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Woman with rare disease is TRAMPLED by commuters who mistake her for a drunk

***EXCLUSIVE*** This woman was mistaken for being DRUNK on the Underground during the morning rush hour when commuters TRAMPLED over her, but she’s speaking out to raise awareness for Ménière’s disease. Fundraiser, Kelly Boyson (31) from Berkshire, United Kingdom, was working in recruitment in 2014 when suddenly, while sat at her computer, everything began spinning. As it was only fleeting, she passed it off as having not eaten enough. This sensation returned six times within a month and was followed by an ear infection. By this point Kelly visited her doctor and was diagnosed with labyrinthitis and prescribed the necessary treatment. Although the symptoms didn’t stop occurring, doctors frequently discounted her symptoms until months later when an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist recognised her condition as Ménière’s disease. To Kelly’s fear, she endured sudden attacks of her condition up to four times a week which begins with her losing pressure in her ears, followed by tinnitus and then extreme vertigo which causes her to drop to the floor. These attacks have lasted up to four hours before. Previously, Kelly suffered an attack on the London Underground at half past eight in the morning, but commuters weren’t aware what was wrong with Kelly – with many assuming she was drunk and refused to help her, opting to walk over her instead. Kelly also experienced this in a club, with her friend having to plead with bouncers, who thought she was drunk, not to kick her out. Due to the life-changing repercussions of Ménière’s disease, Kelly became housebound for 18 months, causing her to lose her job.

Couple reveals they ditched their jobs to travel the country with their kids on a 1994 school bus they bought for just $6,000

***EXCLUSIVE*** Meet the family of four who decided to live life at a slower pace as they travel the country in a converted school bus home. Freelance sandal maker Adam Paashaus (37) and his wife Elizabeth (35), from Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, bought a 1994 Thomas Saf-T-Liner school bus for $6k and then spent two and a half years and $21k converting it into a cosy mobile home. They originally planned to remain most stationary but started dreaming of the full potential of a rolling home so hit the road with their children Sadie (8) and Wren (6). The couple explained what life is like on the road and why they prefer this lifestyle to the normal nine-to-five.


They say never work with animals and yet thats exactly what British London based photographer Ursula Daphne Aitchison has spent the last 5 years of my life doing and she couldn't be any happier. Branded „Phodography” her work with mans best friends and their humans was inspired by her late great Uncle the Scottish painter Craigie Aitchison and his beloved Bedlington Terriers who were always by his side and in his work. What initially started as a few photographs on her social media one day for fun has turned into a long term personal project with her best friend Golden Retriever Hugo that has gone viral with the pair creating portraits referencing decades of popular culture and led to her meeting people and their 4 legged best friends from all walk of life while putting smiles on people faces from all over the world with her and Hugo’s unique relationship.

'Live' restoration of a small Egyptian mummy

Restoration 'live' of a small Egyptian mummy, with visitors who attend the operations. At the Civic Museums of Modena, from this morning the restoration work by Cinzia Oliva, one of the leading Italian experts in the sector. The operations on the mummy of a three-year-old boy lived between I and II century AD (Modena).

Inside the abandoned Georgia manor where a quiet gay couple were branded 'queer devil-worshippers' and shot dead by local hunters who murdered a cop in their rush to escape in 1982

***EXCLUSIVE*** Eerie images have revealed the abandoned remains of the aptly named Corpsewood Manor where a ‘devil worshipping’ couple were murdered, sparking a nationwide manhunt. The haunting pictures show what’s left of the house with a redbrick archway and crumbling walls rising from the overgrown grounds. Other historical photographs show Corpsewood Manor before it was destroyed by a fire and what it looked like at the time of the murders, as well as crime scene photos. The urban exploration shots were taken at Corpsewood Manor in Georgia by a photographer known as Abandoned Southeast.

Dogs are teaching humans to be better bosses in this training program

Ginger Auten, Human Resources manager and administration, left, walks blindfolded with Coco and trainer Mike Toger during a Harness the Power of Leadership session at Mitsubishi Motors R&D Of America Ann Arbor Laboratory.

Terrified tourists speed away as an angry elephant runs out of trees and CHARGES at them on an Indian safari

***EXCLUSIVE*** Watch a group of tourists have a lucky escape after a huge bull elephant charged at their vehicle. A safari turned into a nightmare for a group of tourists when a bull elephant gave them a good chase. A safari guide filmed the incident on February 3 in Bandipur, Karnataka, India. The footage shows the elephant chasing the vehicle, trumpeting and even gaining pace. But it stops abruptly and turns back to the relief of the tourists. Elephants in reserve forests usually leave the safari vehicles alone as they are used to it. But sometimes they charge at the vehicles when they feel provoked or to protect their herd.

Crows bother a vulture

***EXCLUSIVE*** A cheeky crow bravely lands next to a vulture almost three times as big as him and pulls on its feathers with his beak. The larger brown and white vulture watches as the much smaller crow swoops over its head, before coming in to land alongside him.

Hare rolls around laughing in the snow

***EXCLUSIVE*** A mountain hare seems appears to be rolling around in laughter in the snow. The 'grinning' hare was spotted by photographer Jess Jones who was visiting The Cairngorms mountain range in Scotland with a friend photographing the area's wildlife.

Washing potatoes

***EXCLUSIVE*** A group of workers toil in 25 degree Celsius heat as they spend 15 hours washing around 20 tonnes of potatoes - earning just £2.50 a day for their hard work. Thousands of red potatoes are brought from local farms to be prepared and shipped to stores across Bangladesh.