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A British Arnold Schwarzenegger super-fan has achieved his dream of meeting his hero - after setting off to American to find him

***EXCLUSIVE*** Gareth Bevan is obsessed with Arnie so to mark his 40th birthday he set out to find, meet and shake hands with the movie star. Determined Gareth headed to the US and visited the famous Gold's Gym in Los Angeles where Arnie trains. The bodybuilders made arrangements and Gareth was able to finally meet The Terminator star and former California Governor.

Forget the breathtaking scenery: Snazzy TOILETS prove to be the latest must-see attraction in New Zealand

The toilet block in Kawakawa on the remote tip of Northland attracts 250,000 people each year. The visitors come to see something that is more gallery than outhouse - the work of the late eccentric Austrian architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. A multi-coloured mash-up of collage and mosaic adorn the inside and outside of the facility providing the most photogenic of backdrops. But Hundertwasser never got to see how well his work was received. The artist moved to New Zealand in the 1970s and created the potty toilet block in 1999 in what was then something of a backwater. However, the architect died at the turn of the millennium, aged 71, so he never got to see how popular the toilets were to become over the next 20 years. Today, hordes of travellers take a ten-minute detour off the state highway to the Hundertwasser Toilets at 60, Gillies Street, to take photographs.

Ice caves

***EXCLUSIVE*** Ice caves carved deep into a glacier look like an alien world. Photographer James Rushforth explored the caves in the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier that flows down off the Vatnajökull ice cap in Iceland. The magical-looking caves, carved by summer melt-water that flows through the glacier, can only be accessed between November and March, when the weather has been cold enough to solidify the caves and make them safe to crawl through. Mr Rushforth, 32, said: "Walking inside and under a glacier is an alien and magical experience.

Amazons of the Ukraine

The number of female soldiers in Ukraine's military has risen sharply after Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea. Since the beginning of the Ukraine War, women have played a key role for Ukraine's armed forces. They have served on the front lines as infantry, combat medics, and even snipers. Women also help sustain the war effort from the home front as civilian volunteers by procuring vital supplies and equipment and delivering them to the front lines. Some of the female fighters are only 22 years old, many of them have been fighting against Russia since they were as young as 18. The tensions in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the Ukraine are evident with frequent exchanges of gun fire. According to the United Nations the war has led to the deaths of an estimated 13,000 people since 2014, including civilians, Ukrainian troops, separatists, Russian servicemen and members of pro-Kiev militias. Due to heavy daily shelling, many towns near the front lines are now practically empty.

Priest finds Nazi swastika and Hitler photo on pillow he ordered from Walmart

Fresno, CA, USA: The Very Reverend Ryan D. Newman, an Episcopal Priest and the Dean of the Episcopal Cathedral in Fresno, holds up an accent throw pillow he ordered from Walmart.com that includes graphics of Nazi swastikas and eagles and partial images of an Adolf Hitler postage stamp, at his office in Fresno.

Officer who posted pouting selfies in uniform slammed for being ‘unprofessional’

***EXCLUSIVE*** A police community support officer has been slammed for making her force look "unprofessional" by posting a series of pouting selfies on Facebook.PCSO Anna Jenkinson has been uploading jokey images of herself in uniform to an official Cheshire Police Facebook account since April last year. Some of them show her posing with speed guns using Snapchat-style filters to add effects such as fluffy ears, rainbow sunglasses and even a unicorn horn. But some web users have accused the PCSO on social media of trivialising police work, belittling criminal offences and making a "joke" of her force.

Women and men to walk on separate streets in eastern Jerusalem

JERUSALEM: Members of the ultra-Orthodox community distinguished from other Jewish, conform to current rules instructing all women and men to walk on separate streets at the junction of Zefania Street and Ezra Street in Jerusalem. Banners and graffiti reading "Passage for women only," and "Passage for men only" were hanged at the entrance of these streets.

Garments workers in Bangladesh

***EXCLUSIVE*** Garments workers are seen working in a finishing section..Garments industry in Bangladesh drive the economy growth and it is now the major source of empowering woman workers in the country. Women from different parts of Bangladesh come to cities to work in garments sectors where they get paid around 95 USD per month.

Rescued flamingo chicks

Lesser Flamingo chicks aged between 10 - 12 days are fed by Claire Peche (Animal Collection Manager) at the World of Birds, Hout Bay, Cape Town. Thousands of chicks were airlifted to recuperating sites across South Africa after being abandoned by their mothers due to a drought hit the Kamfers Dam in Kimberly, South Africa. Kamfers Dam is one of only four site in the world for the threatened Lesser Flamingo.

'Knife Angel' sculpture built entirely out of over 100,000 donated knives

***EXCLUSIVE*** The artist behind a 27-ft high sculpture made from 100,000 knives says he wants people to appreciate just how many weapons are in circulation and "the damage it causes to families." Alfie Bradley was speaking as the artwork, made up of knives collected through police force surrender campaigns across the country, was unveiled in Hull. Messages from families who have lost loved ones have been engraved on the imposing artwork, which is on show at Queen's Gardens, in the city centre. The sculpture was originally housed at the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry and then went on display outside Liverpool Cathedral, before coming to Yorkshire.

Horn in the eye

***EXCLUSIVE*** An angry bull attempts to get the upper hand in a battle with a rival by using its horn to poke him in the eye. The two powerful, 1,500lb (680kg) African buffalo bulls try to show each other who is boss, grappling with their sharp horns. As the pair fight it out, one of the young males jabs his horn into his foe's eye, using his new found grip to pull his head back. Airline pilot Karen Blackwood captured the painful moment while taking pictures at Mjejane Game Reserve in the southern Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa.