlour - and now turns over £15,000 a year. Schoolboy Tommy Howard runs his own online toy shop, stocking 1,000 products he ships all over the world when he gets home from school. He got the idea when his little brother put a £35 Nerf gun on his birthday list two years ago, and Tommy realised you could buy a whole bundle second hand for less. Savvy Tommy sold eggs from the family farm to buy his first batch of weapons, and then reinvested the money - with his pocket money - to buy new stock.

Upside down squirrel

***EXCLUSIVE*** This squirrel dangles upside down for minutes at a time as it desperately tries to find seeds to eat. The Indian palm squirrel clung on to a branch 15ft above the ground while trying to find an opening in one of the pods on the African Tulip tree. It found a small opening and was able to take some seeds to eat before scurrying back off into the tree. Sudhir Joshi captured the bizarre scene at Hulimavu Lake in his home city Bangalore, India.

‘Climate refugee’ polar bears

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible aerial images have captured ‘climate refugee’ polar bears hunting and running across the ever shrinking Arctic sea ice. The stunning pictures show a polar bear leaping across the water from one block of ice to another, gazing up at the drone and feeding on a fresh kill. Other striking shots show a polar bear resting at the edge of a small piece of ice surrounded by water, lying with a friend and the criss-cross pattern of blue water against the white backdrop of the ice as seen from above. The remarkable photographs were taken on Nunavut Baffin Island and Devon Island, North of Canada by wildlife and polar photographer Florian Ledoux (29), originally from France but now living in Tromso, Norway.

This huge collection of toy cars which have attracted world wide attention are expected to fetch £40k at an auction

***EXCLUSIVE*** The vast collection of 12,000 Matchbox cars includes model cars of well known car makes and brands such as Rolls Royce, Ford Mustangs and Austins. Stacey Auctioneers, in Rayleigh, Essex is selling the collection on Monday (4 Feb) at 10am. The anonymous seller from Southend, Essex decided to flog the lifetime collection of Matchbox cars after 30 years of collecting.

A good investment on paper! Former print works warehouse goes on sale for £945k after being transformed into a stunning two-bedroom home

***EXCLUSIVE*** This stunning two-bed mews house hidden in the heart of London was once a paper warehouse but could now be yours for less than £1m. Incredible images show cosy, light-filled bedrooms, a sleek bathroom and a modern kitchen. Other striking shots show spacious living areas filled with character, a study space and a lovely courtyard area to relax in outside. The two-bed house is located on Ramsden Road, Balham, South West London and is currently listed by Unique Property Company for £945k.

Chamelion startles a kingfisher on a branch

***EXCLUSIVE*** A kingfisher and a chameleon come face to face. The reptile had been making its way up the branch as the bird came in to land to use the branch as a vantage point to fish from. The moment was captured by Eyal Amer who was visiting an amusement park in Rishon LeZion, Israel in Israel which he visited on his day off. Eyal, 45, said: “Whenever I head to this spot to take photographs I always plan everything ahead of time. I pack a hideout tent, water and some food because I expect to spend a few hours photographing the wildlife”. “The kingfisher was using the branch to fish from and I wanted to photograph it with its catch. But when the bird came back it was surprised to find the chameleon there!”.

Snowboarder drops in from abandoned castle

***EXCLUSIVE*** A daring snowboarder leaps from the window of a 700-year-old castle in a dramatic stunt which took years to plan. Matthias Jorda, 39, performs a tail grab on his board as he plummets into the snow in the Austrian Alps. He and his twin brother Christoph, who took the photos, had to apply for special permission to use the ruined Ehrenberg Castle, which dates back to 1290.

Frozen Lake Michigan Lighthouse

***EXCLUSIVE*** January 31st: A frozen red lighthouse on the coast of Lake Michigan, USA, is covered in ice and snow. Temperatures have been sub zero for around one week now near the town of Grand Haven, Michigan USA. Photographer Jim Swoboda said: "These weather conditions changed Lake Michigan from open water to what you see here in just 6 days. It is crazy how fast Mother Nature can impact things." The city of Chicago sits on the coast of Lake Michigan and has recently been experiencing extreme sub zero temperatures during a polar vortex event.