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Photographer discovers bizarre collection of pictures hidden in his gran's Texas attic

***EXCLUSIVE*** Texas, USA: Mystery surrounds a box of bizarre 50-year-old images found tucked away in a Texan loft – with one theory suggesting the perplexing shots were created by TIME-TRAVELLERS. The origins of the mind-bending pictures, including a surreal photo of cowboys wrangling with floating seahorses and an unsettling oversized doll all set in an abandoned home, are shrouded in mystery. Other eerie images include misshapen cutlery scattered across a derelict hallway, a monstrous rotten apple with a chunk bitten out of it in a mouldy room, and a surreal spring-loaded novelty Jesus statue in a dated lecture hall. The startling cache of pictures was discovered by Arizonan photographer Dale O’Dell, 59, whilst he was clearing out his dead grandmother’s house in Texas.

Couple with a THIRTY-FIVE year age gap defy critics who call them perverted

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the couple with a THIRTY-FIVE YEAR AGE GAP who fell in love after meeting at an erotic photo shoot and have been together for one-and-a-half-years despite being called ‘perverted’. Erotic model, Lou Nesbit (20), met porn actor, Egon Kowalski (56), from Ruhr, Germany, during a photo shoot three years ago, and were instantly attracted to each other. While Lou has always been comfortable with their age gap, Egon was slightly sceptical at first, but they officially began dating in August 2017. Their common interests and sense of humour meant that their age gap wasn’t an issue and their families were accepting of their relationship. They have defied trolls on social media who have branded them ‘perverted’, insisting that their love is not real, and that Lou is just in the relationship for sex and money.

We’re raising our child as gender fluid

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA: A transgender and non - binary couple are teaching their child that gender and sexuality are fluid. Seven-year-old Claire from Monterey, California, is the daughter of Blue and Emerson, who have been together a little over two years. Claire’s mother Blue said: "I think it is important to speak to children about these aspects because for example like both of us were put into the box as a girl from the birth, and we have this expectations. "I think that boys and girls both have these expectations that society places on them."I think that you are unable to truly find yourselves within those boxes, because we don’t fit those boxes.

Dog whisperer can walk pack of German Shepherds without leash

***EXCLUSIVE*** VIDEO AVAILABLE, SHARON, SC: A dog whisperer who became famous for walking a pack of unleashed German Shepherds through busy city centres has revealed how his training methods have saved thousands of dogs from death. Augusto Deoliveira, from Sharon, South Carolina, became an internet sensation after his video of him walking five German Shepherds down a city street without a single leash went viral. The 27 years old man says that the most rewarding part of his job as an expert dog trainer is the ability to save lives of dogs who otherwise would have been put down by their owners for their aggressive behaviour. Augusto calls himself a „balanced trainer” and says that he uses both positive and corrective reinforcement techniques to train the dogs.

A Star Wars fan has been granted retrospective planning permission for a £12,000 full-size Scout Walker installed beside the A38 - ending a battle with his local council

***EXCLUSIVE*** Paul Parker installed the life-size figure of an AT-ST, which featured in Return of the Jedi, in his field near Ashburton, Devon. It won the hearts of locals and Highways England said it was not a distraction to passing motorists after Teignbridge District Council gave Paul 21 days to take it down. But the statue, erected in November, has been approved and can remain on its spot for the next ten years.

A baby boy is the 36th child in his family to wear a christening gown that has been worn by his family ancestors for the last 155 years

***EXCLUSIVE*** Nine-week-old Kobe Kurtis Sutcliffe wore the white broderie anglaise gown which was made in 1864 by his (great) great grandma for his big day last Sunday. His parents Jessica Bingham, 29, and partner, Ryan Sutcliffe, 29, were proud to be able to carry on the family tradition and add their firstborn's name to the embroidered list that adorns the inside.

A golfer who uses just one arm to play his shots is set to become the first paraplegic captain of an able-bodied club in the world

***EXCLUSIVE*** Terry Kirby, 63, was a budding new golfer before - in a devastating turn of events - he lost all feeling below his chest following the removal of a tumour found on his spinal cord. Inspirational Terry, who had one leg shorter than the other, was visiting the doctors in 1994 to be given a shoe stint. However, after a doctor commented about the weakness in Terry's legs, he was rushed into Hull Royal Hospital. Once in hospital, he was given the horrific news that a 2.5in tumour had been found on his spinal cord - thought by doctors to have been a result of a horrific motorcycle crash while he was stationed in Cyprus 15 years earlier.

A man has been reunited with his late grandmother's Mini - which he hasn't seen since 1994 - after spotting it on a car forum

***EXCLUSIVE*** Daniel Fox, 36, stumbled across the 35-year-old Mini while shopping for a similar second-hand vehicle online. Mr Fox, from Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire, said he was "amazed" to learn that his nan's beloved car was being sold in a Norfolk garage.