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A deaf gymnast has won a place on a British gymnastics squad aged just ten

***EXCLUSIVE*** Sophia Eisenhuth was born profoundly deaf and fitted with a cochlear implant at seven months old - an electronic medical device that does the work of damaged parts of the inner ear. The schoolgirl, from Chislehurst in south east London, auditioned for the British Gymnastics Tumbling Foundation Squad last year. Days before Christmas, Sophia received a letter to say she had been accepted and was 'so excited that she cried.' Her mum Becky, 38, said: „This is exceptional for any ten-year-old, let alone one with a cochlear implant - she is a very determined little girl. We are all so proud and Sophia was so excited when she found out that she cried. I think everyone should have fun and do what they want to do and a cochlear implant shouldn’t stand in their way. Sophia first took to the mat as a toddler and will begin training camps for the British team this year.”

Harrowing photographs show the horrific reality faced by 70,000 Americans during the D-Day landings

***EXCLUSIVE*** The full horror facing soldiers in the D-Day landings has been laid bare in a harrowing new book. Terrifying pictures of the Normandy landings include a haunting image of a corpse washed up against sea defences, a photo capturing the fear and trepidation in the eyes of a wounded soldier under fire, and the war-ravaged towns and communities that awaited brave allied forces after their initial assault. Other incredible images include a rare soldier’s perspective of the battle through a port hole, soldiers wading towards the shore under a hail of gunfire, and a soon-to-be German prisoner buried up to his chest in a collapsed trench. Historian Brooke S. Blades’ new book ‘The Americans on D-Day and in Normandy: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives’ offers an enthralling, chilling, and gruesome insight into what the American soldiers faced on the D-day landings of 6 June 1944, when tens of thousands of courageous allied soldiers faced the terrifying prospect of landing on France’s northern shoreline to liberate Europe.

A mum and daughter have had their lives transformed by a stray dog they helped save from an appalling death in Eastern Europe

***EXCLUSIVE*** Jill Hamilton, 43, is currently receiving radiotherapy treatment for cervical cancer while Robyn, 14, has high-functioning autism. After going through an incredibly difficult period they have had an amazing boost with the arrival of Hope, a Shar Pei which was facing an ominous ending alongside her seven puppies in a Romanian „kill shelter”. The sweet-natured pooch and her tiny pups were rescued by Shar Pei Rescue Scotland which raised the funds to get them out of the hellhole and into the hands of a Romanian foster until they were ready to travel to the UK.

'Warped and twisted': The first accurate 3D map of our galaxy reveals the true shape of the Milky Way

***EXCLUSIVE*** The Milky Way really is warped - like a bent old vinyl record, according to new research. It becomes increasingly twisted the further away the stars are from its centre. It's similar to the phenomenon that happens when LPs are exposed to heat and pressure. Astronomers have suspected for half a century our disc shaped galaxy is crooked instead of flat. Now the first accurate 3D map of its kind published in Nature Astronomy reveals they were right.