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Mum shows off her very hairy body after her husband urged her to stop shaving

***EXCLUSIVE*** This inspirational mum has been sharing her PCOS and hirsutism story on social media in a bid to empower other women after being encouraged by her husband to ditch her lengthy hair removal regime that would see her spending hours shaving her body EVERY DAY. Stay at home mum and housewife, Milena Jonas (31) who lives in Berlin, Germany, was diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) after giving birth to her daughter in 2014. Before her diagnosis, Milena suffered with irregular periods and only had two a year, skin problems, hair loss on her head, weight gain, tummy pains, depression, hot flushes and excess hair growth known as hirsutism. It wasn’t until she had a resistance to insulin after her daughter’s birth that doctors finally diagnosed her with PCOS. Milena, who is swiss born, used to spend hours every day shaving her hair from her legs, armpits, stomach and face for 15-years, but she would find that she would always have to shave the next day and sometimes remove hair from her face twice a day. It wasn’t until Milena’s husband of seven years, Denny, asked her why she spent so much time exhaustively removing her body hair that she started to realise that she didn’t need to shave to be beautiful or fit in with society. With Denny telling her that she can still be a feminine woman with hair, and she shouldn’t conform to society’s pressures to fit in, Milena stopped shaving in July 2017. At first, she thought people would think that she was unhygienic, dirty and disgusting for not removing her hair but now she shares pictures of her body hair, which she loves, on Instagram and hopes to inspire girls and women to ditch the razors because they are beautiful as they are.

Amazing works of art on woman’s face

***EXCLUSIVE*** These jaw-dropping make-up designs come from the imagination of an 18-year-old art student.  Mariah Malik has spent the last two years painstakingly honing her skills on a number of outrageous creations inspired by holidays, films and her own creativity.  She’s currently studying a foundation art and design course at Coventry University and hopes to study Fine Arts and one day become an professional artist.

Teacher's eye twitch turned out to be SHINGLES which left her with an 'excruciating' paralysed face and permanent nerve damage after doctors missed the signs

***EXCLUSIVE*** MONTREAL, CANADA: After doctors failed to notice a SHINGLE on this woman’s ear which she thought was a SPOT, half of her body became PARALYSED, leaving her with lasting damage which means she has to wear HEADPHONES to leave the house, protecting her from loud noises. Counselling professor, Tanya Rust (29) from Montreal, Canada, was teaching a university course back in May 2017 when the overwhelming stress started causing baffling side effects. While attending a graduation ceremony, Tanya noticed a twitching in her right eye before experiencing a pain between her ear and jaw on the right side of her face. Later that day, the twitching spread to the entire right side of Tanya’s face. Although she knew her symptoms were strange and unusual, Tanya tried to remain calm. However, within hours, she was no longer able to blink, and she was taken to hospital after two hours of not being able to close her right eye and being numb all down her right side. At the hospital, nurses did a strength test which highlighted significant differences in Tanya’s strength on her left and right side. Tanya was checked over for shingles, however nurses only checked her ear canal but didn’t inspect her outer ear for shingles, which proved drastic. Tanya was misdiagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and was told to return for a neurological exam the following day. Unfortunately, Tanya’s paralysis became worse over the next week and she returned to the hospital where they discovered a previously unseen shingle in her outer ear had tripled. Doctors diagnosed Tanya with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) after her misdiagnosis. The late diagnosis meant that shingles had time to develop and left Tanya with permanent damage. Now, Tanya endures hypersensitive hearing and must wear noise-cancelling headphones when she leaves the house as loud noises startle her damaged nerves.

The 200 year old chair sat in by French army leader Napoleon before 1815 Battle of Waterloo up for $20,000 auction sale

***EXCLUSIVE*** A chair French army leader Napoleon sat in before fighting British forces at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo is being sold at auction for $20,000. The hardwood chair is at least 200 years old and is said to have been sat in by notorious French military chief, Napoleon Bonaparte, while passing through Belgium. It was his final rest stop before clashing with British forces at the Battle of Waterloo, where he would suffer his final defeat on June 18, 1815. But now it is being auctioned off online and is expected to fetch an eye-watering $20,000. It's being sold by a US auction house, RR Auction, and despite its reported 1800 origin, is in "remarkable" condition.Collectors have already begun a bidding war online and have until Wednesday to outbid their rivals to win ownership of the historic chair.

These stunning pictures show a series of animal x-rays taken by vets at a zoo - including a baby monkey still inside its mother

***EXCLUSIVE*** Staff at the zoo say the striking x-rays demonstrate just how eye-catching veterinary science can be. Some show specific conditions, while others simply reveal the internal beauty of animal biology. The in-house vet team, based at Paignton Zoo, in Devon, captured images featuring creatures ranging from a tortoise to a lizard and seahorse to a chameleon. The x-ray of the baby monkey inside its mother was described as the most striking and also showcased a moment of high tension. Vet Jo Reynard said: „The colobus was in labour but not progressing to give birth. We stepped in and the baby was born by Caesarean section - the procedure was life saving for the mum.”

A glimpse at the hustle and bustle at London's iconic Victoria station just six years after WWII

***EXCLUSIVE*** Incredible retro images have offered a glimpse inside London Victoria Station in the early 1950s. The stunning pictures show holidaymakers tramping through Victoria with a girl heading for Italy ‘on the cheap’, a young boy giving money to a railway collecting dog for Southern Railway Servants Orphanage and an elderly man wearing a beret and smoking a cigarette. Other striking shots show policemen carrying a stretcher out of the railway station, a Ceylonese woman waiting for her husband to join her before setting off together towards the South and a woman offering a little boy a cup of tea. The remarkable photographs offer a view inside London Victoria Station in 1951 as commuters go about their daily business.